Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 3/13/2012: I Am A Rock

You can bounce out of bed with the boundless enthusiasm suggested by Moon’s ingress into Sagittarius, a sign that has plenty to say and rarely has trouble saying it. Just ask Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich — who all have Moon in Sagittarius.  If you know someone with Moon in Sag who hasn’t found a sounding board for his or her opinion, he or she is probably not a very happy camper.

Use this lunar energy to broaden your horizons. Learn something new; get outdoors; wax philosophical. You may even have a change of perspective as Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, wraps up the third in a series of trines to powerful Pluto. This change of perspective may likely involve resources. The first trine was on July 7th; the second was on October 28th, and looking at past forecasts around those days we see — notably on October 28th, headlines announcing that European banks had agreed to “take a haircut” (actual wonky technical term) on the Greek debt. If you’ve been following this drama you know that a deal involving this haircut and subsequent Greek default was allegedly agreed to and set to close this week.  Amazing. Review these dates in your own personal world; perhaps there is an issue involving resources that has played out, too.

In other news, be mindful of a potential clash of wills when Mars in micro-managing Virgo clashes with the macro-managing Moon at 7:23PM ET (and with Mercury retrograde, be especially mindful on the roads). Depth of emotion and indulgence is suggested this evening, as loving Venus trines potent Pluto at 9:26PM ET, then cuddles** up with Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy at 1:54AM ET Tuesday. Will you have a second helping of dessert? Oh why not, and with whipped cream too. It could all be part of the seduction potential of an equally indulgent physical connection to macho Mars at 3:29AM ET, which in turn makes its own energetic trine with Jupiter at 5:51AM ET.

If you don’t have a partner to play with, hold your head high and project the convincing aura of self-sufficiency that usually blesses and curses those born with an Earth Grand Trine, as you loudly sing your theme song to no one in particular —  — with gratitude to Simon & Garfunkel.

Also in effect today is yet another trine that will be exact on Wednesday night  at 8:32PM ET — this one from Mars to ruthless Pluto at 8:32PM. This can add an intensely deep, edgy energy that runs with exceptional efficiency, barring any snafus and gaffes suggested by the challenge of mental Mercury retrograde in impulsive Aries. And challenges there will likely be toward the end of Wednesday, suggested by the Third Quarter Moon at 9:25PM ET.

Whew! Here’s to a creative and productive next two days — make the most of it!

**Yes, “cuddles”.  I read it in the Times — don’t forget to look up at the sky —

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