Thursday 6/29/2017 & the Weekend: Measure Twice; Cut Once

Today’s need for discernment down to the last detail is brought to you by the Moon in Virgo. Communication could feel disheartening as we get closer to 3PM ET, when a challenge to the Moon from authoritarian/wet blanket Saturn weighs in. To those not on the receiving end, it might just be a necessary cut — or an advance on a controlling initiative. Kinder sentiments are suggested around 4:34 PM ET, when the Moon goes void on an easy flow with Venus (in comfort-seeking Taurus). Chocolate to calm frazzled Moon in Virgo nerves?

This is not the time to believe that a holding a book in front of you will stop a bullet,  and that you should convince your girlfriend to shoot at the book, so you can become a YouTube star by proving your belief. Just don’t do it. The man who did is now dead. But with current planetary patterns, it makes sense that we’d read about it now.

Chill and focus on routine concerns during the void, which lasts until 3:02 AM ET on FRIDAY. Be mindful of mental Mercury’s face-off with ruthless Pluto around 8:34 PM ET. “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” could blow someone’s cover — or it could just be someone’s petty and vindictive ego-driven criticism.  Of course it would be something nasty about a woman and cosmetic surgery, with transiting Venus conjunct P45’s Midheaven and the Fixed Star Capulus. That star is associated with the epitome of Men Behaving Badly. File this headline under that transit in P45’s horoscope, too: “Trump Was Sleazy With a Reporter. Her Awkward Laugh Felt All Too Familiar.”  Astrology is amazing.

Once the Moon enters Libra early Friday morning, a need for fairness, diplomacy and people-pleasing takes over. The thing with Libra, however, is that those scales can swing wildly from side to side before finally reaching a balance.  Flashpoints for outbursts of assertive or aggressive energy occur in the middle of the day ET on SATURDAY, when the Moon is squared by Mars and Pluto at 1 PM and 2 PM ET, respectively. Early AM on SUNDAY, warrior Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto (7:58 AM ET), followed by the Moon opposed by disruptive Uranus at 9:16 AM ET. Please be careful on the roads, handling steel, in dark alleys, around fireworks.

Moon will be void on Sunday from 9:16AM to 12:58PM ET. If you’re on the East Coast, consider sleeping in! After the void, Moon plunges into the depths of Scorpio, seeking to be of substance for the sake of power and control.

And now, the news.

Take Mars, Mercury and Sun in Cancer (action, communication, life force in a sign associated with emotional/family security, potentially behaving badly). Hook those planets up with Jupiter (expansion, law, belief, dogma ) and Neptune (drugs, spiritual concerns) and it makes sense to see a big scandal involving religion and destructive assertion. Add a dose of Pluto and it could reallllly be destructive. Exhibit A: “Australian Cardinal and Aide to Pope is Charged with Sexual Assault.”  Exhibit B: “Man Destroys New ‘Ten Commandments’ Statue at Arkansas Capitol” — with a car, courtesy of Mars.  Exhibit C: The definition of “family” is also under attack, as the White House’s travel ban — part of it, until SCOTUS rules otherwise — goes into effect tonight. P45’s administration now says that a step-sister is a “close family member,” but a grandmother is not. And so forth.

The U.S. isn’t the only country with bans making news. In Venezuela the Attorney General — Luisa Ortega — has been banned by the Supreme Court from leaving the country and  her assets frozen, after she accused President Nicolas Maduro of creating a “climate of terror”.

“We have state terrorism in Venezuela, where we have lost the right to protest, where demonstrations are cruelly repressed, where civilians are tried in military courts,” said Ortega, 59.

“We have a constitutional rupture. The constitution is being violated and the state is being dismantled,” she told journalists.

Earlier this week, a “rogue police officer” in a stolen helicopter reportedly “dropped grenades on the Supreme Tribunal.”

In other news, one wonders if Martin Shkreli’s defense attorney will be calling an astrologer to the witness stand. Yesterday he said the reviled “Pharma Bro” — now on trial on charges of fraud — might be strange, but “he was born that way.”  The attorney is absolutely correct, and here’s the write-up of Mr. Shkreli’s horoscope posted here almost two years ago. Currently, his horoscope has intense transits involving 1) Uranus to a natal Mars-Pluto opposition; and 2) transiting Pluto to his natal Mercury. Isn’t it interesting that he is making news in a week with Mercury and Mars both challenged by Pluto? I see this synchronicity all the time! We can expect disruptive/risky/innovation action and persuasive communication from Mr. Shkreli throughout the year.

Come to think of it, Mika  Brzezinski has transiting Pluto almost exactly squaring her Mars throughout 2017.  Woe to anyone who chooses to pick a fight with her now.

FUN FOLLOW-UP: to that Harry Potter Sorting Hat quiz posted on Monday. Time magazine has published a map showing what Hogwarts house your state would be in. I confess I’m disappointed to see New York in Slytherin. Might be time to move. I’m in Ravenclaw, though Pottermore insists I’m in Gryffindor. You?

Meanwhile, this cover of Time magazine is totally FAKE NEWS.

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Thank you for reading this forecast.




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