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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/9/2014: Venus Retrograde Windfall?

With the Moon’s ingress into placid, earthy Taurus last night as of 9:24PM ET, your pace is likely to be slower and steadier than yesterday’s hyped-up drive. Note your dreams upon waking, as a communicative connection between the Moon and nebulous Neptune in the wee hours may put your subconscious mind to good use. The only other exact aspect today is a harmonious connection between the material security-seeking Taurus Moon and deep, resourceful Pluto at 7:27PM ET.

You do remember that Venus (money, art, women, social expression) is retrograde until the end of the month, right? Which is an excellent time to review your finances and your beliefs about money. How cool would it be to find some cash from the past? Check out www.unclaimed.org — it will connect you to the Unclaimed Property Departments — run by state comptrollers of all 50 states — and some parts of Canada. Go to the site for every state you’ve ever lived in — see if your name is listed and file a claim. The first time I did this, I found a few hundred dollars in New York and California — so much fun!  Check it out, let me know if you hit pay dirt — and share this forecast with all of your friends and relations. You will make their day.

Oh what news, what news. Talk about breakthroughs. New York and New Jersey are all abuzz over this one: Christie Faces Scandal Over Traffic Jam Aides Ordered. See, back in September, access lanes from Fort Lee, New Jersey to the George Washington Bridge were mysteriously closed for a few days, resulting in hours of delay for commuters as the whole town was gridlocked. How could this have happened? Inquiring minds started to wonder…and then a few journalists got to work. Seems the lane closings were in fact “a stunningly stupid act of political revenge” aimed the mayor of Fort Lee, who refused to endorse Chris Christie’s re-election bid. Quelle scandale!

You may recall a very brief discussion of Christie’s horoscope in November, noting fierce transits by the Uranus-Pluto square suggesting the naturally brash and opinionated Moon-in-Sagittarius governor was likely to be intensely persuasive in 2013 and 2014. A closer examination reveals solar arcs (not to be confused with transits) suggesting the potential for scandal (Jupiter to Neptune), as Christie’s need to take action (Mars) is heavily challenged by stern Saturn — a.k.a. a brick wall. Another solar arc to Christie’s perfectionist and/or hypercritical Virgo Sun from aggressive Mars suggests “temperament, feeling attacked, accidents, surgery” — according to master astrologer Noel Tyl.  We’ll see where Mr. Christie is at in March…

Meanwhile, two tough stories reflecting Saturn’s passage through nitty-gritty Scorpio force a heart-wrenching consideration of life and death.  A woman in Texas is brain-dead, but the hospital has not honored her family’s request to take her off life support because she is pregnant. In California, a 13-year-old girl — has also declared brain-dead — and her mother went to court to keep her daughter on a ventilator. We have another year to go with Saturn in Scorpio…

…so I’ll close with more awesomeness from Gabrielle Giffords. After writing an op-ed for the New York Times (linked in yesterday’s forecast), she completed a successful skydive. Courage. Determination. Fortitude. Onward!

This soothing pink color is brought to you by the Moon in comfort-seeking Taurus, moooooving you to organize your plans for material security in 2014. A personal astro-logical consultation would be an excellent building block.