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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/20/2011

While you were sleeping, Moon entered the high-flying sign of Sagittarius at 2:50AM EDT, offering a break in the intensity of the last two days. Note your dreams upon waking; nebulous Neptune and erratic Uranus may have taken you on quite a trip during those precious REM moments.

Sun leaves pioneering Aries for the security-conscious, stabilizing sign of Taurus the Bull at 6:18AM EDT, where it immediately stops to smell the flowers in the meadow and think of giving form to artistic and/or spiritual endeavors. Why? A communicative connection between Sun and Neptune in Pisces, that’s why. And the artistry and spirit manifested over the next few days may be quite innovative, surprising and unconventional, suggested by loving Venus fast approaching a hook-up to quirky, weird, “out of the blue” Uranus on Friday. If you meet a new romantic prospect under this influence, the attraction is bound to be electric.

Be advised that the Moon goes void Thursday at 12:57PM EDT. If you need to ship something of consequence, do it before then.