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Monday 8/8/2022: Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon in Aquarius; Mars on the March & More

Alllll-righty then!

This week is HOT — and here are the highlights:

  • Venus opposes Pluto on Tuesday
  • Full Moon in Aquarius on Thursday
  • Venus enters Leo on Thursday
  • Mars sextiles Neptune on Thursday
  • Mars activates the May 16th eclipse on Thursday
  • Sun opposes Saturn on Sunday
  • Mars trines Pluto on Sunday

In case you haven’t heard, a five-minute video sneak peek of this written Sneak Peek at the Week is posted on Sunday. It’s called the Whether Forecast, and it’s a segment in Avid Reader Alison’s nifty podcast, 2022: The Year of Love. Have it delivered to your inbox here.

Here’s how the week goes:

  • MONDAY:  Note your dreams, as the Moon goes void on a square to Neptune at 6:30 AM ET. Then, take it slow. Moon will be void until 2:38 PM ET.  If you’re not familiar with the term “Moon void, here’s a lengthy primer. The short version is that we have a higher potential for twists and flakes that may disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line. Your mission is to roll with the twists and flakes, without making a mountain out of a molehill. Remember that crises which crop up during Moon voids are usually much ado about nothing, often resolved as soon as the Moon regains its focus when it enters the next sign. Today that next sign is Capricorn, driving the next couple of days with a need to get the job done, whatever the job happens to be. Watch for significant news in publishing, courts and sports, as Moon trines Mercury and squares Jupiter early Tuesday morning. Also note the potential for emotional extremes in matters of money, women, aesthetics and social expression that have been at play in the cosmic sandbox over the past few days. That extreme is reflected by an opposition between Venus and Pluto, exact at 1:17 AM ET on …
  • TUESDAY: Fun fact: that Venus-Pluto opposition forms a Grand Cross with VP Kamala Harris’ natal Libra Sun and Aries Moon. This suggests empowerment, and yesterday, she got to preside over the Senate and cast the tie-breaking vote in favor of the Inflation Reduction Act, enabling the bill to pass. Pretty empowering, yes? What can you accomplish on this Tuesday, perhaps incorporating a bit of technology and unconventional alliances in your strategy (reflecting the Moon’s trine to Uranus at 8:57 PM ET)?
  • WEDNESDAY: We get a sneak peek of the seductive charm and/or cooperative peaceful healing of a sextile between Mars and Neptune, exact on Thursday. Today’s sneak peek reflects the Capricorn Moon as it trines Mars at 5:12 AM ET and then sextiles Neptune 90 minutes later. A power play or catharsis may arise around 9:44 AM ET, as Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto.  A clash of values may be illuminated around 12:39 PM ET, as Moon opposes Venus. Chill during the ensuing Moon void. At 2:44 PM ET, Moon enters Aquarius, now focused on winning appreciation for unique social significance – especially within the context of one or more groups. It’s a good time for networking and connecting with friends and other like-minded souls. Meanwhile, there’s a buzz in the air, reflecting a truckload of action on…
  • THURSDAY: First, the Leo Sun is squared by Uranus at 8:53 AM ET. What surprising revelation or other disruption involving heads of state and business may occupy the morning? Maybe some of the jobs that were supposed to get done when the Moon was in Capricorn won’t get done at all, thanks to a group of revolting peasants. Watch the news for the usual Sun-Uranus headlines: tech advances, genetic mutations, astrology, aviation, seismic activity, revolutions.
  • THURSDAY: Second, at 2:30 PM ET, Venus – which refers to who, what and how we need to love – leaves Cancer and enters Leo. This shift adds drama in social expression, and some of it may be irresistibly seductive and show-stopping over the next couple of days, thanks to input from the aforementioned Mars-Neptune sextile, which is exact at 5:44 PM ET. I would love to hear some uplifting news about the imprisoned  (in Russia) WNBA star Brittney Griner, but methinks it may be too soon. That being said, we are still likely to hear news of a sudden break as the Aquarius Moon is squared by rebel Uranus at 8:47 PM ET.
  • THURSDAY: Third, the Full Moon in Aquarius is exact at 9:35 PM ET, suggesting an illumination and release as the needs of the collective – the Aquarius Moon – opposes the ego drive of fearless leaders – represented by the Leo Sun.

