Monday 3/13/2023: Sneak Peek Week at a Weird, Wild Week

Allllrighty then!

It’s the start of a rollicking week in the cosmic sandbox. Here are the highlights:

  • Mars squares Neptune for the third time in seven months. That happens Tuesday.
  • Sun meets up with Neptune on Wednesday.
  • Mercury meets up with Neptune on Thursday.
  • Sun squares Mars on Thursday.
  • Venus squares Pluto on Thursday.
  • Venus enters Taurus on Thursday.
  • Mercury squares Mars on Friday.
  • Mercury meets up with the Sun on Friday.
  • Venus sextiles Saturn on Friday.
  • Mercury sextiles Pluto on Saturday.
  • Mercury enters Aries on Sunday.

So…a ton of walking and talking assertively, driven by a possible pressure cooker of values and social expression…and with so much pixie-dust scattered by multiple contacts with Neptune, who knows what to believe. Not only that, but because we have Sun and Mercury getting close to the verrry end of Pisces, and Pisces is the verrrry last sign of the zodiac, we could be forgiven for feeling like it’s the end of the world. And perhaps for some, it is the end of  a world…but not the world, because next week, the Sun enters Aries…and a whole new cycle will begin.

  • MONDAY: Moon entered Sagittarius at 3:20 AM ET, seeking respect for righteous, possibly pie-in-the-sky opinions. Just over an hour later, at 4:33 AM ET, Sag Moon’s enthusiasm was tempered by a square to Saturn, adding gravitas and a need to keep things under control. There are no other exact aspects on this day, and generally speaking, a day with Moon in Sagittarius is apt for broadening horizons. Get out in nature; catch a foreign film; engage in a spirited debate.
  • TUESDAY: Yesterday’s need for control is replaced by an easy flow of optimistic expansion, as Moon trines (harmonizes) with Jupiter at 5:56 AM ET. The Sagittarius Moon’s fiery enthusiasm is challenged by the fuzzy math suggested by a square to Mercury, exact at 5:38 PM ET.  Exactly two hours later, Mars (action, courage, combat) squares Neptune (which dissolves whatever it touches) for the third time since Mars entered Gemini last August (the last two squares were on Oct 12th and Nov 19th). This pattern is especially significant because Mars is finally finally finally where it was when it turned retrograde last October. After today, Mars will no longer be retracing its steps. It’s moving into new territory, and on March 25th, it finally gets out of Gemini. Meanwhile, it may be helpful to review what was happening when Mars turned retrograde in October, and also around the New Moon of June 2015.  You are more personally affected by this Mars-Neptune square if you are VP Kamala Harris, Jamie Lee Curtis or Jeb Bush.
  • TUESDAY: At 10:38 PM ET, we’ll have the Third Quarter Moon — i.e., tension between the Sag Moon’s need to be of influence vs the Pisces Sun’s impressions and ideals. Moon squares Neptune at 11:37 PM ET. Double check for clarity or seek an escape through music, meditation or some other intangible form.
  • WEDNESDAY: Moon trines Venus at 4:50 AM ET, offering support in matters of women, money, art and social expression. After a three hour Moon void, Moon enters Capricorn at 8:05 AM ET, needing to Make Things Happen. Its only contact today is a supportive one with Saturn, suggesting that your plan for world domination is supported by the local Designated Authority Figure. Humming in the background is the Sun’s annual conjunction with Neptune (exact at 7:38 PM ET), suggesting more of what we’ve already experienced involving the surreal, drugs, visionaries, pacifism, wipe-outs, floods, victims, toxins, viruses, refugees, water, oceans, oil, film, photography, etc. Anything intangible refers to Neptune, which denies and dissolves the material world, and in this case those intangibles affect the Sun, which refers to leaders, ego and the heart. Here’s what happened last year.
  • THURSDAY: Ready for more? The Capricorn Moon’s need for achievement is expanded by a square to Jupiter at 10:16 AM ET. An easy flow between Uranus and the Moon supports innovation. Seeds are planted for a dreamy vision or inspired speech at 1:12 PM ET, as Mercury meets up with Neptune. Push comes to shove at 2:09 PM ET as a square between the Sun (leaders) and Mars prompts action, for better or worse. Venus — which refers to who, what and how we need to love — is at the verrrrry last degree of pioneering/warring Aries. Venus is also square to Pluto, which refers to power and resources in the extreme, exact at 3:58 PM ET.  Avid Readers of this forecast know that whenever Venus is in a charged contact with Pluto and/or Uranus, volatility in the markets is not uncommon. If your own personal horoscope is affected by this pattern, you may find yourself in a wee bit of a catharsis in matters of relationship.
