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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 8/15/2012: Juicy!

If you’re just tuning in to the forecasts posted this week, take a look — or a second look — at the posts for Monday and Tuesday. Those will get you up to speed on the major planetary patterns  — and you’ll be able to put any emotional stresses you are experiencing in perspective. On my Facebook newsfeed, I have seen a few posts by people announcing they finally told someone off…or have resolved to cut their losses in a relationship matter. None of this is surprising to hear.

The Cancer Moon goes void-of-course at 4:21AM ET…not to enter Leo until 2:05PM ET. Sleeping late, missing meetings, detours or surprises in your normal routine — these are not uncommon during voids. Be especially aware of “crises” that crop up, as such crises are often much ado about nothing. If you can roll with them with detachment, you can save yourself a lot of grief. Keep calm and carry on.

Also keep in mind that we are now in the “dark side of the moon”. The New Moon won’t show up until Friday at 11:54AM ET. What we often feel in the last days of the lunar cycle is restlessness or listlessness, sensing that something new is around the corner, but not sure what. This is a time to begin clearing your desk of projects that were started a few weeks ago, and start thinking of goals for the next cycle. This New Moon will be in sunny, regal Leo. Hooray! You’ll get a whiff of the new energy when Moon enters Leo at 2:05PM. An after-work social gathering might bring something electric, with Venus squared by eccentric Uranus at 2:49AM ET.

And now, the news. After seeing the stories posted in yesterday’s forecast, a reader wanted to share another one reflecting the emancipation/empowerment of women theme suggested by this week’s Venus-Uranus-Pluto alignment: “in taiwan, the first same-gender couple got married!” She continues, “a lesbian wedding blessed by buddhist monastics…this is ground-breaking, brave, and made me (and many other diasporic taiwanese queer people) cry today”.  Thanks for sending that in! Two years ago, when Saturn (structure, judgement) first entered Libra (relationship, fairness, justice), I predicted that by the time Saturn got to the end of the sign of the Scales, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” would be history, and same-sex marriage would become legal in many more states.  I was only thinking of the United States, and I am delighted to see the evolution in consciousness suggested by planetary patterns reflected in other countries, too. Saturn leaves Libra for Scorpio on October 5th.

The juicier, steamier themes of Venus-Uranus (unconventional attractions) and Venus-Pluto (juicy, steamy) were noted — again on Facebook — in scathing — and hilarious — reviews of the book that for some reason is proudly displayed at the cash register of the bookstore in the Delta Airlines terminal at New York’s LaGuardia airport. And here I would be talking about Fifty Shades of Grey, a national bestseller. I haven’t read the book, but after reading this hysterical trashing by blogger Cassandra Parkin, you could not pay me to read such a poorly written piece of prose. Frankly, Anastasia Steele is no Isadora Wing. I’m holding out for “The Richard Burton Diaries” detailing the chemistry with wife Elizabeth Taylor, due out on — oh would you believe — October 6th, the day serious Saturn moves into sexy Scorpio. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Last but not least, a Julian Assange alert: it was rumored that Ecuador would be announcing its decision on Assange’s request for asylum “by the end of the week”. Let the astro-logical record show that in contrast to utterly bewildering patterns currently active in his horoscope, on August 28th there will be an exact measurement involving the Sun and the Midheaven (public status) that usually accompanies major success and recognition. That measurement would be in effect a few months before and after August 28th.