Friday 3/9/2018 & the Weekend: In Brief…


The Moon continues its sojourn in Sagittarius, pushing boundaries (borders?) and facilitating the expression of righteous opinions everywhere. Expand your mind; get out in nature; if you’re  the Dear Leader of North Korea, invite P45 over for lunch.  There’s a buzz in the air this morning, courtesy of the  tension released by the Third Quarter Moon at 6:20 AM ET. The rest of the day is smooth sailing, with an especially energetic release around 7:54 PM ET. That’s when Mars, planet of action, assertion and aggression, meets up with the Moon. Chill after 9:27 PM ET, when the Moon goes void.

On SATURDAY, Moon shifts gears in Capricorn at 4:52 AM ET. A Capricorn Moon needs to make things happen, so if you’re working this weekend, go for it. Or take care of practical chores around the house, executed with serious focus, innovation and empowerment. Why? Because we are under the influence of three patterns which will be exact on SUNDAY.  The first is a square between Mercury (mindset) and Saturn (ambition, control), exact at 3 AM ET. There’s your serious focus; your heavy thoughts; your ambition plan for control. The second is a harmony between Mars (courage, action) and Uranus (rebel, disruption of the status quo). Should be some cool stories of outer space and technology over the weekend. The third is a harmony between the accommodating Pisces Sun (leaders) and power broker Pluto in Capricorn (the Establishment).  I’d argue that we can see all three of these patterns expressed in yesterday’s aforementioned news of Kim Jong Un’s invitation to P45.

Moon goes void on MONDAY at 11:36 AM ET. East Coasters, make the most of the morning hours. West Coasters, stick to routine concerns and/or chill. The Moon won’t get into gear until 6:44 PM ET.

And now, the news.

When a planet goes retrograde, as Jupiter did yesterday at 11:46 PM ET, issues symbolized by that planet turn inward for review.  How cool is it, then, to see this headline yesterday:  “NASA Mission Discovers Jupiter’s Inner Secrets”   Way cool!

Will add more to this forecast later this afternoon. Right now I gotta fly….

Thank you for reading this forecast.  To find out what all of these planetary patterns mean for you personally, here’s the 411 on consultations and reports.

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