Tuesday 12/29/2020: Late Sneak Peek at the Week: Full Moon in Cancer; Mars-Pluto in the News; Venus Square Neptune

Alllll-rightty then!

Only three more days and we can kick 2020 to the curb. Huzzah!

Work or play, the start of the week is driven by the Moon in Gemini, seeking to be the cleverest, wittiest, most entertaining kid in the room. Moon squared Neptune this morning (did you note your dreams?) and Venus is speedily applying to a square with Neptune, exact on Wednesday. Venus refers to social expression; it’s pushing boundaries in opinionated Sagittarius. Neptune refers to memory and nostalgia. Throw these patterns together and you will understand why everyone on Twitter is trying to one-up each other in a clever, music-themed word game.

  • “My Stones? Rolling!”
  • “My Duran? Duran!”
  • “My Femmes? Violent!”

And so on. Learn the language of astrology, dear Avid Readers, and you, too, will understand why things happen when they do — even if they make no sense at all.

The week looks like this:

  • MONDAY: the only exact aspect to the Gemini Moon (after the 7 AM ET Neptune square) is a cooperative connection with Mars, exact at 10:01 PM ET. Moon goes void for the rest of the night — CHILL!
  • TUESDAY: Moon enters Cancer at 5:28 AM ET — and it is waxing full. Cancer Moon needs to focus on preserving emotional, family and home security. Will we all pass go and collect $2000 (if and when the Senate votes on it)? A sextile between Moon and Uranus at 6:32 PM ET seems humanitarian enough…and the aforementioned Venus-Neptune square could be kind.  Plus Sun and Mercury did just trine Uranus over the weekend. Couldn’t that encourage unconventional alliances, as well as record-breaking air travel? And certainly the Cancer Full Moon can’t help but illuminate a need for nourishment as it opposes the potentially cold, dry, governmental/patriarchal Capricorn Sun. The Full Moon is exact at 10:28 PM ET, and in Washington, D.C., it looks like this:


  • Moon is in the 10th House, illuminating and/or releasing matters reflecting on governmental institutions and leaders as they relate back to homeland, family and core foundation;
  • Gosh, what a lot of fog, vision and deception — suggested by Neptune opposing the Virgo Ascendant and squaring the Gemini MC;
  • Venus is conjunct the South Node. A toxic release involving real estate, opinions,  foreigners,  money, women and/or aesthetic values? I’m not sure, but both square Neptune, so definitely color it all rose.
  • Patterns among Mars- Uranus and Jupiter-Saturn will build to a release over the next several weeks, suggesting a clash between those optimistically planning ahead and others resisting what they perceive to be “controls.”
  • Chart ruler Mercury also refers to the nation’s leader. It is blinded by the light of the Sun and in touch with wiggy Neptune.
  • Moon will oppose this leader-Mercury, which — at 8 degrees of Cancer — is the same degree as P45’s Mercury. What new thing will we learn about the way this man needs to think?
  • The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is (for the Sun at 9 Capricorn) “an angel playing a harp” and (for the Moon at 9 Cancer) “a tiny nude miss reaching in the water for a fish” (doesn’t that feel like Venus square Neptune?). Sabian Sage Blain Bovee says we should apply these symbols with a mind to: the naked truth; innocent reaches into the realms of powerful potentials; sorting sublime messages and pointed barbs. We are challenged to determine if what we are presented with is “sublime good fortune” or “a storm cloud” that carries us away. Oh — and watch out for harpies.
  • Upside potential — in general: this Full Moon invites us to stretch our imagination and tune in to our intuition. Contemplate how structures may facilitate home and family security in your own personal world.

