Monday 6/22/2020: Sneak Peek at the Week: Neptune Rx; Venus Direct; Mars in Aries

Happy post-eclipse Monday!

I am hearing reports that many felt wiped out yesterday. Lots of sleeping. You?

Moon is still in Cancer, driving the day with a focus on preserving emotional security: home, family & country. How will you nourish your soul today? Communication started flowing right after 4:01 AM ET, as Moon met up with Mercury retrograde. It gets dreamy around 4:23 PM ET, as Moon harmonizes with Neptune. Those dreams may lead to power plays and catharses, as Moon opposes Jupiter and Pluto between 10 PM and 11:30 PM ET. 

As I have said in prior forecasts, there are no exact aspects among the planets this week, other than those involving the Moon. The last time we had a “lull” like this was the week George Floyd was murdered by police officer Derek Chauvin. Therefore, I’m ready for anything, in the way one prepares for the sudden collapse of an ice shelf into the ocean. Just like that. By the way, there’s a record heat wave happening in the Arctic.

Two planets change direction this week: Neptune and Venus. Mars will change signs. Here’s how it goes:

  • TUESDAYNeptune turns retrograde at 12:32 AM ET. All matters referred to by Neptune (currently traveling through Pisces, the sign it rules) are likely to pull focus several days before and after. Those matters include — but are not limited to — lies, drugs, scandals, charity, refugees, viruses, oceans, victims, faith, spirits of all kinds, oil, water, chemicals, fog, toxins, fish, photography, film, empathy, martyrs.  If you have a planet or angle around 20 degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and especially Pisces, you may have been feeling especially bewildered this month — while in search of a vision. Helpful hint: time to turn inward for the faith you seek.  Neptune turns direct on November 29th — at 18 Pisces.
  • TUESDAY — The Sabian Symbol for this Neptune retrograde is “a little white lamb, a child and a Chinese servant.” What does this mean? Blain Bovee tells you here. We are advised to watch for stories of “personal sacrifice for a collective goal; watchful stewarding of nascent potentials.” On the potential downside: “disgruntled attitudes that barely hide contempt; ‘What about ME?’; being self-serving to the detriment of the team.” Oh, so that’s why John Bolton‘s book came out now.
  • TUESDAY — Cancer Moon is void between 3:20 AM and 8:33 AM ET. Next stop: Leo, where it’s looking for love — big time — and a chance to make regal pronouncements. It’s an energizing early morning, as Moon harmonizes with Mars. This energy is harnessed or blocked around 9:31 AM ET by the heavy hand of authoritarian Saturn. Venus — also at a standstill this week — tries to smooth it all out for the rest of the day, harmonizing with the Leo Moon.
  • WEDNESDAYLeo Moon goes void at 1:34 AM ET, on a challenge to Uranus. Surprise!!! Upsets in favor of the underdog? And then….the void continues for the next 36 hours. I see howls of indignation in this long void — but possibly muted by an inability to engage. Stick to routine concerns if you must be at the office. Find time for creative play — give yourself permission to wander. Remember that crises that crop up during void are often much ado about nothing. CHILL!!
  • THURSDAYVenus is stationary direct (i.e., now moving forward) at 2:47 AM ET. You’re more personally affected if you have a planet around 5 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces. What has the focus been about all week? The Sabian Symbol is “drilling for oil,” i.e., as Bovee tells us, drilling through layers of earth and rock in search of a pocket of wealth. It’s interesting that Bovee points out that in order to drill for oil, you need a rig — and that this element of “rigging” is significant. We have a bunch of primary elections tomorrow in the United States. Already we have stories of rigging in Kentucky, where there will only be 200 polling sites instead of the usual 3700.  Not only that, but headlines are blaring today of a P45 tweet claiming that the 2020 elections will be RIGGED if mail-in voting prevails. Bovee advises us to “look for historical ironies  like imperialism giving rise to more level playing fields, archaic resources burned up in smoke.” He says other things, too — I recommend you buy his book.
  • THURSDAY Moon enters Virgo at 1:05 PM ET, seeking to put Leo’s party back in order. A good day for sorting and analyzing.
  • FRIDAY — More of the same, as Moon in Virgo drives the day, thinking outside the box with a little help from Mercury and innovative Uranus.
  • SATURDAY — Still more Moon in Virgo — and possibly a bewildering Friday night news dump, as Moon opposes Neptune at 12:57 AM ET. Early morning organizational empowerment is helped by trines to Jupiter and Pluto. A prominent conflict arises as Moon opposes Mars and goes void for 14 minutes. Moon then enters Libra, focused on fairness and diplomacy in relationship.
  • SATURDAY — note that Mars is at the end of Pisces all week. First, we have a sense of a last-ditch effort in the face of seeming wipe-out, as Pisces is literally the END. The last degrees of Pisces are close enough to the Aries Point, so assertion, aggression — and all Mars themes are likely to be PROMINENT. Sports, war, cars, guns, the head, men, the color red, iron, etc. Mars enters Aries — the sign it rules — at 9:45 PM ET. The energy of action is thus reborn in Aries. Instead of acting as if all might be lost (Pisces), it is as if everything old is new again. Mars in Aries needs to gets things started — not now, but RIGHT NOW.  Aries energy is crusading, innocent, inspiring, impatient, courageous and somewhat of an idealist. Everyone whose horoscope was affected by Sunday’s 0 Cancer eclipse will be affected by the arrival of Mars at 0 Aries. Watch for them to act — or be acted upon. Mars will be in Aries for the rest of the year.
  • SUNDAY — More Moon in Libra. Challenges to the New Moon crop up around 4:16 AM ET, as the Moon squares the Cancer Sun. Mars will sextile Saturn at 6:59 AM ET, easily applying its martial energy to needs for control. This is the first aspect we’ll have this week between two planets that do not include the Moon.

