Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 3/4/2014: Saturn Retrograde

What’s the rush that gets you out of bed on the West Coast — or greets you at the office on the East Coast, as the “I fall down stairs because it’s faster than walking” Aries Moon faces off against warrior Mars at 9:44AM ET? You’re not on a collision course or — gawd forbid — feeling a tad impatient, are you? Chill out on a long West Coast coffee break or East Coast lunch between 12:31PM ET and 2:12PM ET, when the Moon is void of course.

The energy should feel noticeably slower and more grounded in the afternoon, when Moon enters placid Taurus and sets about building material security out of whatever inspiration hit you over the past few days. Healing, spirit (s), music, film and other intangibles grace the evening at 11:53PM ET, as the Moon cozies up to rose-colored Neptune. An evening of indulgence, indeed.

Meanwhile…Saturn turned retrograde on Sunday at 11:19AM ET. What does that suggest? Saturn is the planet of ambition and necessary controls/structure. When retrograde, this can put a damper — or a structural review — on some plans for expansion…at least until July 21st, when Saturn will once again be direct. Those who are likely to feel it the most are those born around the 11th of February, May, August and November…or who have a planet or angle at 23-24 degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio. Whatever squeeze you’ve been feeling since the beginning of 2014 will be back for a second adjustment for the next several week. The resolution of that squeeze will likely make itself known at the end of October.

If you don’t know where your planets and angles are, consider ordering an Astro-Basics Report. For even more juicy details, consider scheduling a personal astro-logical consultations. As one of my clients with Moon in Aries stated in a glowing testimonial, “It was all about ME!”  Well…of course!


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