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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/12/2012: More Frabjous Day!

A potentially self-indulgent connection between Moon in Leo and beautiful Venus in quirky Aquarius approaches at 12:29AM Thursday. Could that have influenced my buying an electric blue (Aquarius), but otherwise oh-so-feminine (in a goddess sort of way) Tahari top on the way home from the office last night? Moon wasn’t void, so chances are, I’ll put it to good use.

After a 45 minute void (blink and you’ll miss it), Moon enters perfection-seeking Virgo at 4:44AM ET, needing know the details of everything, including the meaning of the number 444. “Thousands of angels surrounding you and loving you…” writes angel number guru Doreen Virtue http://marysoliel.hubpages.com/hub/Our-Angels-Speak-to-us-Through-Numbers-444 OK, I’ll buy that — and it’s perfectly in tune with Friday’s exact hook-up between ethereal Neptune and Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and money — suggesting the potential for pure bliss.

Nebulous Neptune and optimistic Jupiter both connect with the Moon just before waking hours — do note your dreams for a potentially fantastic adventure or insight. Coupled with constructive connections between the Moon, mental Mercury and take-no-prisoners Pluto, you could find yourself especially perspicacious today…and into the weekend. Consult yesterday’s forecast for more details. Bottom line: much can be channeled, comprehended, created and accomplished over the next two days. You can do it!

In the news, mirroring the Moon’s two-day promenade through regal Leo, I could not help but note the word “royalty” in a New York Times headline on Monday night, reporting the birth of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby girl, Blue Ivy, at Lenox Hill hospital on Saturday, January 7th. Apparently there was quite a fuss made over the alleged “royal” treatment of the celebrities, at the expense of the regular Joes and Janes. And this morning, I’m absolutely positive I saw the headline “Princess Ride” on the front page of either the NY Post http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/beyonce_and_jay_leave_hospital_with_aHHxdkAkgcPoSEkmYKFsUJ — coincidence or conspiracy?

Now you’re probably wondering what to give the new parents to help welcome their bundle of joy, and I can’t think of anything more perfect than a horoscope interpretation for little Blue Ivy, can you? Just think how helpful it might have been if your parents had your chart done when you were a wee lad or lass. They would have had more than just a clue about who you were and what you needed in order to avoid spending thousands of dollars in therapy! In Blue Ivy’s case, we know this little girl has tremendous potential — she was born on the same day as this web site. It would be so nice to know the exact time….