Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/16/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week

Up and at ’em!

Monday is driven by the Moon in enterprising Capricorn, using whatever it can to actualize its enterprise-building strategy. Planetary patterns are generally harmonious, if tinged by no small amount of idealism. Why idealism? Because the Sun and Mercury meet up on Tuesday, that’s why. And Neptune, planet of vision, illusion, delusion and other intangible matters — turns direct on Wednesday.

On Thursday we’ll have the First Quarter Moon, suggests a challenge to the projects you launched on last week’s New Moon. On Friday, Mercury enters Sagittarius, putting mindset and communication efforts into Big Picture mode, but perhaps not being able to see the trees for the forest. Yes, that is what I meant to type.

Also building to a power play and/or an unconventional attraction: Venus — which refers to social graces, women, values, aesthetics and money — clashes with Pluto on Friday and then opposes Uranus on Monday. Whenever a planet engages with the tension between Uranus and Pluto, we can expect volatility and revelations in the matters related to that planet. Should be interesting for the markets.

Oh, and the surreal tension between Saturn and Neptune continues to build to its first release on the 26th. We were talking about that all last week — more on that in a minute.

Your Moon voids — also known as natural cosmic chill periods suggesting that your efforts to move forward in a straight line are more likely to experience delays, twists, flakes and other crises that later prove to be much ado about nothing: Monday 3:53PM ET until Tuesday 2:24AM ET; Thursday 3:19AM ET – 7:21AM ET. So really, other than today (after 3:53Pm ET Monday), it’s pretty much full speed ahead.

And now, the news.

You may recall on Friday the potential for “carnage” was noted, suggested by planetary patterns. There was no joy in seeing that word repeated in the headlines over the weekend with respect to events in Paris. But why France? Might there be planetary patterns connecting the horoscopes of France and the entity claiming responsibility? Yes. Are there patterns in the chart for the time of the event in question — 9:16PM — which might suggest the potential for an explosive outburst? Yes, and if you’re thinking one of them involving Mars, you’d be right. Would it help to look at the charts in detail right now. I’m not so sure.

In other news…

Were there any lighter manifestations of transiting Mars at the Aries Point — in Libra, sign of equality and relationships? Sure! Mars refers to the yang part of the yin-yang polarity — usually thought of as masculine. Earlier in the week, the NYT reported that men are doing more household chores, but “not as much as they think”. On Sunday, the NYT served up this op-ed: “Men’s Lib!”.

Severing ties with a collective belief system, possibly religious? That seems apt for Saturn (cuts) in Sagittarius (religious dogma) challenged by the compassionate potential of Neptune in Pisces. On Saturday, hundreds of Mormons resigned from the church, protesting an “unfair” (Mars & Venus both in Libra) policy barring the children of same-sex couples from being baptized.

More on the surreal tension between Saturn and Neptune.  On Friday, I ended the weekend forecast with a reference to Alice in Wonderland. Well guess what? I ended up catching two shows over the weekend — the opportunity to do so turned up quite spontaneously. On Saturday I saw Trip of Lovea jukebox musical featuring songs from the ’60s which has been universally trashed by the critics here, here and here.  What a bunch of snobs. Yes, it was a total trip — a perfect fun and mindless escape, and whatever wasn’t perfect was so bad it was good. What’s not to love? But get this: the story begins with a young woman who, like Alice, falls into a dream — and into a rendition of Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit. Coincidence or conspiracy?

On Sunday I scored tickets to  To Kill a Mockingbird — rarely seen on stage, though I imagine most everyone studied the Pulitzer prize-winning book in school or has seen the Oscar-winning movie with Gregory Peck. The story takes place in the mid-’30s, during a Uranus-Pluto square. The book and movie came out just before the exact Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the mid-60s. Revisiting it now, in the aftermath of the latest Uranus-Pluto challenge felt apt. But it also has elements of the surreal. Why? Well, if you’re familiar with the plot, let’s just say that it’s about a trial in which the truth is living in one reality and the jury is living in another.

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Special bonus track: “Under Pressure” — David Bowie & Queen — vocal tracks only — because it’s all over social media and it’s sublime. Enjoy.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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