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Monday 4/10/2023: Sneak Peek at the Week; Off to a Big Start

Alllllrighty then!

I directed MailChimp to send out this forecast in a slightly larger font, as I’ve been told it’s hard to read on an iPhone. Hopefully you’ll notice an improvement. I welcome your feedback.

Here are the highlights for the week:

  • Venus enters Gemini on Tuesday
  • Venus trines Pluto on Tuesday
  • Sun meets up with Jupiter in Aries on Tuesday
  • Venus squares Saturn on Friday

It goes like this:

  • MONDAY: Moon has been in Sagittarius since Sunday, driving the day with a need to be of influence — probably through the expression of righteous opinions. The sky’s the limit under a Sag Moon. Get out in nature; take a gambol or a gamble — whatever you can do to broaden your horizons. There’s an easy flow of fiery energy that should not be taken for granted, reflecting the Moon’s trine to Sun and Jupiter at 9:48 PM ET and 10:55 PM ET. Get going!
  • TUESDAY: Venus ditches Taurus for Gemini at 2:47 AM ET. If you noticed a sense of urgency in matters of worth, aesthetics, money, women and social expression over the past 48 hours, it reflects Venus at the verrrrrrry end of Taurus. In Gemini, all matters ruled by Venus reflect the needs of Gemini: to be clever, entertaining and diverse — and  to have more than one iron in the fire. Venus will be in Gemini until May 7th. Depth of this dual value system may become clearer, reflecting the trine between Venus and Pluto at 6:14 AM ET. In the language of astrology, Pluto refers to the Powers That Be. It also refers to the breakdown of power structures that necessarily occurs when the structures become rotten and are exposed. We see this in nature all the time, as rotting food waste breaks down and transforms into soil that can be used to fertilize new growth. This is a healthy process, yes?
  • TUESDAY: Note your dreams upon waking, as the Moon squares Neptune at 6:47 AM ET, presumably facilitating increased access to Certain Channels. If there’s a slow start or twist to your morning routine, it’s reflecting the seven-hour Moon void. Notice that since Pluto is no longer sitting at the verrrry end of Capricorn, lengthier Moon voids are back on the calendar, and this week we’ve got three of them — one every other day. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “Moon void” — a.k.a. “void of course Moon,” here’s an example of how they can work. It’s not unusual for these longer periods where the Moon travels without contact (to other planets) to feel as if time is moving more slowly, as many on the Twitter observed during last Thursday’s 17-hour Moon void. The coping strategy for Moon voids is to stick with routine concerns (if you must be at your desk), and don’t make a mountain out of a molehill of crisis. Chill!
  • TUESDAY: At 1:33 PM ET, Moon shifts gears and gets focused in Capricorn, now looking to Make Things Happen. There’s rush of expansive hot-hot-hot, me-me-me assertive energy that’s been building over the past few days, now released at 6:07 PM ET, when Jupiter (big! bombast! benevolence!) meets up with the Sun (leaders! hearts!) in Aries (cars, crusades, heat, pioneers, wars, iron, the color red). If you have a planet around 22 degrees of just about any sign, you are most personally affected by the potential for abundance, for better or worse. At the very least, this day make sharpen your awareness of your heart’s desire, with a plan for acquisition easily supported, reflecting the cooperation between Moon and Saturn, exact at 8:07 PM ET.
  • WEDNESDAY: If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, blame the opposition between Moon and Mars, exact at 5:02 AM ET. Or just plan in advance to do something productive — not destructive — with the possible surge of physicality often associated with combat. Innovation and communication flow for the rest of the day, as Moon trines Mercury at 9:35 AM ET and then trines Uranus at 7:23 PM ET. Think outside the box; reach across the aisle. The stakes may feel larger than life and/or boundaries may be further pushed, reflecting the square between the Moon and Jupiter, exact at 3:19 AM ET on…
  • THURSDAY. Adjustments between forces demanding the preservation of status for…some corporate or government entity, perhaps…versus those who would be pioneers, are suggested by the 3rd Quarter Moon (Aries Sun squares Capricorn Moon). Moon sextiles Neptune at 10:14 AM ET, softening the impact — and then goes void for the next six and a half hours. These Moon voids are giving us time to process all that has come to light in recent day, imho. Moon enters Aquarius at 4:42 PM ET, now seeking to be appreciated for its unique social significance, with a power play or catharsis around 5:11 PM ET, as Moon meets up with Pluto. The dust settles for a spell, and the evening facilitates accord, as Moon trines Venus at 10:23 PM ET. Time for a good girl talk, perhaps…addressing more than one weighty matter that’s been humming in the background for the past few days. Why? Because on…
  • FRIDAY: …at 12:38 PM ET, Venus (who, what and how we need to love) is challenged (squared) by the streamlining needs of Saturn. Yes, after all of the exuberance of the early days of this week, it ends on a more sobering note. Heavy Venus-Saturn patterns refer to cuts, losses and a chilly, controlling response (e.g., “it’s just business”). They can also refer to ambition. In the link to this prior forecast I call out examples of two people expressing the harsher potential of Venus, when challenged by Saturn.   At 3:15 PM ET, conversation may provoke stubborn resistance, as Mercury squares Moon. In your own personal world, if you have an important message to send, better to pick a time when the Moon and Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) are more harmoniously aligned. A surprise or other shock to the system is scheduled for 10:07 PM ET, when Moon squares rebel Uranus.
  • SATURDAY: There’s an easier flow to the morning, as Moon sextiles Jupiter at 6:36 AM ET and then sextiles the Sun at 11:15 AM ET. That’s your window for shopping and scoring bargains at yard sales that actually live up to expectation. After 11:15 AM ET, the Aquarius Moon will be void of course, offering an opportunity to CHILL — and take care of routine tasks that are of little consequence. Moon enters Pisces at 6:56 PM ET, seeking to work with impressions and ideals — and generally go with the intuitive flow. This softness is countering by the weightiness of Moon’s meet-up with Saturn, exact at 1:57 AM ET on…
  • SUNDAY: …and tension (a square) between Venus and the Moon at 4:58 AM ET. The afternoon is a fine time for getting things done around the house, as Mars (in home-loving Cancer) and Mercury (in practical Taurus) support the idealism of the Pisces Moon, at 1:48 PM ET and 7:28 PM ET.

