Thursday 4/19/2018: Catching Up on the Sun-Uranus News; Mercury Direct; Saturn Retrograde; Sun in Taurus

Yowza  — what a week!

The Moon is in Gemini, where it has been since yesterday at 8:02 AM ET, seeking to be the smartest kid in the room. What do you know and when did you know it? Answers might be vague or downright confusing this morning, suggested by a challenge to the clever Moon from muddled Neptune at 10:11 AM ET. After that, Moon sails free and clear through the rest of the day.

Big news happens at 11:13 PM ET. That’s when the Sun leaves fiery Aries for earthy Taurus. If Aries is the spark that generates an idea, Taurus takes that idea and gives it form.  We may notice a cooling and slowing of energy now, compared to the last 30 days. Taurus needs to consolidate in ways that literally matter.  Keywords for Taurus: possessive, patient, stubborn, sensual. When I think of Taurus, I think of a toddler who’s learned two new words, “Mine!” and “No!” If you are a Taurus born in the first few days of the sign, get ready to be zapped out of your usual comfort zone, courtesy of transiting Uranus on your Taurus Sun. Perhaps you are already feeling an electric buzz demanding freedom and independence? Consult your local astrologer for details.

And now, the news.

Let’s recap the patterns involved:

  • Mercury moving direct — suggesting communication/travel snafus (4/16)
  • Saturn turning retrograde — suggesting a “not-so-fast” review of planned “business as usual” advances (4/17)
  • Mercury and Saturn are in a tense square — exact next Wednesday — suggesting heavy mindset/communication, perhaps of karmic consequences
  • Venus opposing Jupiter and trining Pluto, putting women in the spotlight, especially in areas related to power and expansion (4/17)
  • Sun conjunct Uranus, suggesting these themes: rebellion, shocks, mutations, seismic action, accidents, aviation, innovation and other disruptions to the status quo (4/18)
  • Pluto slowing to a stop, about to turn retrograde — suggesting these themes: power plays, news from underground, resources (4/22)

…and here are a few headlines.

  • Big shock!  Michael Cohen — P45’s fixer/”lawyer” — has only three clients: P45 is one. Two would be a fellow deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee — Elliot Broidy — who had an extramarital affair with a Playboy model, which resulted in a pregnancy, which resulted in an abortion, which resulted in Mr. Cohen arranging a secret million dollar payout to the model on behalf of Mr. Broidy. Oh, if only Mr. Broidy had taken a few classes at his local Planned Parenthood, instead of funding efforts to destroy it. In any event, the third super-secret client is (as the Entire Free World now knows)…Sean Hannity,
  • Mr. Hannity was written about in this forecast on May 26, 2017: “Elsewhere, Sean Hannity is on a “planned vacation” after seven advertisers stopped supporting his show. Why? Because Mr. Hannity persisted in promoting a false conspiracy theory about the death of Sean Rich, who worked for the DNC.  Transiting Saturn is likely to be putting quite a squeeze on Mr. Hannity’s Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars next year when it meets up with all four of those planets in the early degrees of Capricorn. Could be quite a reality check after three years of transiting Neptune casting a rose-colored spell on his Pisces Ascendant.”
  • Sun + Uranus = Aviation upsets & mavericks. On Tuesday, an engine blew up on a Southwest Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Dallas. One passenger died after nearly being sucked out of the plane. Yes, of course there were explosive planets on the angles of the chart at the time of the explosion. That is not surprising.  But have you heard the recording of the conversation between air traffic controllers and SWA 1380’s pilot, Tammie Jo Shults? Shall we forgive the Philly air traffic controller for referring Ms. Shults as “him” on more than one occasion? Surprise, surprise — Philly air traffic controller — and did you know that Ms. Shults is also a pioneering ex-Navy fighter pilot? No birth date available yet — but what an inspiration.
  • Here’s a disruptive story —  involving jumping to erroneous conclusions —  also out of Philadelphia: two African-American men were arrested at a local Starbuckss after  the store manager called 911 because the men hadn’t ordered anything. . The men were waiting for a friend — who arrived as the men were being taken away in handcuffs. Seriously, City of Brotherly Love? Here is Philadelphia’s horoscope, for students who might like to see what’s going on. Meanwhile, Starbucks plans to close all of its stores for one day next month to discuss racial bias. Philadelphia’s police chief has also issued an apology after initially defending the arresting officers.
  • File under “mistakes are gifts”: “Scientists  “accidentally” create enzyme that eats plastic bottles.”   Yay!
  • Surprise! It was revealed that P45’s nominee for Secretary of State — Mike Pompeo —  secretly met with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un over Easter weekend.
  • Surprise! IRS computers crash — everyone gets an extra day to file!
  • Surprise! Massive power outage (again) in Puerto Rico impacts entire island.
  • Not an actual earthquake, but a big, fat feature in a recent NYT: “San Francisco’s Big Seismic Gamble.”
  • Surprise, surprise: Neil Gorsuch sides with the four liberal justices in a case involving immigration.
  • This is not a surprise — more of an “I told you so.” There are too many men in India and China and it’s created major upsets, with more to come.

Finally, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley pushed back against the White House, which accused her of “being confused” about what P45 planned to do about sanctions against Russia (nothing, despite what Ms. Haley may have been told). “I don’t get confused,” said Ms. Haley. Really? Let’s look at her horoscope.  She’s an Aquarius if born after 6 PM on January 20, 1972; otherwise, she’s a Capricorn. Either way, she — like those born in the early days of Taurus — is currently being supercharged by transiting Uranus in contact with her Sun. Translation: a need for freedom and independence, which may be experienced as a electric, innovative, rebellious and otherwise disruptive. As for her mindset (and potential for confusion), she has Mercury in hard-nosed Capricorn in a provocative connection with a high-functioning Mars in Aries AND Uranus in Libra. No confusion here, though she might be innovative, quirky, surprising, combative, impatient and/or impulsive. There is, however, a suggestion of a need for idealism in her social expression and values. Said values might be rose-colored or dreamy, but there’s no lack of clarity about how she thinks about them. I hope I’ve made that perfectly clear.

Need some clarity about your own personal world? That’s what I’m here for. Here’s the 411 on consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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