Tuesday 6/27/17: Late Sneak Peek at the Week: Mercury in Focus; Cosmic Music

Calling all Avid Readers in Los Angeles! I am pleased to say I will packing my suitcase and heading West next week. Will be available for in-person consultations from July 11th through July 17th. I have more Avid Readers in California than any other state. Contact me and we’ll make a time to meet! Always available for consultations by phone to those living outside the Southland.

As noted in the last forecast, Mercury (mindset, communcation, travel, information) is the star player this week. Today it challenged  Jupiter at 2:21 PM ET, expanding on big ideas — including laws —  related to caring, home and emotional security concerns. That’s because Mercury is in Cancer — and it’s sitting on the Cancer Sun in the U.S. horoscope, whilst squaring the U.S. Saturn in Libra.  Here in New York City, Mercury is making headlines in the form of subway derailments and power outages wreaking havoc on morning commutes. Overseas, ransomware attacks are also causing chaos. Up in the sky, Space X successfully launched two communication satellites — outta sight!

Mercury harmonizes with Neptune at 8:23 PM ET, adding a rose-colored spin to the information flying around the room. Neptune refers to drugs, spirits of all kinds, oceans, water, healing, toxins, deception, oil.  On WEDNESDAY, Mercury meets up with Mars in Cancer, suggesting action of a potentially ill-tempered or militant sort, also involving Cancer concerns of home/emotional security.  On THURSDAY, Mercury opposes Pluto — the Powers That Be. This suggests ruthlessness in communication and information. Corruption may be exposed. Insults may be hurled. Perspective may be transformed. No one is going to apologize, especially with crankly Mars (action, anger) joining the face-off against Pluto on SUNDAY, July 2nd.

The work week began with Moon in rip-roarin’ Leo, looking for ways to shine, shine, shine with regal drama, play and entitlement. It goes void today at 5:12 PM ET, and  enters Virgo at 8:41PM ET to restore order and persnickety detail to its agenda of making everything perfect. Have at it, until 4:34 PM ET on THURSDAY, when the Moon goes void again.  Switch to routine concerns and chill until 3:02 AM ET on FRIDAY, when the Moon enters Libra.

The only exact pattern on Friday is the First Quarter Moon, suggesting a challenge to last week’s New Moon agenda. Will Mitch McConnell really try for a vote on his Big Fat Tax Cut Bill  — the one that would take health insurance coverage away from 22 million people? Not bloody likely, as the First Quarter Moon in Libra will be looking for fairness, balance and popularity as it challenges the Cancer Sun’s caring drive. Oh looky — the vote has been postponed until after July 4th.

And now, the news.

Gratitude to Avid Reader Chris for sending me a wonderful personal experience of cosmic matters over the past few days — i.e., Venus trine Pluto, Mars square Jupiter and Mars trine Neptune. Check this out:

For me, the Mars square Jupiter hitting my angles has left me just about as agitated as possible for a functioning human being — at the same time feeling the exhaustion of this interminable Saturn return. (Uggh!)
BUT enough real world hassle!  I wanted to share how the current patterns have affected my musical tastes.  Being a complete classical music nut, I have pretty broad interests which operatically tend toward Rossini and Mozart. Lately though, I’ve been leaning more towards Verdi — a Saturnine aesthetic if there ever was one!
Suddenly, though, on Wednesday I could not shelve my Verdi fast enough.  It just wasn’t intense enough.  So of course, for all your Mars square Jupiter/Mars Trine Neptune fiery dreams, there’s only one place to go: Wagner.  And which Wagner, you ask? The Valkyries!
I wasn’t sure why I have been so crazy to listen to this (twice the whole opera since Wednesday!) until this AM on my commute when I heard the scene where Wotan (Jupiter) smites (with a lightning bolt of course!) his warrior (Mars) son who is caught up in a gadjillion deceptions (Neptune) with various and sundry of his sisters including the Valkyrie Brunhilde (another Mars type), who is put to sleep (Neptune) and surrounded by a ring of fire (Mars), by her father Wotan (Jupiter)…  Escapist entertainment? Nope!  Can I PLEASE have some Debussy aspects!
Isn’t that fabulous? Also, no prolonged Debussy aspects for quite some time…it’s mostly sturm und drang these days…
…with a bit of the surreal, as the artist (Neptune) Salvador Dali may be exhumed in order to settle a paternity suit (Mars; Jupiter in Libra)  a tarot card reader (Neptune) has filed against his estate. Neptune also refers to music. A lengthy piece in WaPo mourns the faded glory– and falling sales — of the electric guitar. Where are the guitar heroes (macho Mars trine Neptune) the reporter wants to know?
Meanwhile,  think big, think spirits/drugs, think law, think action.  “Humans Reach for Godhood…” begins this WaPo op-ed headline. Elsewhere, Harry Potter could not have picked a better slew of aspects to celebrate “his” 20th anniversary. Time Magazine published its own Sorting Hat quiz — which house are you in?  In other news, the so-called “Pharma Bro” and “most hated man in America” Martin Shkreli is making news again, as the search for an impartial jury begins.  Also timely: a dirt-digging expose from the Guardian about Jay Sekulow. He’s one of p45’s lawyers and a “most vocal defender.” “Trump’s Lawyer Steered Millions in Donations to Family Members, Files Show.”  Faith, fraud and charity are all keywords of Neptune.
Continuing on the theme of Neptune, deception and communication: a story published on CNN’s website last Thursday has been derided as “fake news” after it was found to not have lived up to CNN”s editorial standards. The story was taken down. An apology was issue to a person named in the story. Three reporters at CNN resigned/lost their jobs. In other news, the NYT published a list of every lie P45 has told since his inauguration.
Neptune dissolves whatever it touches. Another list making headlines over the weekend is being compiled by Amy Siskind. Under the headline, “Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember”  she writes down those subtle changes. For example, last week CNN sent a sketch artist to cover a White House press briefing because cameras were not permitted. In some instances, audio has not been permitted.  Really, is depriving SNL of juicy sketch fodder that high on the list of priorities?  Yes. It is. Comedy is truth to power. It is a coping mechanism for pain.
There are 82 items on Amy Siskind’s list posted on June 24th, Week 32.
Where might this be going? In 2018, Saturn moves into Capricorn, the sign it rules. Saturn refers to patriarchy, structure, authority, ambition, corporations, governments. It will square the U.S. Venus and Jupiter in 2018, suggesting a streamlining squeeze. Then it will square the U.S. Sun and Saturn in 2019. The U.S. last experienced this pattern in 2010 and 2011, so a look at government initiatives back then would be helpful — fodder for another post. In 2020, Saturn will meet up with Pluto, which it has not done since 1982. Here’s a helpful article on the Saturn-Pluto cycle.   In 2021 and 2022, the U.S. will have its first Pluto return, along with transiting Neptune squaring our natal Mars and our natal Neptune. Breaking down and rebuilding (Pluto) on a new vision (Neptune-Mars)?
Finally, Justice Anthony Kennedy. I looked at his horoscope a year ago — I thought I’d written about it, but apparently not. Over the weekend headlines were buzzing about a possible retirement. Transiting Mars and Uranus (action! change!) now putting pressure on the area of his horoscope referring to his relationship with the public, no doubt.  Next year,  transiting Uranus and Pluto will be activating the angles of his horoscope. A big change of status would be apt at that time.  Elsewhere in SCOTUS, score one for religious liberty as the Court ruled on Monday that taxpayer-funded grants for playgrounds available to nonprofits under a state program could not be denied to a school run by a church.   The Court also agreed to hear the “Colorado Gay Wedding Cake” case, as well as P45’s travel ban — ruling to come later in the year.
Thank you for reading this forecast. Hope to see a few Angelenos in L.A. in a couple of weeks!
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