We are moving into the first eclipse season of 2023! We have a solar eclipse on April 20th, and a lunar eclipse on May 5th. And yes, once again, I am pleased to offer several paragraphs of personalized eclipse insights so you can understand how these extraordinary cosmic events may be reflected in your own unique horoscope. I’m not exaggerating when I say that eclipses are extraordinary, especially as accurate timing tools for human experiences in space and time.  And by “personalized,” I mean that these insights are handcrafted by yours truly, after a careful study of your horoscope. The insights cover both eclipses, and you can order yours for $65, using this exciting new button I just created! Then, if you know I don’t have your birth data, please email that to me: date, time and place. And yes, if you are  not a fan of PayPal, there are other ways to order your personalized eclipse insights — email me for options.

And now, the news.

We’ve gone just over two weeks with Pluto in Aquarius, the pattern that brought us the French Revolution and the Bill of Rights.”Power to the People” is what astrologers have been anticipating for years, though not likely without a fight. Pluto turns retrograde on May 1st, and re-enters Capricorn on June 11th. In Capricorn we will likely see extremes among the Powers That Be as they battle to remain In Control. Pluto turns direct on October 11thon Pluto in the horoscope of the United States, and square the Sun and Moon in the horoscope of Kamala Harris. Pluto reenters Aquarius on January 22, 2024, where we will see an advancement of initiatives that are happening right this minute. Pluto will go retrograde again on May 2, 2024…and re-enter Capricorn for its last hurrah on September 3, 2024 — with candidates up for election in November already selected. Pluto turns direct on October 12th and reenters Aquarius on November 20th — President Biden’s birthday — where it will remain until 2044.

In the last week’s forecast, I closed with the developing story of events in Tennessee. In Friday’s episode — #32! — of Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast, Whitney & I did a deep dive into what we know of the horoscope of Cameron Sexton, Tennessee’s Speaker of the House. It’s a prime example of the accelerated development we’d expect to see in a horoscope with four planets eclipsed last November. Astrology. Is. Amazing.

Last Thursday, Sexton presided over a vote on the expulsion of three Democratic state representatives — a.k.a. The Tennessee Three.  In case you missed the back story because you were busy purging your closets (as I was over the weekend), in an energetic application of Mars (action!) in Cancer (home!), here is WaPo to explain:

After a shooter opened fire at the Covenant School in Nashville on March 27, killing three 9-year-olds and three adults, activists descended on the Tennessee Capitol and demanded that lawmakers pass gun-control legislation. Republicans, with supermajorities in both chambers, refused to do so. The three lawmakers — dubbed the Tennessee Three — said they joined the protests inside the legislative chamber to speak out for Tennesseans whose voices have been ignored.

The two Black male representatives (Justin Jones and Justin Pearson), who haven’t had their first Saturn return, were expelled; the white woman representative who just finished her second Saturn return (Gloria Johnson), survived the expulsion attempt — by one vote. The fact that this vote happened during a lengthy Moon void suggests that it is not going to go as planned and/or will be of little consequence, and in fact, it is possible that the two Justins will be re-appointed to their posts by their respective city councils.

