Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/5/2011: Work Together, Play Together

The week begins with the fire and verve from Sunday continuing into Monday, as Moon continues through pioneering me-me-me Aries. Your work, especially if it involves collaborating with others, may be especially sparkly today, as Mars (action, the masculine principle) in Virgo makes a lovely connection with Venus (the feminine) in enterprising Capricorn at 10:08AM ET. You could actually be eager to jump out of bed in the morning…and fall into bed with a partner at night. And on the East Coast…oh lucky you…Moon will be void of course Tuesday between 6:13AM and 9:34AM, suggesting you could sleep in without consequence.

And now, the headlines. I’ve been anticipating significant news on the Fukushima nuclear plant as disruptive Uranus, now retrograde, gets closer and closer to where it was on March 11th (0 Aries). And frankly, it’s close enough right now (1 Aries).  And over the past few days there have been a flurry of articles reassessing the damage to the reactor — and it’s disturbing, to say the least. Uranus turns direct on December 10th, suggesting the possibility of more news on this subject and other subjects related to shake-ups, independence and other disruptions to the status quo. This will coincide with a Full Moon and lunar eclipse ripe with potential for positive manifestation. Stay tuned…

Next topic: Herman Cain. Here’s a re-cap of what was written about his horoscope on November 3rd: He is a Sagittarius with Moon in me-me-me Aries who needs to be “Number One” and tell the world what he thinks, with an idealistic spin. There is a strong need for independence and the unusual in relationships, along with a likely defense mechanism that insists on self-sufficiency. There’s a militancy suggested here — likely stemming from an experience of harshness in his youth that everyone else must experience, too.  Faith — real and unreal — likely play a huge part in his life. Cain also has Mars (action, sex drive) in regal Leo — suggesting a need to “get away with murder”.

Right now, he has transits that suggest:   1) “Criticism with a passion; knowing just what’s wrong with the world; big arguments (this has been going on for a year; 2) “dreaminess about love potential; overindulgences of all kinds for ego gratification or defense;self-deception” (going on for some months, but exact Nov 17); and finally, exact on Nov 25, “powerful sex drive; the conquest”. On December 1st, sexy rascal Mars challenged Cain’s Venus, suggesting dealing with still more on issues of “passion, sex drive and excitement”. And on December 4th, his run for the White House was history.  However, I would not be surprised if he were to come back this summer with something else resembling a weird, wacky book tour.

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