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Monday 1/24/2022: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mars, Mars, Mars; Venus Direct; Mercury is Still Retrograde

Alll–righty then!

It’s Sunday night as I type, and there are only 12 more hours with Mars, planet of action and aggression, at the verrrrrry end of Sagittarius. Have we seen boundary-pushing action on the field that demands prominence this weekend? We have, according to my Twitter feed. The LA Rams just trounced Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers “at death,” and will now take on their neighbors to the north — the SF 49ers. And yesterday those same 49ers sent Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers packing.

Planetary patterns driving the week are as follows:

  • Mars enters Capricorn on Monday. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which usually suggests that action and assertive energy functions with high-efficiency and practicality. Simply put, these next six weeks are a good time to Get Stuff Done.
  • Mercury retrograde backs into Capricorn on Wednesday
  • Mercury meets up with Pluto for the second time on Friday (digging up more dirt)
  • Venus turns direct on Saturday
  • Surprise, surprise — the Sun squares Uranus on Sunday

Here’s how it goes:

  • MONDAY: Mars enters Capricorn at 7:52 AM ET. Anyone with a planet around 0 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn may be prompted to assert themselves, including Prince William, Elizabeth Warren, William Shatner and Meryl Streep (who is trending on Twitter as I type for no particular reason except astrology. Right?)  While in Capricorn, Mars will be doing a curious little dance with Venus, and the two will unite at 16 Capricorn on February 16th. They’ll connect again on March 6th, but this time at 0 Aquarius, which will activate a whole bunch of significant horoscopes (i.e., President Biden, Queen Elizabeth, the Great Mutation of 2020, set in Washington, D.C.). But with respect to the start of this work week, the energy of assertion and action is noticeable — and  —

OMG, the VIPs on Twitter just flipped out again over the “wild finish” as the KC Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills in a “thriller” in overtime. The VIPs are marveling over the “best weekend of football ever,” not appreciating that Mars is not only at the verry end of Sagittarius (action that can feel “down to the wire”), but Mars is also out-of-bounds and unaspected (and thus running wild) AND at the Aries Point. Who wants to tell them?


  • MONDAY: Meanwhile, the Moon is in Libra, driving the day with a need for diplomacy, fairness, balance and avoidance of conflict. The challenge is that the Moon is moving to its weekly clash with Pluto at 5:09 PM ET, suggesting a power play or catharsis. Chill during the ensuing Moon void, i.e., roll with the twists and flakes that disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line. Mercury and Venus are still retrograde, which suggests that thought processes and value judgments may be a bit off-center. Remember that crises that crop up during Moon voids are often much ado about nothing. At 11:47 PM ET, Moon enters Scorpio, driving the next few days with a need for substance, depth and control – and no talking.
  • TUESDAY: Moon squares Mercury at 12:50 AM ET, suggesting a conflict between communication and emotion. Gah! Moon squares the Aquarius Sun at 8:40 AM ET, followed by a harmony (a trine) with Jupiter at 9:01 AM ET. The afternoon buzz builds to a potential upset, as Moon opposes rebel Uranus at 5:52 PM ET; however, a cooperative connection to Venus at 6:41 PM ET suggests feathers may be happily unruffled, carrying us into the evening. Meanwhile, at 10:04 PM ET, Mercury leaves Aquarius and revisits Capricorn. Over the next 24 hours we may hear news about the fires burning on January 19th, when the Sun was at the last degree of Capricorn.  Initially that news may land with a thud, reflecting the square between the Moon and Saturn at 12:41 AM ET on…
  • WEDNESDAY. Otherwise, note your dreams upon waking, as the Moon trines Neptune at 11:47 AM ET.  Moon travels without input from the other planets for the rest of the day. Not until 9:09 PM ET does the Moon sextile Pluto, suggesting cooperative communication with entities that represent depth, power and resources. Some of this may be easily communicated, as Moon next sextiles Mercury, exact at 12:27 AM ET on…
  • THURSDAY. Moon goes void until 2:34 AM ET and then soars into Sagittarius. Now is the time to express your righteous opinion, see a foreign film, get out in nature and take a gamble or a gambol. Exuberance or braggadocio manifests around 1:01 PM ET, as Moon squares Jupiter. Make the most of the cooperative flow between the Moon and Sun, exact at 3:46 PM ET. This is a window of opportunity to get something accomplished with less chance of pushback. Humming in the background for the next few days are 1) the conjunction between Mercury and Pluto on Friday, suggesting news from underground and persuasive arguments; and 2) the disruptive buzz as the Sun gets closer to that square with Uranus on Sunday.
  • FRIDAY:  Venus is now at a standstill, preparing to turn direct on SATURDAY. Matters involving women, money, worth, social expression and aesthetics are likely to demand focus, especially in the headlines. Take care of necessary business in the morning, aided by a sextile between Moon and Saturn at 3:39 AM ET. At 1:59 PM ET, Moon squares Neptune asking that you double-check communications to make sure they were understood. Moon goes void for the next 14 hours, inviting you to start the weekend early. Friday night’s news dump may be more provocative than usual, reflecting the dirt-digging potential of Mercury’s meet-up with Pluto at 11:16 PM ET. Follow the money!
  • SATURDAY: Venus turns direct at 3:45 AM ET. Until Venus returns to where it was when it turned retrograde on December 19th — 26 Capricorn — we are still reviewing our long Venus retrograde rethink re: who, what and how we need to love (including where we allocate our resources). If you realized in over the past six weeks that some of your relationships and investments do not actually reflect your authentic values, you can test your new-found awareness out in February. It’s fascinating that Venus returns to 26 Capricorn on March 1st, which is when President Biden will deliver his State of the Union address…which is happening after the House Select Committee investigating TFG’s 1/6 attempted coup hosts their hearings in (reportedly) PRIMETIME throughout the month of February! How will our collective values and relationships change by then? Which reminds me — the NYT Sunday Magazine completed its Venus Rx in CAPRICORN (elders) homework assignment a couple of weeks ago with a cover story entitled “The Joys (and Challenges) of S*x After 70“). The NYT is always in sync with planetary patterns.
  • SATURDAY: You are more personally affected by Venus turning direct if you have a planet or angle around 11 Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra. Minutes later, at 4:08 AM ET, Moon enters Capricorn, looking for a practical chore to accomplish over the weekend. Find a productive release for the physical/assertive energy of the Moon and Mars as they conjoin at 10:10 AM ET. The Moon is getting along famously with the other kids in the cosmic sandbox for the rest of the day: a sextile to Jupiter at 3:03 PM ET; a trine to Uranus at 9:47 PM ET; a conjunction with Venus at 10: 08 PM ET. Play nice — and think outside the box, which would reflect the innovative potential of the Sun’s square to Uranus, exact on…
  • SUNDAY…at 2:31 PM ET. Watch for upsets and innovations involving leaders, technology, astrology, aviation and seismic activity. You can still run with the Capricorn Moon’s proactive drive for the rest of the day. Moon sextiles Neptune at 2:47 PM ET; Moon meets up with Mercury and Pluto at 9:25 PM ET and 11:43 PM ET. That last one may reflect a power play or a catharsis, as Pluto demands emotional depth.

