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Monday 5/3/2021: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mercury in Gemini

Alllll-righty then!

Most of the major action in the cosmos this week happened today, starting with tension between Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) in Taurus, in a square to Jupiter (publishing) at 5:32 AM ET. That was followed by the streamlining square between the Sun and Saturn at 6:01 AM ET. The Moon was –and still is –in Aquarius, seeking to be of social significance, network with its buddies and innovate, innovate, innovate — preferably in ways that are tech-savvy. Mix it all together and we’ve got a day that starts with the news that Verizon is selling AOL and Yahoo! for a cool $5 billion, because it wants to get out of the media business. That story is totally in sync with planetary patterns. Astrology is amazing.

Another jolt…followed by a streamlined focus…would have perfectly reflected Moon’s square to Uranus at 10:51 AM ET and meet-up with taskmaster Saturn at 3:07 PM ET.  The Third Quarter Moon at 3:50 PM ET — a clash between the status-quo preserving energy of the Taurus Sun and the stubbornly innovative need of the Aquarius Moon — may have been an opportunity to be like Elsa and Let. It. Go.   I finally gave up on the good tech support people at HP and Zoom, and I gotta tell ya, for some reason my spacebar has loosened up on its own and is functioning more in tune with its intended design. Maybe because transiting Mars (assertion, action) is currently hammering my Mercury (communication)?

Or maybe it’s because Mercury is currently at the verrrrrry end of “immovable rock” Taurus, about to become much more mobile and efficient when it enters one of its home signs — Gemini — tonight at 10:49 PM ET. Bring on the quick-thinking charmers who are just loaded with information to share. Take advantage of Mercury’s clear path this week (as Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week also advises).  After the 15th, Mercury will be in its “shadow phase, ” preparing for its next retrograde on May 29th. It will also be within range of a  square to Neptune, just as Venus was when it turned retrograde last June. Translation: plenty of magical thinking between the middle of May and the middle of June. Some of it may be truly inspired and visionary; some of it may be delusional, especially with respect to Covid theories and protocols.

The rest of the week goes like this:

  • TUESDAY: Aquarius Moon drives a perfect networking day, ending on a high note around 8:04 PM ET, as it meets up with Jupiter. After a brief void, Moon enters Pisces at 10:08 PM ET, replacing Aquarian detachment with Pisces empathy and sensitivity.
  • WEDNESDAY: Pisces compassion is supported by caring action and innovation, as the Moon harmonizes with Mars at 12:06 PM ET and sextiles Uranus at 6:56 PM ET. Humming in the background is Venus — losing her head, perhaps — in a deep expression of sensual and other material comforts that could be empowering. Venus trines Pluto on…
  • THURSDAY:…at 7:26 AM ET, and this is the only planetary pattern happening during much of the business day. Look for it in matters related to women, art, money, social expression — and potent news from underground. Happy hour and the rest of the evening may be dreamy, as Moon meets up with Neptune at 5:16 PM ET, following by easy connections with Pluto and Venus in the wee hours. Nice.
  • FRIDAY: Up and at ’em, as Moon shifts gears into me-me-me Aries, looking to get something started. What that is may lack a specific direction until later in the day, when Moon makes a cooperative connection (a sextile) with that high-functioning Mercury in Gemini. Whatever is planned feels like a big giant indulgent splurge,  in anticipation of the square between Venus and Jupiter, two planets associated with good fortune (generally speaking). The square is exact on….
  • SATURDAY:  …at 9:37 AM ET. Will there be a jackpot to win this weekend, I wonder…? If you have planets around the 29th degree of just about any sign, buy a couple of lottery tickets and see. At 10:01 PM ET, Venus leaves Taurus and flutters into Gemini. Alert your inner flirt; Venus in Gemini is happy to facilitate sweet-talking with more than one Juliet or Romeo.
  • SUNDAY: the Aries Moon clashes with Pluto around 1:15 PM ET, adding depth and potential catharses and/or power plays to your Mothers’ Day brunch. It lightens up by 6:50 PM ET, as the Aries Moon’s me-me-me focus connects with Jupiter, now at the end of its first visit this year in humanitarian Aquarius. Jupiter will dip its big toe into Pisces on May 13th, ready for a pedicure after way too many months (Pisces rules the feet). Jupiter functions well in Pisces, and I’ll tell you more about what we can expect in the next forecast.   At 7:46 PM ET, Moon enters Taurus, looking to building something solid and secure for the next few days.

And now, the news.

This is my favorite headline reflecting the “bolt from the blue” potential of Friday’s Sun-Uranus conjunction. I told you to expect surprises, likely in technology and aviation.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, tech innovations in the Taurus-ruled  world of real estate were rock-solid, as “Dutch couple becomes Europe’s first inhabitants of a 3-D printed house.” The house even looks like a rock.

In other news, tech icons Bill and Melinda Gates announced their divorce after 27 years of marriage –almost a Saturn cycle. Bill Gates’ Scorpio Sun was shaken up by transiting Uranus last year and streamlined by Saturn in early 2021. This suggests a need for a break, followed by a potential cut or restructuring. His pioneering Aries Moon was lit up by the Full Moon at the end of March; his Sun was illuminated by the Full Moon at the end of April. Given the action on his Sun for over a year, we could see how these two consecutive Full Moons would reflect a potential release. Plus, Gates is one of several notable newsmakers whose horoscopes have planets or angles (i.e., the Ascendant or Midheaven) at 26 Capricorn, which is where Pluto has been sitting for the past few weeks. Pluto refers to breakdown and transformation, leading to potential empowerment (we always hope). Resistance is futile.  Pluto is almost exactly opposing Gates’ 26 Cancer Ascendant, which needs to be seen as sensitive and caring. A big giant philanthropic organization would be highly fulfilling, with tons of resources at his disposal, suggested by Jupiter-Pluto in his 2nd house (of money, values, and self-worth). Here is his horoscope.

President Jimmy Carter is also in the news, thanks to a visit a few days ago from the Bidens. Carter is a Libra with Moon in Scorpio, suggesting relationship-focused energy that needs to be appreciated for its depth and substance. With transiting Saturn now squaring his Moon, gravitas is readily available (including the death of his VP Walter Mondale two weeks ago).  Soon, the Scorpio Moon’s need for depth will be jolted by an opposition from Uranus. Carter has not always been appreciated for the genius his wonky Mercury-Uranus opposition suggests. Now, however, with transiting Neptune opposing his Mercury in Virgo, perhaps he’s now being seen as the visionary his Venus-Neptune opposition to Mars in Aquarius could reflect. I’ll never forget how he put solar panels on the White House in the 70s…only to have them taken down by the trickle-down policies of Ronald Reagan. Carter was so ahead of his time. His 26 Libra Ascendant is being squared by Pluto; his 28 Cancer Midheaven will be opposed by Pluto next year. As with Bill Gates’ horoscope, Carter’s is due for empowering transformation. Meanwhile, with transiting Venus squaring his natal North Node-Neptune-Venus conjunction in recent days, he was due for a lovely visit with old friends, as this photo shows.

Looking for a few good astrology books? I can recommend a ton — and I did — to the good folks at Business Insider. Reporter Lauren David said she’d read them all, and then pick the ones she liked best to share with the Entire Free World.

Thank you for reading this forecast. I can’t believe how unstuck this spacebar has become, now that Mercury is in Gemini.

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