Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 12/16/2011: Time’s Person of the Year & Hungary

A day of organized efficiency, suggested by Moon continuing in perfectionist Virgo. You could get quite passionate about the details as we move into the evening, so be advised of the potential for heat should you find yourself in a debate with someone else about your view of world order.

More on the weekend will be posted later. Right now, the headlines are thrilling me to no end. A few days ago, I noticed Hungary — a country you don’t hear much about — making news. It made headlines on the web when it reportedly destroyed genetically engineered crops. It made news when it passed a law imposing a $600 fine on homeless people. Something had to be going on in the horoscope for Hungary — 10/23/1989  at 12PM in Budapest. And in fact, there is: Pluto, the irresistible force, and Uranus, disruptor of the status quo, are putting pressure on areas of the horoscope relating to worth, money, structure, identity — all suggesting a reach for control and sudden change as we move into 2012. And looky what made news yesterday: “Hungarian Bill Could Take Power From Its Central Bank” . And just minutes ago, Hungary was the subject of conversation on CNBC — something I can’t recall ever seeing since I’ve been glued to that network.

Another exciting headline was Time Magazine naming THE PROTESTOR as its Person of the Year. It’s totally in sync with the energy suggested by rebel Uranus at the first degree of Aries — and you may recall my post from last week anticipating that we’d see a lot of headlines reflecting rebels, quirkiness, revolution, independence, a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, technology, aviation, innovation, erratic, astrology, genius, disruptive, genetic mutation (URANUS) that are also pioneering, fearless, inspiring, selfish, individual, warriors, champions of the underdog, idealistic, impatient, impulsive (ARIES).

Other news happening as anticipated: updates on Fukushima on the front page: the plant is declared stable and the first debris from the tsunami washes up on the West Coast.

More later — I promise — and sorry for the delayed forecast. It’s the holidaze — and I hope yours are very merry and bright!

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