What do all of these planetary patterns mean for you? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

And now, the news.

I think we covered football, yes? But Mars at the end of Sagittarius, pushing boundaries with prominence was reflected in other stories involving action, aggression and “macho” energy in general:

Mars at the end of Sagittarius activated all the angles of Alexei Navalny’s horoscope, and as anticipated, he was prominently featured in the news — on the cover of a double-issue of Time magazine. Meanwhile, I had forgotten that in what we know of Vladimir Putin’s horoscope, his Mars is at 26 Sagittarius, and thus he would be planting seeds for a new two-year cycle of action and assertion in recent days. Politics Girl posted a brief video with a general overview of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Sigh.


Republican senators, joined by Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, used the filibuster to block the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act from advancing to a final passage. No surprise there from an astrological perspective. Last Wednesday began with a chilly opposition between the Leo Moon and Saturn in Aquarius and that’s about it. Lots of grand speeches — but no forward momentum. After the vote, all the Republicans lined up to shake Sinema’s hand, as Mitch McConnell assured reporters that “African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans,” as Heather Cox Richardson reported.

The Republican party line seems to be that the voting rights bill gives control of federal elections to the federal government, and this is bad.

In other news, the Supreme Court voted 8-1 to deny TFG’s request to block the National Archives from handing over a truckload of documents to the 1/6 Committee. Thanks to Politico, we all got to read one of the documents. It was a draft of an executive order dated December 16, 2020, in which TFG authorized the Department of Defense to seize the voting machines in seven states that did not vote the way TFG wanted them to. You absolutely must read this draft of this executive order — because it must be read to be believed.  I don’t care who’s guesting on Drew Barrymore’s talk show. This is more important!

The lone dissenter on the SCOTUS ruling releasing the National Archive documents was Clarence Thomas, whose horoscope suggests he may be in for a change of status around mid-April — and if not, then we keep an eye on further developments in May and June 2023. We may see some provocation in the headlines in a few days, too. His spouse has been getting a lot of attention — again.

Now would be a good time to check your voter registration status — to make sure you’re still on the roster — and update your information if you’ve moved or changed your name. The planetary patterns on Election Day are frustrating, with Mars retrograde and way too many challenging patterns among planets in signs that are simply stubborn.

Finally, here are a few deep articles reflecting the Great Mutation of 2020, a.k.a., a shift from 200 years of earth calling the shot into a new 200-year-period dominated by AIR; i.e., airwaves and brainwaves:

And here is Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week. She’s teaching her world-famous “Tarot Without Tears” course soon — check it out!

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