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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday-Saturday 7/4-6/2013: State of Independence?

Happy 4th of July!

As of 5:22AM ET, Moon entered information junkie Gemini, suggesting a driving need for communication, diversification and entertainment over the next few days. Exact planetary patterns are relatively light; we are at the end of the lunar cycle; Mercury is very much retrograde. It’s a perfect time to relax and review the progress you made on your New Moon intentions. Wrap things up and contemplate your  To-Do List for the next New Moon, which occurs at 3:14 AM ET on Monday — in Cancer. The next lunar cycle begins on the day that Saturn — planet of structure and discipline — turns direct after almost five months of being retrograde; that is significant (stay tuned).

Today we are processing the fallout of the exact square between the Sun and rebel Uranus at 2:22AM ET. A challenge between the clever Moon and nebulous Neptune at 3:50PM ET, followed by a communicative and pleasant connection between Moon and loving Venus (in drama queen Leo) just before midnight suggests a day of dreamy buzz. Artists, healers and visionaries — especially those near a podium — could really dig it.

Friday’s patterns are even lighter. The need for information continues, supported in the early AM by flash of insight, courtesy of technogeek Uranus. And…that’s it. Moon goes void of course on Saturday at 8:30AM on a provocative verbal hook-up with aggressive Mars. Be mindful of that aspect if you are considering getting into an argument or behind the wheel of a car. The ten-hour Moon void, combined with Mercury retrograde, increases the probability for communication and transportation snafus.

At 6:14PM ET on Saturday, Moon enters Cancer, suggesting a need to focus on home, family, Mom and whatever makes us feel emotionally secure. Indulgence and exuberance is a strong potential for the evening, courtesy of a hook-up between Moon and Jupiter at 11:21PM ET.  Consider socializing outside your usual haunts for the next couple of days. An easy connection between Venus (arts, women, money) and unconventional Uranus (exact Sunday around 8PM) suggests profit and enjoyment can be found off the beaten path.

And now, the news…in astro-logical perspective. But first, a re-cap of two planetary patterns pulling big focus right now:

1) the on-going square between rebel Uranus in me-me-me firebrand Aries and transformational Pluto in “the Establishment” Capricorn. This brings back themes of revolution that were hot in the mid-60s and the mid-30s. We can expect battles for equality and freedom, as well as an exposure of what is rotten and decayed in our infrastructure. When Uranus and Pluto clash, history shows we can expect the status quo to be disrupted and/or overturned. This pattern is in effect until early 2016.

2) a Grand Trine among Jupiter (expansion, reward, beliefs of the masses) in Cancer (homeland), Saturn (necessary controls, business, patriarchy) in Scorpio (shared resources, including sexual energy and its consequences; debt — karmic and/or financial; death), Neptune (diffusion, delusion, dissolution; the dream) in Pisces (empathy, at-one-ment). So what’s a Grand Trine, other than a pattern that looks like an equilateral triangle? As I learned from Noel Tyl, in an individual horoscope, a Grand Trine suggests a defensive patterns of self-containment. It doesn’t need anything from anybody; abundance is likely easy to manifest or act “as if”. I’ve read many times that Grand Trines are considered “lucky”; I’ve also read that they are often seen in the horoscope of serial killers. Perhaps the luck of a Grand Trine entity happens because it refuses to be bound by the constraints of law; it does what it wants and assumes it will be successful. It operates as “a law unto itself”.

Which brings me to Egypt. As you may have heard, with the Sun engaged with the Uranus-Pluto square, Egypt’s president was arrested and deposed, and the Constitution was suspended. But despite millions of Egyptians protesting in the streets, the president was not dragged out of his home by a  mob of average citizens. He was deposed by the military. And in light of the “law unto itself” Grand Trine, it was intriguing to see this op-ed on the Egyptian military’s agenda in this morning’s paper. Which led me to wonder about other organizations in other nations that may have power, influence and privilege, but no accountability or visibility as governing authorities. Here’s another op-ed by an average citizen, defending the military’s actions. Might we expect more power plays as July continues?

In your own personal world, if you have a planet or angle around 4-7 degrees of any sign, it’s making contact with this Grand Water Trine. Wherever that point falls in your horoscope is where you may make strong advancements, or download a treasure trove of information and insight, courtesy of your supercharged intuition. If the affected point is in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, the pressure for advancement, stemming from a feeling of lack, may be especially strong.

Back to the news. In Bolivia, President Evo Morales has returned home after his unplanned layover in Vienna, allegedly because his plane was denied access to airspace over France, Spain and Portugal. Why? Because it was rumored that Edward Snowden was on board — and naturally all of this meshuga happened in a void of course Moon and Mercury retrograde. Rumors do tend to fly under these conditions; really, dear Readers, do not take everything you hear at face value. Dig for details. Also be advised that efforts to move forward in a straight line are often subject to unexpected twists and delays. I rest my case.

Meanwhile, Jupiter (liver) at the Aries Point (prominence) was reflected in yet another headline which offers hope for those who may one day need a transplant. Last, but not least — a bit of news from this week’s T-square among Uranus (revelation; outer space) square Pluto (Pluto) square Sun (identity): two of Pluto’s moons have now been named. Huzzah!