Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 8/28/2013: A Deeper Perspective

A need for depth and perspective in all areas of fact-gathering, mindset and communication is suggested today by the Moon in information-junkie Gemini and a supportive connection between mental Mercury and perspicacious Pluto. Oh, how these thoughts have power…and considerable debate over the facts may be had around 1:48PM ET, as the Gemini Moon squares Mercury in exacting Virgo. Get it off your desk today; Moon goes void for a long break at 12:44AM ET Thursday…not to enter Cancer, the next sign, until Friday at 7:33AM ET.

The day begins with a charge and a challenge: the 3rd Quarter Moon, offering the final hit to the New Moon agenda that was set on August 6th. What was that all about, you may wonder (how quickly we forget). It was about “a pageant” — suggested by the bold, creative and imperial conjunction of the Sun and Moon at 15 degrees of royal Leo. Here is that New Moon forecast again.  The Sabian Symbol for the 3rd Quarter Moon at 6 degrees of Gemini is “drilling for oil”. Now isn’t that interesting, given one of the dominant themes in the headlines. For more on that story, I offer you this. If I didn’t, I might hide under the covers for the rest of the day.

Let the record show that drilling for oil is a highly speculative venture. Yes, there is the potential for great wealth that can be obtained by going deep & tapping into resources that are millions of years old. However, such gains in wealth may be painfully short-term, and ultimately destructive to the rest of the environment. Plus, when that oil is tapped, it’s tapped. Or it might not be there to begin with. You drill and strike out, leaving behind a big mess (google “fracking” for further details). Sabian Symbol guru Blaine Bovee has a lot of other interesting things to say about the symbolism of this particular degree —  I recommend you get his book.

In your own personal world, use the energy of this 3rd Quarter Moon to look deeper. Think twice before taking things at face value, even if doing so would be easier. Do your homework. Sometimes it’s good to be boring, even if it spoils the party. You may discover some hidden resources as a result.  Also (I am realizing, after already shipping this forecast to my email subscribers), if you have to make a persuasive argument today, planetary patterns have your back. Onward!

Coming up: a look at the horoscope of the United States in 2014 — I’ve been meaning to post something for some time…meanwhile, here’s an intriguing story about a group of forward-thinking people in area of natural resources…oil-drilling is not on their agenda.





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