Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 11/9/2010

If you’ve been feeling a bit wobbly over the past couple of days, it might be related to Mercury and Venus changing signs and Neptune turning direct. Venus moved backwards into Libra at 10:07PM NY time Sunday, softening a bit of the edginess and Scorpionic sting some have been feeling in social expression; Monday at 6:43 PM NY time Mercury also left Scorpio — and moved forward into high-flying, opinionated, foot-in-mouth oriented Sagittarius. Two personal planets leaving an emotional, controlled, penetrating water sign for cerebral air and boundlessly enthusiastic fire in 24 hours can be a bit of an adjustment — a little patience goes a long way!

Tuesday begins with Moon entering Capricorn at 8:36AM NY time. Blink and you might miss the one hour void beforehand. Today is a day to make things happen — so start climbing that mountain and/or plan that strategy. Be mindful of a potential moody bastard or battle for control that might show up around 3:14PM NY time (that’s the possible down side); on the other hand, a possible intense and/or insightful revelation could offer the opportunity to clear the air. Onward!

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