Wednesday 6/26/24: It’s Debatable

This post was updated after the debate on my Substack site, and again on June 29th

I’ve been asked by Avid Readers what astrology has to say about the planned joint TV appearance of President Biden and convicted felon/adjudicated rapist Donald Trump. Since you asked…

Astrology has plenty to say, and we can’t possibly cover all of it. But if you are an astro-nerd and appreciate an academic approach, we can look at the chart for the scheduled start of the show at 9 PM ET in Atlanta to get a sense of this moment in time:


  • This moment in time reflects developments in the chart of the Biden-Harris inauguration. Thus it is fascinating that Mars is right on the Ascendant of the inauguration chart. This suggests provocative action, assertion and/or attacks. Mars is in Taurus, where it is considered to be debilitated, i.e., not on its best behavior…as in…a possible bull in a china shop.
  • The root of the “debate” chart is 29 Aries. That is where the Moon was on Inauguration Day, and it is where Mars was on January 6th. Coincidence or conspiracy? Biden’s Moon, FYI, is 0 degrees Taurus.
  • Pluto is verrrrry close to an exact conjunction to the Sun in the Inauguration Day horoscope. Pluto on the Sun suggests empowerment, break down and/or transformation. Resistance is futile. More on Pluto in a minute.
  • President Biden is the defending champion in this chart; the convicted felon is the challenger. Biden is represented by the Moon in Pisces, ruler of the 7th house. If this were a chart for a trial, the Moon would represent the jury, a.k.a. The People. So…Biden and The People are one and the same. That would bode well for Biden. Moon in Pisces needs to work with ideals, healing and empathy. It understands the nature of sacrifice. Moon is on the cusp of the 3rd house, where it is said to be “in joy”. Astrologer Demetra George notes that  “the Moon in her joy has the power, resilience, and ability to survive hardship…”  Moon’s next aspect is a sextile to Uranus, suggesting an easy, friendly flow of innovative communication and cooperation, seeking to bring a multitude of factions together. We’ll see that vibe throughout the whole broadcast, but it affects Biden more personally, since he is represented in this chart by the Moon.
  • Note that the 7th house has Venus and the Sun right on its cusp (the Descendant). Venus is the ruler of the 10th house; if this were a chart for a court case, Venus would represent the judge. We’d argue that the judge would be in the defendant’s corner, especially since Venus is in Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. Venus is considered to be a fortunate planet, so this is a good sign for Biden.
  • The convicted felon is represented by Saturn, also in Pisces. The best thing anyone (i.e., astrologer Michael Lutin), ever said about Saturn is Pisces is that its strategy for success is to turn its suffering into an art form. Has anyone suffered as much — and whinged more about it — than Donald John Trump? Saturn is in the 2nd house — of money, values, and self-worth. Saturn in the 2nd often reflects anxiety about never having enough of those three things, and aptly reflects the title of Mary L. Trump’s book about her uncle’s upbringing, Too Much and Never Enough.
  • Saturn is in a supportive –albeit not immediate — alignment with that badly behaving Mars in Taurus, which we see in the 4th house — the homeland. It also receives some measure of (not immediate) support from Venus, and we’ll have to see how that manifests on stage tomorrow night.
  • Both Saturn and the Moon in this chart are peregrine, which adds a bit of a “wild card” factor. It supports what some have said about whether it is in either party’s best interest to participate in this contest. And yet…we saw the astro-logic of the timing when we looked at the chart for the Inauguration!
  • Moon is moving away from Saturn; there’s no approaching connection between them. Both are under the thumb of Jupiter. Why? Because in traditional astrology, Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces. In this chart, Jupiter is in Gemini in the 5th house. Jupiter refers to the media and the ability to influence the collective mindset (through education, philosophy, dogma, etc.). CNN is the media, and they are controlling the terms of this contest, right? Jupiter refers to expansion, exuberance and braggadocio. Jupiter has some measure of functionality in Gemini tomorrow night, by virtue of the fact that it seems to be in the right place at the right time, and that it is fearfully focused on the Gemini need to be the smartest, most informed person in the room. Jupiter in the 5th house suggests a need for a stage on which to shine, for the purpose of entertainment. Seriously, the 5th house is the house of fun and games, sporting events, and gambles. It reflects the breathless media/pundit speculation on “who will win” this contest, without deeply considering the Big Picture. Right? Jupiter in Gemini blows up trivia, not overarching philosophy, which is what is at stake. Do you know what Project 2025 is? Here is attorney Joyce Vance to explain it to you.
  • Neptune is at the verrrry end of Pisces, on the cusp of the 3rd house. Neptune refers to vision, healing, dementia, and drugs. The 3rd house refers to how we think and communicate. There’s been malicious talk of Biden being pumped up on drugs, notably from demoted-from-admiral-to-captain Ronny Jackson, who was demoted for abusing alcohol, Ambien, and female staff while overseeing the White House pharmacy.  There have been observations from concerned mental health professionals about the convicted felon’s persistent word salads. It’s interesting that in the language of modern astrology, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. Therefore, modern astrologers would argue that the performance of Biden and the convicted felon will somehow be subject to Neptune’s standards, not Jupiter’s.
  • Pluto is in the 1st house — power, resources and it squares the Midheaven of this debate chart. In traditional astrology, Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius, where Pluto now sits. So we see how the challenger/convicted felon — represented by Saturn — has some influence over the power play Pluto represents to the leadership and core foundation of our nation. Not that this is telling us anything we didn’t already know…but astrology gives us confirmation.
  • At 10:30 PM ET — the scheduled end of this event, Pluto will have just crossed the Ascendant and Uranus will almost be exactly at the bottom of the chart. Could be a bit explosive, as we near the end….and in the moments after 10:30 PM ET.
  • I’ll be interested to see what’s going on around 9:49 PM ET, as this looks like an especially provocative moment.

