Thursday 2/17/2022: And Now, the News…in a Podcast! Introducing “Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast”

Happy Thursday!

The Moon is in Virgo, driving the day with a need for perfection. At 7:12 PM ET, Jupiter (which refers to expansion, publishing and broadcasting) makes a cooperation connection with Uranus (which refers to innovation, online technology, renegades and astrology). Sounds like an apt time to announce a NEW fun podcast about astrology and the news.

Introducing… OFF THE CHARTS, in which “two corporate media renegades, Whitney Fishburn and Elisabeth Grace, use their insider’s knowledge to flip the script on the media, using astrology to offer perspective and analyses on world events that corporate media won’t and can’t share with you.”

Whitney is a journalist who has segued into a second career as an astrologer, and as Avid Readers of this forecast know, I worked in film, TV & news promotion before segueing into a second career as a reporter with a unique beat (the astonishing synchronicity of planetary patterns and the headlines), and an astrologer for the real world (as it says on the home page of my website).

In the inaugural episode of our bi-weekly podcast we talk a little bit about our experience in the mainstream media, and a lot about the U.S. Pluto Return and its potential for breakdown and transformation. 

You can listen to OFF THE CHARTS on iTunes right here.

Or you can find us on Whitney’s nifty Substack platform: ensouled: the journal of cultural astronomy…

Looking forward to your thoughts on our joint endeavor — thanks for listening!

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