Back to the rest of the week:

  • WEDNESDAY: Note your dreams, as Venus squares Neptune at 5:19 AM ET. How have themes of creativity, music, healing and romantic escapes influenced your week? Moon opposes Mercury at 11:04 AM ET, pitting the need for emotional security against earthy practicality. But with Moon in harmony with Neptune at 4:31 PM ET, perhaps there is a way to imagine and make it real. Get it off your desk today; tomorrow is choppy, starting with…
  • THURSDAY: Moon’s weekly clash with Pluto at 3:10 AM ET suggests power plays and catharses. Cancer Moon squares Mars at 8:45 AM ET, prompting an outburst, no doubt. You can apply that energy to your morning workout — but don’t be rash. Moon then goes void until 1:58 PM ET.  Roll with the twists and flakes that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. See if you notice the shift and focus as Moon enters Leo for the rest of the day. You have two hours to shine a whole lotta love on someone before 4:56 PM ET, when the Moon is opposed by Saturn — and might turn into a cold shoulder or a wet blanket. The mood brightens around 7:05 PM ET, as Moon opposes Jupiter and screams
  • FRIDAY: Happy New Year!! Moon in Leo continues to party on, dudes — with a surprise or a shock around 2:25 AM ET, as it is squared by rebel Uranus. Note your dreams this morning, as Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) sextiles Neptune at 6:17 AM ET. This is a fine day to visualize your New Year’s resolutions.
  • SATURDAY: And still the festive flow continues, as the Leo Moon trines Venus at 6:23 AM ET and then trines Mars at 5 PM ET. Today — just maybe — we can all get along. Moon goes void until 8:12 PM ET, when it enters Virgo. Time to clean up the confetti and get organized.
  • SUNDAY: More Moon in Virgo needs to make things right. A harmony with Uranus at 8:11 AM ET encourages innovation and diversity — and that’s a good thing, because today is the start of the 117th Congress. The Virgo Moon’s drive for perfection flows through the day, in harmony with the Capricorn Sun.

And now, the news.

Last week’s square between Mars and Pluto suggested headlines involving brute or heroic force, machismo, warriors, etc. We were keeping an eye on P45 for anticipated outbursts on the 23rd and 27th.

UPDATE: on Israel, whose horoscope we’ve been following for years — written up here in Mountain Astrologer.  Last week, transiting Mars opposed Israel’s Ascendant (only a few weeks after Jupiter-Pluto squared it). Translation:  extreme power plays involving finances and core values. Thus we are not at all surprised to read “Israel’s government collapses, sending country back to elections for the fourth time in two years.”   Transiting Pluto will be sitting at the bottom of Israel’s chart all next year, suggesting a potential tear down and rebuilding in matters of values, finances and core foundation.


I tried to stay away from the computer on Christmas, but couldn’t help notice the explosion in Nashville. The chart for the explosion — 6:29 AM ET on 12/25/2020 in Nashville — wasn’t nearly as revealing as the chart for the time the RV arrived on the scene — 1:22 AM ET. A savvy astrologer could determine the RV’s powerful destructive potential from the latter, as well as the circumstances and likely fate of the RV’s driver (isolated; apparently acting alone; self-destructive). Even the weird recording that served as an alarming wake-up call is illustrated in these charts: the woman’s voice and the wistful song (Downtown, sung by Petula Clark).

There is a birth date for suicide bomber — 1/17/1957 in Antioch, TN. The horoscope is what we’d expect, i.e., patterns active in 2020 consistent with triggered aggression, frustration, depression– and also strategy and ambition.

It occurs to me seems that whenever Saturn shifts gears, there’s an event aimed at controlling something related to the sign Saturn has just entered. When Saturn entered Sagittarius (foreigners, dogma, humor, freedom of speech/opinion), there was a terrorist attack on staff at Charlie Hebdo. When Saturn entered Capricorn, all but three women wore black to the Golden Globes, protesting sexual harassment and salary inequities perpetuated by the patriarchal Powers That Be. That movement was aptly named “Time’s Up!” (Saturn refers to the limits of time).

With Saturn now in Aquarius (technology, networks, airwaves), it was interesting that a major consequence of the Nashville explosion was the disruption of communication services provided by AT & T. There was even a rumor going around that the suicide bomber may have been paranoid about 5G technology (this has not been confirmed). But it’s interesting — given Jupiter and Saturn just entering Aquarius — that this line of thinking would be making news at this time.

I leave you with an article about Heather Cox Richardson — just interviewed in the NYT! For some bizarre reason, the reporter thought it would be appropriate to close his piece with the admission that while he subscribes to her daily Letters, he can’t be bothered to read them, even though he knows they are richly informative. Is this also a reflection of the shift of Jupiter and Saturn into airy Aquarius? What do you think?

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Now is the time to plan a strategy for 2021 — a whole new air-a!

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