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Monday 6/17/2019: Full Moon in Sagittarius; Neptune Retrograde; the Slings & Arrows of Mercury-Mars with Pluto

And heeeere we go again!

The Full Moon in Sagittarius happened at 4:31 AM ET and then went void until 12:13 PM ET. That’s your excuse for any flake or twist that may have disrupted your morning routine. But as of 12:13 PM ET, the Moon is now fully focused in Capricorn, seeking to take care of business no matter how it feels. The week rolls like this — and these patterns are all part of the release and illumination of this Full Moon, which challenges the Gemini Sun’s ability to present factual information, against the Sagittarius need to express an enthusiastic and/or bombastic opinion

  • TUESDAYSaturn makes a cooperative connection with Neptune at 7:40 AM ET. Saturn is structure; Neptune is vision. If you have a vision it, make it real  — would be one interpretation. That could be awesome — unless your vision happens to be a lie. Hmmm. At 12:05 PM ET, Mercury and Mars meet up in Cancer, seeking a convincing and provocative case for home/homeland security and other domestic concerns. Around midnight, the no-nonsense Capricorn Moon meets up with the toxic South Node and Saturn, then sextiles Neptune, suggesting an ambitious corporate/patriarchal advance, with a pair of rose-colored glasses at no extra charge. Is it a coincidence or conspiracy that at  8 PM ET — live from Orlando, FL — P45 will officially launch his 2020 campaign? Consider the patterns outlined in this paragraph to give you a sense of its message, along with this next batch, exact on…
  • WEDNESDAY — as a ruthless barrage of provocative communication, along with someone’s dirty laundry exposed is reflected by a face-off between the Capricorn Moon and Cancer Mars, exact at 6:22 AM ET. Next is a face-off between Mercury (how we think and communicate) and Pluto, exact at 6:52 AM ET. If you know someone with a tough aspect between Mercury and Pluto, you may have noticed they will not hesitate to slice you to pieces in a war of words. But wait — there’s more!   At 7:16 AM ET, Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto, suggesting a catharsis or power play. Three minutes later, Moon opposes Mercury (more challenging communication) — before going void for the rest of the business day. Chill chill chill during the Moon void — don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. This is especially relevant on this day because at 11:21 PM ET, Mars — seeking to defend its turf in homeland Cancer — will oppose Pluto, suggesting strong potential for stamina (useful if physical exertion is required) or a nasty outburst of aggression. Here are some headlines from past Mars-Pluto oppositions — and here’s a write-up about Bette Midler’s horoscope, as she was born with Mars opposing Pluto, as clearly evidenced on her relentless Twitter feed.
  • THURSDAY –– At 10:01 PM ET on Wednesday, Moon enters Aquarius, seeking to network and be of social significance. After the disruption suggested by the Moon’s weekly clash with rebel Uranus at 8:56 AM ET (surprise!), Moon cruises through the day without any bumps in the road. What we are likely to be noticing now is…
  • FRIDAYMoon goes void at 10:03 AM ET for the whole business day. Wanna start the weekend early? Go for it. At 10:36 AM ET Neptune — planet of dreams — turns retrograde. That means it’s been slowing to a virtual standstill all week, with an effect not unlike the sound of  a blaring car horn. When a planet changes direction, it brings matters symbolized by that planet into focus. We’ll talk more about Neptune retrograde later this week. We will also talk about the Summer Solstice, which happens at 11:54 AM ET. Just know that as the Sun makes its way through the last days of Gemini, it suggests prominent developments involving leaders and CEOs. So watch the news.
  • SATURDAY & SUNDAYMoon enters Pisces at 7:02 AM ET and there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a beautiful weekend escape, as planetary patterns sublimely suggest. Stay tuned to this channel for details.

Oh — almost forgot to mention the Sabian Symbols for this morning’s Full Moon. For the Moon: “A flag bearer.” For the Sun: “Winter frost in the woods.” The last time I wrote about this pair was…wait for it…ready? On the New Moon in Gemini on June 16, 2015 — that’s when P45 launched his election campaign — here’s the forecast for that day. Amazing.

And now, the news.

Jupiter = big. Jupiter = publishing. Neptune = music. From Sunday’s NYT magazine: “Behind the Untold Story of the Universal Music Fire” — in which thousands of master recordings were apparently destroyed, and the artists are just learning about it now…

Neptune = toxins and plastics. The Guardian, having launched one investigative series called “Toxic America,” just launched a new one: “The United States of Plastic.”

Meanwhile, a random example of Saturn (reality) driven by illusion (Neptune): “They have millions of Instagram followers, but they’re not real people.” Instead they are computer-generated creations being used to promote various brands — presumably for less cost and risk of a human doing something scandalous that sullies the brand.

In other news, I  promised you last week that under this Jupiter-Neptune square we would hear stories of refugees sparking compassion, likely involving bad initiatives launched for the sake of homeland security (thank you, Mars in Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn).  Have you heard of Baby Constantin? He’s the subject of this NYT investigative story: “The Youngest Child Separated From His Family at the Border Was 4 Months Old.”  

UPDATE: on Melania Trump, who made news on Friday in a special  CNN  report: “Woman of Mystery: Melania Trump.”  Of course she would be a woman of mystery, given her natal Neptune opposing her Venus and Mars. That’s a potentially glamorous, sexy and enigmatic combination. Bill Clinton has a similar pattern: Mars, Neptune and Venus right on his people-pleasing, conflict-avoiding Libra Ascendant. But why would that CNN special about Melania be airing now? Because — as noted here last year — Melania’s Taurus Sun is being supercharged by transiting Uranus right this minute — and will continue to be cattleprodded into early 2020. Break-outs and/or break-ups; either would apply.

With all the dreadful and bewildering stories making news, at the end of this day, the most-shared item on The Guardian (posted during the morning’s Moon void) was this: “Accidental cat filter appears on Pakistan official’s briefing.”   Enjoy!

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Thank you for reading this forecast.

I leave you with flowers gifted by a cherished client over the weekend — as a reminder to take time to seek beauty under this week’s dreamy Neptune spell…