Here is what that looks like, set in Washington, D.C.:


  • Neptune is right on the Ascendant in this chart, shrouding our national perspective in pixie-dusted inspiration, or perhaps a bewildering fog. With Neptune, clarity can be challenging.
  • The Sun-Moon opposition falls in the 12th and 6th houses, focusing on workers, health and cooperative systems of process (all of these are 6th house) vs. closed-door meetings, hidden enemies and possible self-undoing (that’s the 12th house).
  • After being jolted by contact with Uranus, both Sun and Moon will next connect with Saturn, seeking to structure and control whatever upsets just occurred.
  • Mars will next trine Pluto (exact on Sunday), suggesting empowered physical force. This Mars is now at 25 Taurus, thus triggering three lunar eclipses that fell at 25-27 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. Those eclipses happened on May 16th of this year, November 19th of last year and on August 15, 2016, as you can see here.  When an eclipse is activated by a transiting planet, we often see a surge of bottle-necked energy, as if a genie pops out of a bottle – or a curtain falls. With Mars being the trigger for the eclipse, we anticipate a surge of assertion/action, for better or worse. Horoscopes are personally affected by the triggering of these eclipses  include the former guy (Midheaven at 24 Taurus; Mars and Ascendant at 26 and 29 Leo); Jimmy Carter (Mars at 25 Aquarius); Bill Clinton (Sun at 26 Leo); Alex Jones (Sun-Jupiter); Michael Bloomberg (Sun at 25 Aquarius); Terry Gilliam (24 Leo Moon); Nancy Pelosi (27 Leo ASC); President Biden (Sun-Venus at 27-28 Scorpio) Mitch McConnell (26 Taurus Uranus) — and many more I can’t remember off the top of my head. Oh — the United States is affected, as it has Moon at 27 Aquarius (using a birth time of 5:10 PM on 7/4/1776).
  • The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon in Aquarius are a repeat of the Leo Full Moon of February 2020, only reversed. They are (for the Aquarius Moon) “a big white dove, a message bearer” and (for the Leo Sun) “Zuni Sun worshippers.” As usual we turn to Sabian Symbol guru Blaine Bovee for additional insight, who notes this image is “one of communication borne by a creature of the sky; a peaceful message from a heavenly source.”  Politically, Bovee notes that white is a “conservative” color — as opposed to the “fiery” hue of “radical inclinations.” Spiritually, Bovee associates white with “purity.”  And then, just to confuse everyone, he notes that “white” can in fact be burning — as in “white-hot” or cool, refreshing and pure as the driven snow.
  • The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 20 Leo refers to a small Native American tribe in western New Mexico. Ritual is of extreme importance to the Zuni, says Bovee. Fun facts: he also says that the Zuni believe there are “two types of men: sun-baked and un-baked.” Are the sun-baked men orange? (NB: I typed that line before news of the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago made headlines). Bovee doesn’t say. Meanwhile, Bovee notes that the Zuni language is not related to any other Native American language. “It is as if it were created  from divine communication.”
  • How are we to apply these Symbols? What might we see reflected in the headlines? On the upside, Bovee suggests “genius that finds the sacred everywhere…listening for unique language; messages of relief precipitated by intense, burning reverence.” Also to the upside: “a strong sense of community.” On the down side: intense extremes…and “affinities for a host of world-religion motifs.”
  • You are more personally affected by the illumination potential of this Full Moon if you have planets or angles around 20 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Consult your local astrologer for details.

Back to the forecast for the week:

  • FRIDAY: Moon meets up with Saturn at 1:58 AM ET, squares Mars at 7:06 AM ET and then goes void. Note that Mars is conjunct the fixed star Capulus, associated with a potentially noxious expression of macho aggression, for better or worse. The Moon’s meet-up with Saturn suggests a need to structure or control the break-ups of yesterday, and we will see more of that controlling initiative on Sunday, as the Sun makes its annual opposition with Saturn. Meanwhile, find a productive use for the physical energy of the morning’s Moon-Mars square, and chill during the Moon void, which lasts until 2:44 PM ET. That’s when the Moon enters Pisces, driving most of the weekend with a need for sensitivity and empathy, so we can process this week’s happenings.
  • SATURDAY: the sentimental Pisces Moon clashes with Virgo Mercury’s insistence on accurate details at 3:01 PM ET. Plans to gather with friends are supported in the evening by the Moon’s sextile with Uranus at 9:49 PM ET.
  • SUNDAY: begins with a dreamy meet-up between the Moon and Neptune, so yes, note your dreams. Whomever is inspired to take action this morning has the intuitive potential of the Pisces Moon at their back, as Moon sextiles Mars and Pluto around 11 AM ET. At 11:10 AM ET, Moon goes void for 5 1/2 hours — time to chill and refrain from making impulse purchases. At 1:10 PM ET, Sun opposes Saturn, reflecting news of cuts, losses, death, ambitious advances and controls — often on the part of leaders of state and business. Here an example from a Sun-Saturn opposition in 2018.   Moon enters Aries at 4:42 PM ET, looking to get something started — and noticed! That drive is backed by a trine between Mars and Pluto at 5:28 PM ET, suggesting an easy flow of aggression action in the extreme, possibly involving a power play.  Note that Mars is approaching a conjunction with the fixed star Algol — exact on MONDAY — and associated with losing one’s head. Coming so close to the opposition between the Sun (leaders) and Saturn (cuts and losses), it would not be unreasonable to expect stories of some “losing their head” — metaphorically or otherwise.

