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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday & Friday 8/27-28/2015: Sun-Jupiter in the News; Sneak Peek at the Full Moon

Alllll- righty then!

Moon entered Aquarius at 4:03AM ET, driving the day with a wonky, friendly energy that seeks to be of social significance.  It can aid your humanitarian cause or hook you up with a fresh group of contacts, the more unconventional the better. Aquarius has been known to be quite stubborn and does tend to be on the fringe side of things, FYI. But today its energy flows without much of a hiccup until the hours leading up to 12:24AM ET, when we may see a clash of wills suggested by the Moon’s face-off with Mars.

Friday morning we have the potential for another clash — this one in matters of social expression, as the Moon is challenged by Venus at 6:18AM ET. Innovation and tech savvy are favored around lunch on Friday, courtesy of a cooperative alignment with Uranus at 12:55PM ET. Note that emotions are on the rise until 2:35PM ET on Saturday, courtesy of the Full Moon, which by then will have moved into Pisces. This Full Moon weekend looks potentially lush and dreamy for some; bewildering or otherwise delusional for others. Neptune is heavily involved, as you might surmise. More on that tomorrow, but here’s an example of an apt Neptune/Venus retrograde/Full Moon headline. Thanks to an intrepid reporter who analyzed a boatload of Virgo data, we now know that only a fraction of the women who had profiles on Ashley Madison were actually real.

Back to today. At 11:45AM ET mental Mercury leaves Virgo for Libra. The change of signs suggests our mindset and communication may experience a bit of a “wobble” for a day or so, as we adjust to the new flow. Virgo is analytical and discerning, easily sorting the wheat from the chaff. Libra sees both sides of a situation and cringes at the thought of the confrontation that might ensue if one side were chosen over the other. Many with strong Libra signatures in their horoscopes are masters of avoidance.

And now, the news.

So how did yesterday’s expansive Sun-Jupiter meet-up in Virgo work out for you? As anticipated, the markets did bounce back — with the biggest single-day gain since 2011. As of midday today, optimism continues, with the U.S. reporting economic growth of 3.7% — more than was expected in the world of economics. Elsewhere, let the record show that Jupiter refers to the liver, and it was thus no surprise to see a front-page story about expanding access to a (very expensive) drug used to treat hepatitis C.

The Sun refers to the ego. A Sun-Jupiter conjunction suggests an expansive ego. Throw in a  retrograde Venus in Leo, which likely lives to regret the consequences of acting on sudden attraction, and you might find a story about how to divorce a narcissist being one of the most popular items on your favorite newspaper’s homepage.

This Sun-Jupiter conjunction was exactly on the Ascendant of the chart for yesterday morning’s shocking upset in Virginia, in which two journalists were murdered during a live broadcast. That is a symbol of an ego energy that is impossible to ignore. Brutal Saturn in Scorpio was on a second angle; bewildering Neptune was on a third. I am sure you saw the story in the news.

I mention this only because the potential for an upset was noted in the last forecast. I wish people would stop being so horrible to each other. Don’t you? I wish the United States did not have a Mars-Neptune square in it. Sure, it gives our nation charisma, but it also suggests a potentially delusional (Neptune) view on warfare and weaponry (Mars).

Speaking of horrible, as well as overly optimistic and delusional, it was reported on Tuesday that an investigation has been launched to determine if the intelligence gathered on the entity known as the Islamic State has been skewed. Whatever the investigation concludes, it probably won’t consider the chart for the establishment of that entity.

Speaking of skewed,  another investigation has concluded that those controversial Planned Parenthood videos were in fact altered.

Here is a story that reflects the hardcore reality of life and death (Saturn at the very end of Scorpio), along with the eco-consciousness of Sun-Jupiter in Virgo and the toxic potential of Neptune (which rules chemicals). These four planets are all connected now in a loose, but still tense T-square pattern, so we can expect much activity in matters symbolized by these planets. The story is about how vultures, which are critical to the Virgo clean-up portion of the circle of life (when animals meet their Saturn-in-Scorpio death), are being poisoned.

As we move through this weekend, I expect we’ll see more stories along Neptunian themes: e.g., these about oceans,  refugees,  fraud  and possible delusion, like this one: Polish Official Convinced Mystery Nazi Train Exists. We’re also likely to see stories of rose-colored escapes, music, spirit(s) and healing. I’ll share them when I see them in my rose-colored world.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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