Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/4/2012: Full Moon and Eclipse in Sagittarius

Today’s Full Moon is exact at 7:12AM ET — and it is also a lunar eclipse. Remember that eclipses act as bottlenecks of energy, and wherever it falls in your horoscope is where you may have an illuminating experience, once the bottleneck is released. An old wives’ tale recommends eating potatoes during a lunar eclipse as a way to keep you grounded. Planetary patterns do suggest that passions may run high today, and a little earth could keep you from being swept up in the mind trip of another  — or becoming engaged in a highly charged, yet fruitless debate.

If you’re a regular reader of this forecast, you know that Full Moons shine a spotlight on the agenda that was set at the New Moon (in this case, on May 20th — click on the link to review it). Notice that the challenge was to create visionary and revolutionary ways of thinking and communicating. With Venus retrograde, a special attention to graciousness and courtesy in our social interactions was also required, overriding any rude, inconsiderate — or even worse, base and/or degenerate — urges we might have. An extreme example of an Epic Fail in this area would be the five truly creepy reports of cannibalism that have allegedly made headlines recently — and you couldn’t pay me to actually read these articles — or even link them here.  But these reports  do send a clear message of the collective need for greater respect and care in our dealings with others, wouldn’t you say? What’s going on in your life right now that reflects that challenge?

The Full Moon falls at 15 degrees of Gemini-Sagittarius. If you’ve got a major point or planet on either of those degrees — or at 15 Virgo-Pisces, you’ll be feeling the pull of this eclipse more than the rest of us. The Sabian Symbols for these degrees also refer to  communication and understanding. First, for 15 Gemini: “two Dutch children talking”, which suggests a need for clarification and being mindful of coded language or other doublespeak. Second, for 15 Sagittarius, “the groundhog looking for its shadow”, which suggests a need for reassurance in one’s understanding of whatever is being said. From Blain Bovee’s most excellent treatise on Sabian Symbols we note that the groundhog may represent looking for a sign of things to come. The sign — whatever it is — will reassure us that we are on the right path and we will all feel so much better.

Well guess what? On this day with this 15 Gemini-Sagittarius degree prominent, Neptune, which refers to intuition (among other things) turns retrograde until November 10. Retrograde planets suggest we become more introspective in whatever area of life they rule. So this is a good time to turn inwards for all those signs we’re seeking. And if you’re not sure of the path you’re on, or if you just need some support because you’ve hit a bumpy stretch in the road, give me a call and we’ll schedule a session that is both clarifying and reassuring.








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