  • THURSDAY: At 6:34 PM ET, the wheel of fortune turns again, and Venus ditches Aries for Taurus. From now until April 11th, material comfort, calm and security drive what we seek in matters of love, beauty and worth. Venus functions happily in Taurus. Time to check in with your hairdresser? Oh — but wait — we’re not out of this week’s stormy patterns yet. Fightin’ words may cause a stir this evening, reflecting the tension between Mercury (how we need to think) and Mars (action) as they square off at 12:48 AM ET on…
  • FRIDAY.  The Capricorn Moon’s proactive drive is supported by an easy flow from Neptune, Mercury and the Sun, between roughly 2:30 AM and 4:30 AM ET. Note your dreams and thoughts upon waking. At 6:44 AM ET, Mercury and the Sun meet up in Pisces, perhaps channeling a message of something that could unite us. An empowered focus weighs in around 10:13 AM ET, the Moon meets up with Pluto. Eleven minutes later, Moon shifts gears and enters Aquarius. An Aquarius Moon needs to be recognized for its unique social significance within the construct of a larger group, in the way the 50 states in the U.S. demand recognition, even while (mostly) enjoying being part of the greater whole. An Aquarius Moon seeks innovation, too, and this may clash with earthly values around 11:50 AM ET, as Moon squares Venus in Taurus. Whatever tension is sparked, the sextile between Venus and Saturn at 6:25 PM ET suggests a workable solution can be found.
  • SATURDAY: There’s no Moon void to argue against shopping for bargains at yard sales. A disruption of the status quo crops up around 12:50 PM ET, as Moon square rebel Uranus. Depth of perception and investigative journalists are rewarded today, as Mercury (information) sextiles Pluto (news from underground) at 11:23 PM ET. Oh — and what is communicated or uncovered is likely to grab our attention, as Mercury is now at the Aries Point. Look for news from any of these Usual Aries Point Suspects (i.e., people with planets or angles at the very end of Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius or Virgo…and/or the very beginning of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn). These include William Shatner, Liz Cheney, Ted Cruz, Alexei Navalny and Elizabeth Warren, to name a few (see below for a few stories that have popped up already).
  • SUNDAY: Mercury — how we need to think — leaves Pisces and enters Aries. Huzzah! Ideas now have a voice! People born with Mercury in Aries may have minds that race so fast that they have an answer before anyone knows there’s a question. Whatever the answer is this morning, action is easy to take, reflecting the trine between Mercury and Mars at 6:33 AM ET. East Coasters can chill, chill, CHILL during the ensuing Moon void. Finally we have one long enough worth noting. If you don’t know what a Moon void is, here’s the 411 At 11:11 AM ET, Moon shifts gears and enters Pisces. The need to identify ideals and work with impressions is given a sobering focus around 1:27 PM ET, as it meets up with Saturn. This is the last full day of the Sun in Pisces so I’m on the alert for prominent news involving leaders of business and state. And, as I said earlier, Pisces is the end of the zodiac, and it would not be unusual for prominent departures to occur. In times such as these, it may be helpful to remember that…

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.

Beth Owl’s Daughter offers an empowering coping strategy for any troubling sense we may have in matters of completion and endings in her Tarot Card of the Week.

And now, the news.

Did you watch the Oscars? I didn’t, but was pleased that Everything Everywhere All At Once won pretty much everything.

Meanwhile, the word “collapse” is in more than one headline on the Washington Post’s homepage. Collapse is what you get when the ground you’re standing on dissolves or a bubble of magical thinking pops. Reality intrudes upon a dream. Might be Saturn (reality) in Pisces (dream).

I expect plenty of headlines this week with themes of Mars (courage, guns, action, war, men, anger) and Neptune (scandal, oceans, oil, water, dreams, drugs, religion, etc), such as:

Finally…file this one under “weird”

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

“Curiouser and curiouser…” might be one apt description

for this otherwise action-packed week.