Speaking of Saturn, it should come as no surprise to any Avid Reader that every one of the Tennessee Three is having multiple heavy Saturn transits in what we know of their horoscopes!!! All three have planets in early Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. We see the potential for being streamlined/controlled — and also for activated ambition/authority. After Saturn is done with them, the energizing break-out potential of Uranus will be up next — and we will see them break out of current controls as we move into the fall of 2024. Without birth times, we are limited in what we may anticipate, but it’s fair to say that Pearson is likely to become even more persuasive and empowered in thought and communication over the next two years.

Meanwhile, a truckload of genies are jumping out of bottles on Planet Cameron Sexton, reflecting his heavily eclipsed horoscope:

There are likely to be more revelations.

In other news…

Transiting Saturn is all over House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s horoscope this week and next, stopping by for the first of three passes to his Moon, Saturn and Ascendant. I expect we’ll be reading more stories involving themes of isolation, ambition and control now  (such as this one), and again in the last two weeks of August…and again in the first two weeks of January.


Perhaps you are wondering what might be happening in the horoscopes of Clarence and Ginni Thomas, given last week’s revelations that for the past 25 years — the SCOTUS Justus failed to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars in luxury travel and other funding that was generously given to him by Dallas billionaire and Nazi memorabilia aficionado Harlan Crow.    Here is the full investigative piece, published by Propublica.

Basically, the horoscope of Clarence Thomas has been pummeled by Pluto over the past year — continuing into this year. This is a transforming — and also potentially empowering — period. Certainly he’s been having his way with Lady Justice in recent years, and with this latest expose, everyone can clearly see him for who he is. Remember how he sat for years on the bench without saying much of anything? That’s changed. Another pattern he has — in effect now, and exact in August — involves Saturn and the Moon, suggesting he’s in for a period of isolation, at the very least.

As for Ginni Thomas, we don’t have a birth time, but we can see that her 4 Pisces Sun will be opposed by Saturn three times this year, with the first hit just around the corner. This can also be isolating.

In other news…

On Friday — not during a Moon void —  Matthew Kacsmaryk, a Texas judge appointed by the former guy, “ruled that the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the drug mifepristone in 2000 was flawed and must be suspended,” as Heather Cox Richardson explains.  This prompted a judge in Washington state to immediately issue an injunction prohibiting the FDA from pulling the drug from the market. This prompted me to learn more about Anthony Comstock, who was born in 1844, and reminds me of Dana Carvey’s Church Lady, only with mutton chops. As a special agent of the U.S. postal service, Comstock prevailed upon Congress to pass the Comstock Act in 1873, which, specifically prohibited the use of USPS for shipping “any methods of production or publication of information pertaining to the procurement of abortion, the prevention of conception and the prevention of venereal disease “ according to Wikipedia. Suffice it to say that looking at Comstock’s horoscope, we can appreciate his extremes of values and social expression, and that his natal Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius (a need for visionary or delusional thinking) is likely to be electrified in 2023.


While I was purging my closets over the weekend, aptly applying the most excellent purging potential of the Scorpio Moon and aforementioned Mars in domestic-bliss Cancer. there was a rare harmony between Venus and Neptune (sextile) suggesting ideals of beauty and spirits of all kinds. This happened after a more disruptive conjunction of Venus with rebel Uranus the week before. In between these two alignments, it seems that Budweiser announced a new partnership between its Bud Light brand and transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The marketing strategy, according to Anheuser-Busch, was to “update the fratty branding” —  and all hell broke loose in certain fratty places as a result, likely reflecting the extremes of communication we might expect on a square between Mercury and Pluto (which happened last Monday).

Mulvaney’s horoscope has a pattern not unlike that of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s. Both have their Moon opposing their respective Ascendants. McCarthy’s ASC is Gemini; Mulvaney’s is obviously Pisces. Both oppositions are part of a t-square with a planetary heavy. Transiting Saturn is activating their respective t-squares as I type. This is also heavy.

As for the controversial announcement of their new partnership, Mulvaney announced it on her Instagram account. She’s dressed a la Audrey Hepburn, whose Pisces Moon is right on Mulvaney’s Pisces Ascendant — so of course, there’s a strong personal connection. Isn’t that fun?

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. You do want to understand how all the patterns may manifest in your own personal world, yes? We will have a fine discussion together. Remember, I’m also available for speaking engagements. I love explaining astrology to people who are curious, and my PowerPoints are awesome.

Thank you for sharing this forecast with your friends.

This week’s Sun-Jupiter conjunction doesn’t do anything halfway. Show off your stuff!