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Monday 6/27/2022: Sneak Peek at the Week; New Moon in Cancer; Neptune Goes Retrograde

Allll-righty then!

Moon is in Gemini, buzzing through the day with a need for information and communication. We are in the last days of the lunar cycle, potentially feeling listless or restless as we sense a New Moon is just around the corner, but do not know what it may bring. Other potentials on days with little light reflected by the Moon: meetings behind closed doors and other activities that fly under the radar. Here’s how the week goes:

  • MONDAY: “Dead moon” listlessness or restlessness notwithstanding, an easy flow between Mars and Saturn – exact at 6:28 PM ET —  supports turning Moon-in-Gemini ideas into authoritative action. This potential is echoed around 9:30 PM ET, when the Moon trines Saturn and sextiles Mars.  Such action may border on the visionary, foggy or surreal, reflecting 1) not just the Moon-Neptune square at 10:38 PM ET, but also…
  • TUESDAY: …2) Neptune turning retrograde at 3:54 AM ET until December 3rd. Retrograde planets offer opportunities to turn inward in matters symbolized by that planet. In your own personal world, Neptune may represent your beliefs, vision and faith. Neptune retrograde suggests it’s time to look inward for guidance in these areas — by becoming your own guru or savior instead of looking to an external entity. If you have planets or angles around 26 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini, you are more personally affected by this Neptune retrograde. Consult your local astrologer for details.
  • TUESDAY (CONT):  Moon enters Cancer at 7:53 AM ET, after being void for 9 hours and 15 minutes. A Cancer Moon shifts the focus to matters of emotional, home and family security. Are you standing on solid ground? Where is your home? Your family? Your ancestors? How are you being nourished and nurtured? How are you nourishing others? These questions (and actions taken in response) may feel especially BIG, reflecting the square between Sun and cosmic sugar daddy Jupiter, exact at 8:59 PM ET. At 10:43 PM ET, the Cancer Moon follows suit. Is there a jackpot in store for someone tonight? If you have planets around 8 degrees of just about any sign, but especially Aries, Cancer and Gemini, I wouldn’t stop you from buying a couple of lottery tickets. At 10:52 PM ET, the Cancer Moon meets up with the Cancer Sun, and the New Moon officially begins.

Here is the New Moon, set in Washington, D.C.:


  • The New Moon falls in the 5th house of the Washington, DC chart, putting its seed-planting potential in an area related to children, creative play and sexual/self-expression.
  • Venus (women, money, values, social expression) is at the root of the horoscope, in a nearly exact (at 11:51 PM ET), sextile with Jupiter. This is a rare cooperative alignment between two planets associated with fortune, benefactors and abundance. I’d say it reflects the upside potential of Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week.
  • Seeds planted now have tremendous force, suggested by the square between warrior Mars in Aries and Pluto (planet of extremes). We’ll see manifestations of the potential for ruthless physicality as we get closer to Friday, when that square will be exact.
  • Rebel Uranus exactly squares this chart’s 17 Aquarius Ascendant and the Part of Fortune. Sudden changes of fortune — for better or worse, would not be a surprise.
  • The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “rabbits dressed in clothes and on parade.” Astrologer James Burgess writes that these rabbits represent “modelling ourselves on a guide,” which is interesting, given that I just told you that Neptune turning retrograde suggests turning inward for guidance, not outward. Sabian Sage Blain Bovee has a positive take on this image of acting as if — i.e., acting as if what we believe is actually real. This supports the blaring car horn of Neptune (dreams, visions) at a virtual standstill, demanding our focus at this time. It also supports the dominant image of 2022, i.e., Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces, which also affirms the power of make-believe. Finally, it supports the potential of the December 21, 2020 Great Mutation of Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius, which argues for the power of mind over matter.
  • Bottom line: get creative this month. If a door is closed, try a window.

