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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/8/2010

More on color, music and other non-verbal, intangible contemplations. Yesterday (Saturday) featured a strong connection between Mercury (mind, travel) and nebulous Neptune (spirituality, fantasy, sacrifice) often seen in the horoscopes of people with rich imaginations and an aptitude for making music. Is this why the forecast has been delayed (words have failed me) or why I could not stop thinking about a musical episode on the bus ride home from last Sunday’s Rally for Sanity? (Bear with me, this really is going somewhere…eventually about the New Moon):

I asked our eccentric lady bus driver if she’d mind changing the static-ky  (stat-icky?) radio station that was poisoning the airwaves,  and she said she’d be happy to replace it with a CD, if a passenger had one handy. A CD? How quaint…but darned if a college kid didn’t happen to have one he was excited to share. “These are bluegrass instrumental arrangements of some songs by the Beatles!”, he says (with a great deal of authority),  as we were treated to the opening bars of “I Want to Hold Your Hand” a la banjo . Cheesy? Yes. But darned if those Lennon-McCartney tunes didn’t hold up with every twang — and I found myself marveling at the beauty of each chord progression and wondering WHY — as in, “why do these sounds gathered together in this particular way have so much power to move the soul — why are they so beautiful?”

Fast forward to yesterday (pun obviously intended), in which I persuade a composer friend to break down the chord structures of — you guessed it — “Yesterday”, etc. on a Yamaha baby grand — what exactly am I hearing when the juxtaposition of two chords strikes me as beautiful, and why is this music so timeless? Composer Friend explains that what I’m hearing is a chord in a major key immediately followed by a chord in the relative minor..blah blah “roots in church music dating from 500-600 AD through the Middle Ages”…blah blah Modal harmony, as in the “Dorian mode”, more church music, Mozart, Bach, etc., which goes back to the music of the Ancient Greeks…and while I’m kicking myself for not taking more music theory in college, am I also appreciating that the reason these Beatles tunes feel timeless is because they are; humans have been responding to the intrinsic beauty of these sounds for who knows how long, and at least as far back as and Ancient Greeks…

…which finally brings me to the Scorpio New Moon. Scorpio is opposite the sign of Taurus, which naturally rules areas in life related to the assets and values of an individual, including intangible values such as self-worth.  Scorpio rules, among other things, areas related to assets shared with an other, including shared values. Co-mingling shared assets can be incredibly creative — and procreative, as in great sex, great investments and a great inheritance. The keyword for Taurus is I HAVE. The keyword for Scorpio is I CREATE.

In the chart for the New Moon at 12:52 AM EDT 11/6/2010 we see five planets running wild — Mars (energy applied), Saturn (structure, control), Pluto (change) and Sun-Moon (union, new cycle, birth). By “wild” I mean that they are not connected to any other planet in the chart; each one is an island unto itself. A “wild” planet (the astrological term is “unaspected”), as my teacher Noel Tyl explains, it, makes a lot of noise in order to attract attention, with the hope that it will eventually be noticed and given a constructive outlet. With so many “islands” in this New Moon horoscope, is it any coincidence that the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 14 degrees of Scorpio is “telephone linemen at work”…”an image of men at work stretching lines of communication from pole to pole…connecting the telephone lines, repairing faulty or fallen lines”?

Wherever this New Moon at 14 Scorpio falls in your horoscope is where you may have an opportunity ripe with creative potential, where success will likely depend on effective lines of communication. You may have to lay down some lines in uncharted territory — ooh — adventure! You may need to repair lines downed by a storm (Venus is still retrograde in Scorpio). Finding a common ground between you and that “other party” (a Beatles tune?) is a recommended first step…