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Astro-logical Forecast For Monday 5/19/2014: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mars Direct; DSK on Schedule Again; More on the NYT Drama

Good Morning!

No sleeping in today; Moon enters humanitarian Aquarius at 5:58AM ET.  Those of you who have been feeling like a truck spinning its wheels in the mud since March 1st, take heart. You’re likely sensing the energy of action-hero Mars, which has been retrograde (held back and/or frustrated) since then. Today Mars is at a dead stop  — but finally turning direct at 9:31PM ET. Hooray! It will take until July 20th for Mars to get back to 27 Libra — where it was on March 1st. Projects initiated in haste or out of impatience and frustration may be up for review until then.

An example of someone possibly feeling the frustrated drive of Mars would be Dominique Strauss-Kahn, whose horoscope we’ve been tracking since 2011. His Midheaven — a point referring to career, public status and reputation — is 9 Libra, and Mars has been hovering opposite that point all month, likely stirring up a bit of anger and angst in matters related to his personal space. There’s a new film out in which Gerard Depardieu plays a sex addict who assaults a maid, and DSK is taking it personally. Today he filed a lawsuit, claiming the film is defamatory. Interesting to note that DSK’s Neptune at 13 Libra was supercharged by last month’s Cardinal Grand Cross. Among the intangibles ruled by Neptune are vision, film and scandal. Neptune is in DSK’s 4th house, which refers to family, home and core foundation issues. With Neptune in this house, there may be confusion/illusion/bewilderment in these areas, now triggered by transiting Mars. Fascinating!

We’ll see what comes of this lawsuit, though conventional astrological wisdom advises against starting a legal battle when Mars is not moving forward. For just about everyone else, Mars turning direct this evening suggests the wheels of your truck will no longer be spinning in the mud, and you will be able to move forward on strategies you devised over the past two and a half months. Hooray again and huzzah!

Other patterns of note this week: the Sun moves into Gemini tomorrow night, so everyone can be informed about the structures that were built while the Sun was in Taurus, inspired by ideas generated while the Sun was in Aries. Meanwhile, on Saturday (but felt all this week), we’ll have the third and final harmonious connection between expansive Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy and Saturn, planet of structure, discipline and ambition. This cycle began last year — around July 17th. The second hit occurred on December 12th. Go re-read the forecasts I posted on those dates — especially around July 17th.

What started back in July and took a major step forward last December? What’s the status of that project now? Jupiter in Cancer in harmony with Saturn is generally good for business; good for solid, conservative, reality-based planning — especially in areas concerning home, family and emotional security. You’ll feel it more personally if you have a planet or angle around 18 degrees of just about every sign. I know I am.

There are few Moon voids this week — natural breaks in the cosmic action — to delay or detour your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Mark your calendar and chill out during these times: Tuesday 6:21PM ET – 8:18AM ET on Wednesday; Friday 2:26AM ET – 12:01PM ET.

On Friday we looked at the horoscope of Jill Abramson, recently-fired editor of the NYT. I’m going to post about her replacement, Dean Baquet, but want to get this forecast out to subscribers by 9AM. So check back on my website for an analysis of Baquet’s horoscope. It’s fascinating, especially compared to Ms. Abramson’s…

[Break time!]

….and here are some interesting things about Mr. Baquet’s horoscope — born September 21, 1956 in New Orleans (time unknown). First of all, his Sun is at 28 degrees of Virgo, exactly opposite Jill Abramson’s Sun at 28 Pisces. Fascinating to note that Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. — the publisher of the NYT — also has Sun at 28 Virgo (9/22/51 in NY NY). So, like Ms. Abramson, their Suns are conjunct the Aries Point (the first degree of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), and thus need to attract prominence. It also means that all three will experience transits to the Sun at the same time. No surprise to see that back in 2011, Abramson and Baquet were promoted. He was made managing editor; she was named executive editor.

Mr. Baquet has Moon in Aries — like Dominique Strauss-Kahn, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, Leonard Bernstein and Lauren Bacall (the last two are also Virgos). He needs to be a pioneer. He needs to be appreciated for being FIRST. As well-supported by loving Venus (in royal Leo) Baquet’s Aries Moon may be (and thus more likeable than most), the me-me-me need of Aries is still going to crave being Number One. Rumor has it that what finally drove Mr. Sulzberger to fire Ms. Abramson was her failure to inform Mr. Baquet of her intention to hire a co-managing editor , a position “comparable to his own”. Mr. Baquet’s Aries Moon would not have liked that one bit. If I were Ms. Abramson’s astrologer, I might have suggested that her natural need for uncompromising freedom could be problematic given 1) Mr. Baquet’s need to be thought of first, and also 2) the Gemini Moon of her boss, Mr. Sulzburger, which needs to be informed. We could have discussed strategies that would have allowed her to be true to herself while considering the needs of her colleagues.

See how useful astrology can be? And all this time you thought it could only tell you if those cute dimples you have are because your Sun is in Libra. Or how sexy you are because you are a Scorpio. Dear Readers, there is so much valuable, practical and sophisticated knowledge to be gained from understanding not only the needs of your own horoscope, but the needs of other horoscopes, too — like those of your spouse, children, friends and co-workers.

Back to Mr. Baquet. His mindset (the way he needs to think and communicate) is reflected by his Mercury at 8 Libra. He needs to think in ways that are fair, rational, balanced and diplomatic, though he may go from one extreme to another in search of that perfect balance. And he may take forever to release an idea he’s been mulling over inside his head. His Mercury is retrograde, which suggests a double agenda in thoughts and communication. All through 2012 and into 2013, his Mercury was supercharged by the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square, suggesting unique ideas and communication needed an empowering outlet. Guess what happened in April of 2013, shortly after the last exact contact his Mercury received from disruptive, shocking Uranus? Apparently there was a heated argument with Ms. Abramson, and Mr. Baquet “slammed his hand into a wall” (looks like there was an exceptionally energetic contact to his Mars — action — by expansive Jupiter, too).

Speaking of Mars, it is interesting to note that both Abramson and Baquet have nearly exact oppositions between Mars and Jupiter. Abramson has Mars in Sagittarius, suggesting a need to act in ways that are righteous, blunt and provocative. It is opposed by Jupiter in Gemini, which needs a certain expansive buzz of information that is clever, intense and entertaining.  Mars in Sagittarius can still be tough for women in today’s modern society, as is Venus in warrior Aries (Abramson has that, too). It is intriguing to see that Baquet has Mars in soulful, empathetic, martyr-prone Pisces…and that this Mars is retrograde. This can be a tough placement for a man in today’s modern society. Direct confrontation and action could be a challenge; there could be a tendency to sit and steam or stew over matters instead. Baquet’s Mars is opposed by Jupiter in discerning Virgo, which seeks perfection as a reward, not the clever “buzz” of a Jupiter in Gemini. In the article about last April’s startling confrontation, it was reported that Abramson wanted more “buzz” from Baquet.

Any Mars-Jupiter opposition is likely to generate a ton of rambunctious energy (including physical energy). Abramson’s has an easier channel of expression than Baquet’s — for better or for worse. Gemini-Sagittarius would naturally be challenged by Virgo-Pisces, so Ms. Abramson and Mr. Baquet would have had to be especially conscious of their different styles and needs in order to work effectively together. There’s plenty more to say about these horoscopes and how they work — or don’t work — together. I’m more intrigued by the similarities between Ms. Abramson and Mr. Baquet than by their differences, especially since Mr. Baquet just took over as executive editor of the Times. The more things change, the more things stay the same?

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