Back to the Forecast:

  • WEDNESDAY: Moon continues its sojourn through Cancer. The only exact aspect is a sextile between Moon and Uranus. Reach across the aisle; be innovative in your use of technology and other networks.
  • THURSDAY: Moon trines Neptune at 11:27 AM ET, pouring oil on troubled waters and facilitating dreams. The afternoon and evening offer a preview of Friday’s Mars-Pluto square, as the Moon squares Mars at 2:16 PM ET and opposes Pluto at 4:13 PM ET. Choose your battles carefully — then chill during the ensuing 4 1/2 hour void. That means roll with the twists and flakes that may disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line, and don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Avoid making important purchases. Moon enters Leo at 8:39 PM ET, ready to take the stage and/or party.
  • FRIDAY: The Leo Moon’s creative needs are supported by Jupiter in the morning (10:49 AM ET) and by Venus in the afternoon (a sextile is exact at 5:58 PM ET). That’s a nice build-up here in the United States as we head into another long summer holiday weekend. July 4th fireworks may come early, reflecting the explosive potential of the square between Mars and Pluto, exact at 10:13 PM ET. If you are in a crowd or on the road, be mindful of your surroundings. If you’re running a marathon on that day, you’ll likely have access to an abundance of physical energy.
  • SATURDAY: A surprise or other upset to the status quo is likely, as Moon squares rebel Uranus at 8:21 AM ET. Saturday afternoon offers a challenge for those seeking clear direction, as Mercury – how we need to think – is in a tense pattern with Neptune – planet of vision and fog. This could be a set-up for an authority figure to dissipate clouds and take control, as Moon opposes Saturn at 9:54 PM ET.
  • SUNDAY: Walking and talking are supported overnight and in the morning, as Mercury sextiles Moon at 12:42 AM ET and Mars trines Moon at 5:58 AM ET. After a 2 1/2 hour void, Moon enters Virgo, ready to put everything back in order.

And now, the news.

Welp.  I told you that last week was not only a turning point – marked by the Summer Solstice – but also a potential tipping point – not unlike the collapse of an ice shelf into the ocean…just like that. In Afghanistan, it was a 5.9 earthquakewhich, despite its relatively small magnitude, was devastating nonetheless — and Scientific American explains why.

Here in the United States, a majority of justices on the Supreme Court threw stare decisis out the window and declared that the freedom women have had for the past 50 years to make reproductive health care choices for themselves is no longer protected by the Constitution. This is the first time SCOTUS has ever taken away a right it has previously granted — and if one takes Clarence Thomas’ concurring opinion seriously, it is just getting started. As Heather Cox Richardson explains (her full post is here):

The Dobbs decision marks the end of an era: the period in American history stretching from 1933 to 1981, the era in which the U.S. government worked to promote democracy. It tried to level the economic playing field between the rich and the poor by regulating business and working conditions. It provided a basic social safety net through programs like Social Security and Medicare and, later, through food and housing security programs. It promoted infrastructure like electricity and highways, and clean air and water, to try to maintain a basic standard of living for Americans. And it protected civil rights by using the Fourteenth Amendment, added to the U.S. Constitution in 1868, to stop states from denying their citizens the equal protection of the laws.

1933 to 1981 is interesting astrologically. Around 1933 is when transiting Pluto was in Cancer, conjunct the U.S. Mercury (how we need to think) and close to an opposition with Pluto. Around 1981 is when transiting Pluto was close to a square to the U.S. Mercury-Pluto opposition. Now we have transiting Pluto conjunct the U.S. Pluto — aka the U.S. Pluto Return.  See a pattern here? Big swing in one direction (U.S. government worked to promote democracy) after 1933; big swing in the opposite direction (Reaganomics and drowning the government in a bathtub) after 1981. Here we are in 2022, a couple of weeks away from the second of three hits of the U.S. Pluto Return (the third one is in December), and we are poised to swing again. Will we swing left or even farther right, hmm? That is the big question. And by the way, 1868 was another big Pluto phase in the U.S. horoscope, as I explain in this post from January.


I need to stop writing and ship this forecast now — because I’m serving as a poll worker in a primary election here in New York. My call time is 5 AM, and it’s a 17 hour shift. I’ve learned so much and It’s so much fun to help people be part of the democratic process — and make them feel good about doing it.   Every vote counts!

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Stay tuned for continuing updates on the astonishing synchronicity of planetary patterns and the news. Astrology is amazing.

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