Humming in the background of all of these patterns is the second meet-up between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, exact on June 30th. The first one was on April 4th — here’s what was going on back then.   I expect we’ll have news of power and resources, including news from underground.

And now, the news.

So — with all the focus on Neptune concerns, and the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction humming in the background, we are seeing more and more stories of Covid-19 on the rise. Hello? People in states that are not New York? Wear your masks and gloves, already. Florida, Texas, Arizona — all on the up — and in other countries with science-denying leaders, too — like Brazil. Cases are up in Italy, too — and Avid Readers who subscribe to Mountain Astrologer can go pull up the June/July “Chart in the News” column for a 2020 timeline of significant patterns in Italy’s horoscope. Compare the headlines with planetary action now.

Speaking of Italy, a study has revealed traces of the coronavirus in Italy’s sewage system in December, weeks before the massive outbreak began. New York is reportedly working on a similar study. In other Neptune stationary retrograde news,  it could be argued that the most important statement made in P45’s lackluster gathering in Tulsa was that he specifically ordered the slowdown of coronavirus testing so the numbers wouldn’t be as high.

Not quite the news — but in sync with planetary patterns — is a fifteen-minute video Beth Owl’s Daughter shared over the weekend. I don’t know about you, but my early education included hours of reading Greek mythology and ancient Greek history and culture. We wrote essays about The Iliad and The Odyssey in the fifth grade, and in the sixth grade we staged a performance of Electra.

Now comes pagan priestess Gwendolyn Reece with insights stemming from our democracy’s roots in ancient Greece of how we got to this point in time, how we have lost our way, what needs to be done to heal this anguished injustice — and why.  For astrological validation, here is a forecast from 2016 talking about anguished unresolved patterns of “corrupt sacrifice” that the United States had to face as transiting Pluto squared the U.S. Saturn in 2015 – 2016.


I believe I anticipated significant news from underground over the next several days. Here’s a start:

What’s going on in your horoscope? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Astrologers are like dentists — you should check in with yours every six months to a year.  Re-connecting and reviewing is especially apt during Mercury retrograde, and you may find yourself enjoying many unexpected reunions, such as this one that started via email a couple of days ago. A client wrote me to say:

I actually was going thru some old notebooks and saw my notes I took during my consult with you almost 3 years ago and OMG…the things you said resonated 100%!! Don’t think at the time I was ready to recognize the truth in what you said, but now I indeed see the light and the truth!!

Astrology is amazing.

Finally, Avid Reader Diane insists I remind you that you can support this forecast with Faithful Monthly Expressions of Appreciation.  Much gratitude to my cherished Avid Readers,  Fairy Godparents, Guardian Angels and Biggest Fans. 

Thank you for reading this forecast.



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