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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday & Thursday 12/30-31/2015: A Spiffy New Year’s Eve

According to the January 2016 issue of Chopsticks NY  (“Experience Japan and Asia in New York City”), it is customary to prepare for the New Year by cleaning and tidying up your home:

If you rid your home of the dust that has accumulated over the past year, you can greet the god of the New Year and receive divine favor.

Such housekeeping efforts may be aided and abetted by the Moon in fastidious Virgo, where it has been since Tuesday at 2PM ET — how fortunate for us all.

The day begins on a dreamy balance, suggested by a pre-dawn opposition between the Moon and nebulous Neptune at 4:40AM ET, followed by an easy flow between the enterprising Capricorn Sun and the Virgo Moon. If there’s a hitch, it may be felt around 11:33AM ET, when the Moon is challenged by Saturn in righteous Sagittarius. A wet blanket from a controlling authority? Or perhaps an ambitious reach? Every planetary pattern suggests an upside and a downside; which way it goes is up to us.

[UPDATE: I wrote the above late last night. This morning, after 10AM ET, a warrant of arrest was issued for Bill Cosby, who finally faces criminal charges for sexual assault. Mr. Cosby’s dramatic change of status was anticipated in this forecast over a year ago and in subsequent updates. Mars, the action planet, has been quite active in his horoscope this month — and you may have heard that he filed defamation lawsuits against some of his accusers around December 14th. A measurement between Chiron and his Midheaven (career, status) is particularly intriguing, as it echoes one that was exact last year between Chiron and the Moon (women, emotional needs). Chiron can suggest an opportunity for healing. For now it seems that Mr. Cosby is more inclined to fight and deny, rather than surrender…]

The rest of the day is free and clear until 7:32PM ET, when your efforts to make things right are subject to an extra dose of depth, courtesy of Pluto. “Free and clear” is the forecast for Thursday, too, as the drive for exacting detail gets an exuberant lift from Jupiter at 11:50AM ET. And that’s what will carry the East Coast into the 2016….

More news, briefly. These are headlines reflecting the disruptive potential of the still-in-effect tension between Uranus (disruptor of the status quo; wake-up call) and Pluto (power; corruption exposed; resistance is futile). You did read the article published earlier this month which stated that 20 Americans have as much wealth as the bottom half — 157 million people — of all Americans, yes? Yesterday the NYT published a piece about how some of those wealthy Americans have been able to influence a tax policy that allows them to keep all of that dough. Something to think about next November: whoever is elected President will need the support of Congress in order to enact his or her agenda, and every member of Congress is up for re-election.

Uranus suggests rebellion and breakouts. One break for freedom that is making news is Ethan Couch, the Texas teen who in 2013 went out drinking and then drove a car into a pick-up truck, killing four people. His defense? “Affluenza”, i.e., being too rich and spoiled to be responsible for his action — and the judge bought it. But he and his mother were just arrested in Mexico for violating the terms of his probation.

Also disruptive:   a grand jury declined on Monday to indict the officer who shot and killed 12-year old Tamir Rice within two seconds of seeing him in a park playing with what the 911 dispatcher was told may have been (and in fact was) a toy gun. Did you know that in August, California became the first state to ban grand juries in cases involving civilians killed by police officers? Perhaps other states will now follow suit. It takes a wake-up call to result in change, and I am an optimist…

Oh, there is so much more, but “Post now I must,” as Yoda might say. I’ve had a lovely flood of requests for consultations from wise readers who are planning for the new year, so my week has definitely reflected the “all systems go!” potential suggested by all planets moving direct between Dec 26th and Jan 5th. Hope your week has been equally productive.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. It is a joy to be of service.