Charts in the News: Marc Bolan, Ghislaine Maxwell, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Hong Kong

This column was written in August 2020 and published in October.

UPDATE: on Hong Kong, which started 2021 by arresting “dozens” of opposition leaders on “suspicion of violating the city’s sweeping national security legislation, in the biggest crackdown since the law was imposed by Beijing last year.”

UPDATE: on Ghislaine Maxwell. She is still in jail, having so far failed in her efforts to be released on bail. She did not receive a presidential pardon. However, other efforts to keep certain depositions from being made public were unsuccessful, and — as Jupiter sits right on top of her Midheaven as of this writing on January 24, 2021 — it was announced that a TV series — Hunting Ghislaine — is in the works.

Here’s the full column from TMA:

Charts in the News TMA 1020

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