Here’s how all this stacks up in Beth Owl’s Daughter’s always-in-sync Tarot Card of the Week.  “The Razor’s Edge” are apt words for the current tug of war between Saturn (old guard) and Uranus (avant garde) as they prepare for their final square off in October!

And now, the news.

Much of what happened last week was discussed in the recording of Episode 14 of “Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast,” which my colleague Whitney Fishburn and I recorded this afternoon. It will be released on Friday (we drop a new episode every two weeks), and if you don’t want to miss it, sign up here to have it delivered to your emailbox  We also talked about what we expect to happen this week, and some of it is happening right now.

Exhibit A: transiting Mars is working like clockwork as it activates the former guy’s eclipsed 24 Taurus Midheaven. Mars is at 23 Taurus today and will be exact on his 24 Taurus MC on August 10th. Transiting Mars squares his Mars on August 14th and his 29 Leo Ascendant on August 20th. Avid Readers were alerted to the potential for significant provocation at this time, such as:

Exhibit B: transiting Mars also squared Breonna Taylor’s natal Mars and opposed her natal Pluto. Her “provocation” came in the form of federal charges against the four police officers who raided her home and killed her. See? A transit involving Mars and/or Pluto doesn’t have to be “bad.” And the horoscope lives forever, doncha’ know — and here’s my article on that subject from 2016Heather Cox Richardson has all the details explaining why these federal charges are so important, given that Kentucky state authorities failed to hold the officers accountable.

Exhibit C: transiting Mars opposed U.S Attorney General Merrick Garland’s 21 Scorpio Sun last week and is squaring his 23 Leo Pluto today. Thanks to Exhibits A and B, we can C how transiting Mars translated into a call to action!

Exhibit D: Alex Jones, whose horoscope I’d never looked at until a few days ago, has Mercury in Pisces square Neptune in Sagittarius. That would be a wonderful placement for an actor or visionary artist, but in the hands of a serial liar and conspiracy theorist, it’s downright dangerous. Jones has Mars at 21 Taurus squaring his oh-so-grand Sun-Jupiter conjunction at 22-24 Aquarius, and transiting Saturn is putting a hard reality check on those three planets.  His Moon might be in Libra (we don’t have a birth time) and could be conjunct Uranus and square his natal Venus, which is retrograde in Capricorn. Transiting Pluto is engaged with that trio. Point is, the horoscope is hot — which is why he was in court last week, where he learned to his surprise that his own attorney had accidentally sent two years worth of phone records to the prosecuting attorney!!!!  Please let Heather Cox Richardson fill you in on even more stunning details.

Exhibit E: Hungarian PM “Viktor Orban turns Texas conference (CPAC) into far-right love-in.”  Orban has a stubbornly militant t-square among Mars, Saturn and Mercury — with all three planets activated by transiting Mars. It’s worth noting that one of his longstanding advisors — Zsuzsa Hegeddus — resigned at the end of July, “in protest at ‘a pure Nazi speech’ the Hungarian prime minister gave that was ‘worthy of Goebbels,‘” reports The Guardian.

In other news…

Chuck Schumer’s horoscope is basking in the empowering potential of transiting Pluto on his Ascendant, sweetened by transiting Venus on his Descendant. Yesterday, after the Senate pulled an all-nighter, Democrats pushed and shoved their way into a 50-50 vote on the Inflation Reduction Act, and — as mentioned earlier — VP Kamala Harris — also impacted by the Venus-Pluto opposition — cast the tie-breaking vote. What’s in it for you? An extension of Affordable Care Act subsidies for the next three years, for one. A $35 dollar per month insulin cap for those on Medicare — but not for everyone else, thanks to Republicans who voted it down. This sweeping bill includes investment in combating climate change, renewable energy and raising funds through mandatory taxation of billion-dollar corporations. Read all about it here — and mourn the fact that initiatives that would have made life easier for women and families ended up on the cutting room floor.

Yes, this past week was just filled with surprises and upsets:


Is your horoscope hot right now? What do all these planetary patterns mean for you? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. We will have a fine discussion together.

Thank you for reading this forecast.