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Friday 1/12/2018 & the Weekend: Big Surge; Big Shake-Ups; Mercury at the Aries Point

TGIF — almost!

What a week — what a rush of energy, as anticipated. Astrology is amazing.

Intense, deep, stubborn, controlling and wet — those are a few keywords for the Moon when it is in Scorpio, where it’s been since Tuesday afternoon. As of 9:53 AM ET today, it’s also void of course — i.e., traveling without focused direction until it enters the next sign — Sagittarius — with a huge sigh of relief. That shift happens at 2:04 AM ET on FRIDAY.  Until then, roll with the flakes and twists. Stick to routine. Crises which crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing.  If you are new to this forecast (welcome!) and not familiar with Moon voids,  here’s the 411.

Once the Moon enters Sagittarius, everyone is sure to have an opinion — the more boundary-pushing, the better. Get out of your rut; expand your mind; connect with nature; catch a foreign film; think positively; avoid putting your foot in your mouth and/or tripping over the furniture. There are no exact aspects during the workday on Friday. However, with Mercury now in Capricorn and moving to a meet-up with sober Saturn, plans for advance may be outlined. Grab a pen and paper and write down the bones.

On SATURDAY, Mercury and Saturn meet up at 2:03 AM ET. Practical plans have a visionary spin, as the high-flying Sag Moon is challenged by Neptune at 2:39 AM ET. While there is no Moon void to argue against impulse purchases, be advised that what you find attractive may elevate your status, but may also break your norm. Credit Venus (women, money, social expression, art) in a challenge with disruptive rebel Uranus, exact at 2:07 PM ET.

You’re more affected by the volatile buzz of the Venus-Uranus square if you have a planet or point around 24 degrees of Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra — and yes, the buzz is being felt now. Exhibit A: “P45 Alarms Lawmakers with Disparaging Words About Haiti and Africa,” is a mild way of stating what just happened.  (On the bright side, he seems to be implying that since wonderful people come from Norway, we should be like Norway. Women running the government! Awesome child care! Superb healthcare and education for all! A compassionate and effective criminal justice system! I can’t wait for him to pitch these legislative initiatives to Congress. This concludes the op-ed portion of this forecast).

Exhibit B: Julian Assange becomes citizen of Ecuador with transiting Uranus squaring his Mercury. But wait, there’s more!

The Sag Moon goes void on SUNDAY until 2:42 PM ET. No yard sales for you! Save your status-conscious binge until after the void, when the Moon will be in enterprising Capricorn. Impulses may run high, given that the Sun will be in a square with Uranus. Here are a few disruptive, seismic, break-out headlines from a year ago — scroll to the end of the forecast.

On Sunday at 8:49 PM ET, the Cap Moon meets up with Saturn, suggesting an ambitious reach or a wet blanket. If you are working on Monday — Martin Luther King, Jr. Day — know that there shall be no sleeping in. The Cap Moon will need an outlet for its enterprising ambition, and Jupiter (expansion, reward) and Pluto (power, resources) are happily aligning at 10:46 PM ET — reflecting an easy cooperation among the Powers That Be.

There’s a New Moon in Capricorn on TUESDAY. It’ll be right at the top of the horoscope for last year’s inauguration. More on that in the next forecast.

And now, the news.

A surge of energy is all over California — for better and for worse. After devastating fires last fall, now mudslides. Back in October it was observed that California’s horoscope has Uranus and Pluto conjunct in Aries — at the last degree of the sign.  That potent pair was activated by transiting Jupiter and Mars. This year transiting Uranus will trigger California’s natal Uranus and Pluto multiple times. We can expect more headlines of independence, rebellion, innovation and disruption, such as “California in Revolt” — well into 2019. Because then transiting Uranus will move on to other points in California’s horoscope.

Meanwhile, Mercury (mindset, communication) is at the Aries Point, suggesting exceptional prominence in these affairs. Add in the disruptive/innovative potential of the Sun-Venus-Uranus buzz, and this headline might fly across your screen: “Facebook Overhauls Newsfeed to Focus on What Friends and Family Share.”   With his Moon seeking depth in Scorpio, it makes sense that Mark Zuckerberg says he wants Facebook to provide more meaningful interaction (so long as its under his control?). Here’s another one: How robo-callers outwitted the government and completely wrecked the Do Not Call list“.    Or “House Extends Surveillance Law; Rejects Limits on Warrantless Spying.”  Or: “Social Media Is Making Us Dumber — Here’s Exhibit A”.

Speaking of a surge of energy and prominent information, Dianne Feinstein has done it again, right on schedule. Haven’t written about her since 2014, when she released another boatload of info (you’ll find a link to her horoscope there, too). With her Moon and Mars at 22 Gemini and 22 Virgo, you can imagine the squeeze she was feeling all last year, with transiting Saturn at 22 Sag putting limits and controls on her need to be the smartest kid in the room. This week she unilaterally released 10 hours of testimony  from Glenn Simpson, CEO of Fusion GPS — filled with far more compelling anecdotes than anything you’ll read in Fire & Fury.  Her Sun is at 0 Cancer, so it’s just been given gravitas and verbosity by transiting Saturn and Mercury at 0 Capricorn. Transiting Saturn is almost at the top of her horoscope, suggesting she’s at the top of her game….and in March she will have her Uranus return. This suggests liberation on many fronts, and especially in not having any effs left to give.

Want more? New York City plans to divest itself of its investments in the oil industry. There’s a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn square Uranus for you. It could spark a “global shift.” And you heard that the P45 people have exempted Florida from a new federal plan to drill for oil in U.S. coastal waters? Other states are now asking for the same protections. Sun-Pluto refers to power; Uranus is the disruptor. In North Carolina, the state has been ordered to redraw its congressional maps before the 2018 elections. If this sticks, it may set a huge precedent for change.

In other news, “I Want Change to Come from This,” says a Louisiana teacher who was thrown to the ground and handcuffed after voicing her objection at a school board meeting to a proposed pay increase for administative personnel already making six figures vs. no raise for actual teachers making a fraction of that amount. Shocking, no? Also shocking: Steve Bannon, whose feud with P45 was followed by his departure from Breitbart. Just like that. Now he’s lawyering up and will be testifying before Congress. From what I can tell in the horoscope,  he may well be about to embark on a new seven-year cycle of development.

I bet this link will be the favorite: for women of a certain age, “Facial Exercises May Make You Look Three Years Younger.”  We’ll see how it compares to this one — my Cosmic Tip Jar — through which you are invited to express appreciation for any value my astrological musings provide, with much gratitude. The more support I have for this free forecast, the more time I am able to spend writing it. It’ll be nine years in April. Where does the time go, Avid Reader Kristal? Happy Moon in Scorpio Day to you!

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