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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/21/2013: More Water, Water; Shades of Rose

More of the same from yesterday, only on the other side of the dreamy vision suggested by the soulful meet-up between the Sun and nebulous Neptune at 2:19AM ET. While you are sleeping there may be a power play or other emotional catharsis as the sensitive Moon is challenged by ruthless Pluto at 3:43AM ET.

Efforts to secure your home, family and foundation are favored all day, thanks for supportive contacts to the Moon from disciplined Saturn, proactive Mars and mental Mercury. Get it signed, sealed and delivered by 9:08PM ET, when the Moon goes void for a long rest…not to enter Leo until 5:12PM ET on Friday. Anyone got a long weekend planned?

Friendly reminder: back up your computer and smart phones NOW. Mercury goes retrograde Saturday at 4:41AM ET (another reason to sign documents now…or wait until after March 17th, when Mercury turns direct).

And now, the news. In honor of the plethora of planets in Pisces, here are a few Fish-themed headlines. First, did you know that Pisces rules the 12th house of a natal chart. This refers to secret enemies, retreats, things buried in our subconscious (“the self undoing”) and all the other stuff we sweep under a rug or otherwise confine.  Hospitals and prisons fall into this category; here’s a fascinating story about the latter, if you want to know a well-kept secret about our exploding prison population. Suffering, martyrdom and victimization are Pisces themes, too. And Pisces feels it all so deeply. No wonder they have a reputation for being so melancholy.

I don’t know if this qualifies as the rose-colored vision suggested by Sun conjunct Neptune,  but it certainly is a new vision: Google glasses  — the ones that let you access the Internet while you are looking straight ahead, walking and presumably chewing gum at the same time — are in the news again. I first read about these last summer in Physics of the Future — an absolute must-read book, because the future is happening faster than you think.

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to REview your life in a personal astro-logical consultation, especially if you have not done so in over a year.