There are plenty of other patterns we could look at in this chart, e.g., midpoints and such…but what’s going on in the horoscopes of President Biden and CF/AR DJT?

First, President Biden will have just received an exact opposition to his Mars from transiting Mars, which my computer software interprets as

“Strong survival instincts. Self-preservation, often at any cost. Assertive and aggressive behavior. Competition with others. Direct action and communication — lack of diplomacy.”

Biden has Mars in Scorpio — square Pluto and the Sun/Moon midpoint. These patterns are highly effective in any competition or crusade. Any buzz he’s accused of having is not from drugs (sorry,  Captain Jackson (USN-ret), but the electrifying potential of transiting Uranus opposing his Sun-Venus conjunction. Now — and into 2025 — is the time for fiercely individualistic expression. President Biden may also reap the reward potential of transiting Jupiter conjunct his Saturn, which expands ambition and authority.

As for the Other Guy, please review the forecast written for this Friday for insights on his Mercury (how he needs to think and communicate) and Saturn (controls, karma, authority). Meanwhile, he’s also processing the high-voltage buzz of transiting Uranus — squaring his Mars and conjunct his Midheaven (professional status). Daring assertions — to the point of recklessness — would not be surprising…

…and speaking of daring assertions and recklessness, astrologer Jennifer Van Bergen says she’s located a birth date for Aileen Cannon, the judge who’s doing her best to make sure that the man who appointed her at the very end of his term doesn’t have to stand trial for taking truckloads of classified documents from the White House. Have you seen the latest photos?!?!?  

Cannon has a square between Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Scorpio. This suggests a stubborn application of assertive energy, and yes, potential recklessness. Like her client, the man who appointed her, transiting Uranus will be activating her Mars (on July 3rd), and transiting Mars will follow suit the week after Bastille Day. Could be exciting.

In other news…

With Venus (women, money, arts, worth) in Cancer, it is focused on matters of home and family security. Today Venus is at the Bendings (the North and South Node);  i.e., between a rock and a hard place. Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) is also in Cancer and today it was trine Saturn (symbol of controls, authority, mortality). Early this morning, historian Heather Cox Richardson reported that...

A study published yesterday in the pediatrics journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA Pediatrics) shows that the idea of returning women to roles as wives and mothers by banning abortion has, in Texas, driven infant death rates 12.9% higher. The rest of the country saw an increase of 1.8%. Infant deaths from congenital anomalies increased almost 23% in Texas while they decreased for the rest of the nation, showing that the abortion ban is forcing women to carry to term fetuses that could not survive.

When the Texas ban went into effect, Governor Greg Abbott said there was no need to make an exception for rape, because Texas was going to “eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas.” Instead, in a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers estimated that in the 16 months after the Texas ban, 26,313 rape-related pregnancies occurred in the state.

And then there was this:

  • “Conservative lawmakers are pushing for an end to no-fault divorce — which benefits wealthy men because it is usually the wife who files for a no-fault divorce. This story, along with the ones above are apt for this week’s sextile between Venus (women) in Cancer and Mars (men) in Taurus. It’s a cooperative alignment, you see. The planets may represent two parties coming together. But Mars is in Taurus — stubbornly possessive and not on its best behavior. Who wants to connect with that?!

In other news…

UPDATE: on Julian Assange — written about many times here throughout the years. Around February I noted that transiting Uranus was hot in his horoscope.  Translation: themes of freedom and a geographic relocation.  So when it was reported back then that there was talk of a possible deal that could lead to a release, I could see the astro-logic. Oh…but there is still a bigger pattern at play here! In June of 2012, Assange sought asylum in Ecuadoran embassy in London. I wrote extensively about his horoscope in July, noting the potential for good fortune we could see around August 28, 2012. When Ecuador announced in August that it would make a decision on whether it would grant Assange’s request, I wrote:

 Let the astro-logical record show that in contrast to utterly bewildering patterns currently active in his horoscope, on August 28th there will be an exact measurement involving the Sun and the Midheaven (public status) that usually accompanies major success and recognition. That measurement would be in effect a few months before and after August 28th.

Ecuador granted him asylum!! And guess what measurement was exact on June 17, 2024, “coinciding” with his release? A measurement involving the Midheaven and the Sun that only happens once in a lifetime, like the measurement Assange had in 2012! And now, Assange is home in Australia, “a free man.”   Whatever you may think of Julian Assange, astrology is amazing.


Barbara Walters just had a lesser version of what went down in Julian Assange’s horoscope. Yesterday, with the Sun exactly on her Midheaven, Variety announced:

Ms. Walters passed away in 2022, but her horoscope is still functioning as designed. The horoscope lives FOREVER…

…and this concludes my 10-hour workday. Huzzah!

If you’d like to know when your horoscope is due for a dose of well-deserved recognition, consider booking a personal consultation.  Here’s the 411.

Thank you for reading, liking, sharing, and supporting this forecast.



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