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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/15/2016 & the Weekend: High-Flying & Hyperactive, With a Bit of Mick

It’s been a tough week. TGIF!

Moon entered Sagittarius early Friday at 5:14AM ET, suggesting a lift from the intensely brooding potential of the Moon in Scorpio. Harmonious aspects among the Moon, Mercury and Venus are ripe for playful and creative expressions of righteous opinions. Throughout the weekend you are invited to take a gamble or a gambol, pushing boundaries for better, not for worse — with certain caveats.

First, note that the Moon will meet up with heavy Saturn at 1:45AM ET on Saturday — followed by a challenge from Neptune at 4:26AM ET. Note your dreams and the potential for a wee bit of  freakazoid wigginess. At 9:31AM ET, the “other shoe” potential of a disruptive square between the homeland security-seeking Cancer Sun and rebel Uranus will be exact. However, Sun-Uranus manifestations often show up ahead of schedule. More on that in a minute.

Regal idealism and a flood of efficiently focused physical and/or militant drive are certain potential, suggested by the Sun and Mars in perfect harmony, exact at 11:45PM ET. If you need to make a big push on a project, this would be a good time to do it — weekend be damned. As noted at the beginning of the week, my hope is that we see these energies applied in the headlines for better, not for worse…but reality suggests otherwise. You can still make positive use of this energy flow in your own personal world.

On SUNDAY the Sag Moon goes void on a friendly alignment with Uranus at 4:57am ET. Here’s an opportunity to push boundaries even further, enjoying the wandering trek. At 3:33PM ET, Moon enters Capricorn, seeking to get down to business, using people and things for the pleasure of its own ambition and status. No sleeping in on Monday.

And now, the news.

On Monday, I wrote this:

At 9:30AM ET on Saturday, the Cancer Sun will be challenged by rebel Uranus, possibly reflecting the other shoe dropping after the intense power plays of last Thursday’s opposition between the Sun and Pluto. Also on Saturday just before midnight ET (11:45PM), we’ll have an easy flow between the Sun and Mars, operating efficiently in Scorpio. May it be used for better, not for worse.

On Wednesday, I wrote this:

Thursday evening, however, is marked by a meet-up between the Scorpio Moon and Mars at 6:22PM ET, suggesting focused and penetrating action re: that Scorpio need for mastery. Moon then immediately goes void, not to enter the next sign — Sagittarius — until 5:14AM ET on FRIDAY. Chill on Thursday evening.

Was I thinking that Thursday’s Moon-Mars meet-up would trigger an outburst of ruthless violence we’d then see in the headlines? Yes, especially given the continuation of other anguishing and erratic patterns noted in earlier forecasts, i.e., the uneasy alignment between Mars and Uranus, and Saturn/Pluto at the prominent Aries Point. And if you’ve been reading this forecast long enough, you may have been thinking the same thing, too. Hopefully you also remembered that there is always a positive application of even the most disturbing planetary patterns — and then you acted accordingly.

One of the “other shoes” I expected we’d see dropping before the weekend manifested in the horrible outburst of destruction in Nice last night at 10:30PM. The lethal focus of the Moon-Mars meet-up is almost exactly square the Ascendant in the chart for the event. This afternoon, headlines are ablaze with news of an attempted military coup in Turkey…where martial law has been imposed.

Meanwhile, in last night’s Moon void, Donald Trump postponed today’s 11AM ET press conference, in which he was supposedly going to announce his running mate, Mike Pence. Instead, he confirmed the pick on Twitter, followed by the release of his new campaign logo — one of the few lighter moments in a heavy news day. As logos go, it’s an epic fail…yet totally suitable for a man with Mars in Leo conjunct his Ascendant and the Fixed Star Capulus on the Midheaven. Translation: the man needs to project an image of macho, with a reputation for pure, unadulterated male sexual energy (that’s Capulus). With the Moon in Sagittarius today, trine to Mercury and Venus in Leo, social media had a field day creatively expressing its collective opinions and edits.

Will TrumPence be asked about the logo at the official press conference on Saturday at 11AM ET? Or about exactly when they believe America was once great, so we know to what decade this dynamic duo would like us to return? 1950? 1850? 1250? I jest a bit, but astrological patterns suggest this team needs to be taken seriously. Trump’s horoscope is in a formidable period of development, as as any astute astrologer observed since well over a year ago.  One day perhaps mainstream media editors will catch on, replacing their perplexed pundits with people who have a real inside track.

Meanwhile, speaking of male sexual energy, guess who else has the Fixed Star Capulus prominently placed in his horoscope? Mick Jagger!! His 23 degree Taurus Moon is exactly conjunct Capulus, and since the beginning of June transiting Mars has been opposing his Moon at 23 Scorpio. Today it was announced that Mr. Jagger and his latest flame, 29 year old  Melanie Hamrick are expecting a child. It will be his 8th child, on her first Saturn return.  Lots of other things happening in his horoscope, too…

Isn’t astrology amazing? When you want to understand why things happen when they do…or why people are the way they are, astrology offers an extraordinarily accurate perspective. If you’d like to find out why you are the way you are and when things are likely to happen for you, I’d be delighted to share insights in a personal consultation.

Thank you for reading the forecast.