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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 8/5/2016 & the Weekend, Part I: Saturn and Neptune into September


Hopefully you’ve spent this week applying Tuesday’s New Moon in Leo energy to pursue your heart’s desire, responding to opportunities with “Yes, AND…” whilst getting yourself out of your own way. The Moon has been in Virgo since Thursday AM, urging you forward on a quest for perfection and finding God and the Devil in the details. Moon sails through today without interference until 11:20PM ET, when it meets up with expansive Jupiter and then goes void until 12:57PM ET on SATURDAY. No early morning yard sales; chill and seize an apt opportunity to sleep in.

The rest of the weekend is driven by a relationship-oriented, people-pleasing Moon in Libra. Its quest for peace and harmony may be challenged by a tense and potentially explosive aspect between Venus (the yin principle) and Mars (the yang principle), exact at 8:20PM ET on Saturday. Sounds great for make-up sex after a battle between the sexes; not so great for affairs requiring modesty and social decorum.  This, too shall pass.

There is another pattern that’s been driving the action this week, exact over the weekend. I want to put it in perspective with patterns over the next six weeks, as they are similar to those we experienced in the wiggy month of June. That was the month of a pattern known as a Mutable Grand Cross, featuring information in constant flux, from the sublime to the ridiculous to the utterly surreal.  What do we mean by “Mutable?” Let’s review — this is an excerpt posted on June 1st about the difference between  cardinal, fixed and mutable zodiac signs — this was originally posted on June 1st:

Cardinal signs. That’s Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Cardinal signs are turning points. They initiate, lead, plant seeds, etc. for the Next Big Thing.  Fixed signs include Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Already you’re thinking that something “fixed” might be stubbornly or doggedly attached to a tangible form, right? Exactly — and that’s how fixed signs operate — they give form to the cardinal sign’s idea, turning it into an actual functioning widget. So then what?

Mutable signs get the word out about the widget.  Your Gemini marketing guru sells it;  your Virgo research wiz  analyzes it. Your Sagittarius publicist spins your widget righteously and gets the press to publish it.  Pisces channels a way to have the whole world believe in the widget — so much so that the widget and the world are one. Which is why we mourn the last episode of a favorite TV show, the closing of an independent book store or the passing of some other cultural icon or cherished widget. We feel connected; we feel a part of ourselves has passed, too.

Note that a widget is a widget. It is fixed in form.  But selling points and research data and editorial opinions and public sentiments about widgets are subject to change. So is the energy symbolized by planets in mutable signs. That is what “mutable” means: subject or prone to change. Hot pants are hot — until they’re not. Cigarettes are cool — until the data proves otherwise. It’s illegal to sell marijuana — but not in Colorado and Oregon. Dude, laws are subject to change! Mutable is related to genetic “mutation,” which can be an evolution to a higher state of being. We can only hope. As opposed to “mutant.”

With Venus entering Virgo on Friday afternoon, we’ll have these six planets in Mutable Signs: Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Virgo; Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius; Neptune in Pisces. Over the next six weeks we’ll see Mercury (mindset, communication), Venus (women, money, social expression) and Mars (action, aggression, men) make supercharged connections to Saturn (control, ambition, authority, depression) and Neptune (vision, bewilderment, deception, oil, drugs, refugees).  You could draw a right triangle on a piece of paper and put these planets on each junction: Mercury and Venus in Virgo;  Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius; Neptune in Pisces. Mercury and Venus would be opposite Neptune. Mars and Saturn would be in the middle. The technical term for planets in a right triangle is “T-square.” Got it?

These patterns suggest a buzz of highly charged energy involving detailed data, opinions and sentiments — subject to change and double talk. It’s enough to make your head spin, especially if you were born almost halfway through any of the mutable signs…or if you have any other planet or angle at 8-13 degrees of said signs. Many people making headlines between over the next six weeks will have planets and angles at these points. More on that in a minute.

So. The first planet to engage with Saturn and Neptune in a T-square pattern is Mercury, exact this weekend and in effect now.  Tension between Mercury-Saturn suggests controlling and/or super-structured thoughts. How many times will we see the word “blocked” or “cut” in the news? Mercury-Neptune suggests fuzzy thinking, creative vision, idealism and bald-faced lies. Watch for those themes, too. You won’t have far to look.

Next weekend Venus will take its turn with Saturn and Neptune. Venus-Saturn suggests austerity in social expression, money and values. It also suggests “women of steel.” Venus-Neptune suggests rose-colored glasses in love, beauty and women; oil on troubled waters, rarefied art and empathy.

After a Full Moon/Eclipse on the 18th, the Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd. Two days later, Mars meets up with Saturn in Sagittarius and squares Neptune on the 26th. We can expect action taken in matters of collective belief systems (media/publishing, religion, law and law enforcement) — for better or worse. Mars-Saturn connotes disciplined ambition, potentially militant. It also suggests frustration. Mars-Neptune connotes a showbiz spectacular, snake oil, sex appeal and fanatics. This is a week to watch.

The following week, which takes us into September, the Virgo Sun and Moon have their go  with Saturn and Neptune.  This Virgo New Moon  on September 1st  in is also an eclipse.  Finally, on September 10th, we’ll have the third square between Saturn and Neptune (the second one was on June 17th). After that, perhaps we can get back to reality.

Back to this weekend. Mercury and Saturn square off at 9:18AM ET on Saturday. Mercury opposes Neptune on Sunday at 12:25PM ET. At 7:38PM ET on Sunday, Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto, raising the probability of power plays and emotional catharses.

No sleeping in on Monday, unless you’re already planning to add an extra day to the weekend. Moon goes void at 1:41PM ET — not to enter Scorpio until 12:51AM ET on TUESDAY.

I have a ton of news to talk about. I am going to post this forecast now — and post again later today with just the news.

Meanwhile, I would be delighted to discuss how all of the above patterns are likely to impact your unique horoscope. If you were born halfway through Gemini, Pisces, Virgo or Sagittarius — or have planets or angles halfway through those signs, I am sure you would find our discussion helpful. Here is the 411 on personal consultations.