Thursday 12/12/2019 & the Weekend: Full Moon in Gemini; Mind the Void; Make a Wish

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The day is driven by a Gemini Moon, which has been void since it exactly opposed the Sagittarius Sun at 12:12 AM ET — on 12/12. The repetition of “12” has been noted all over the internet as Signifying Something — but really, it only applies to the Eastern Time Zone. On the West Coast, the Full Moon happened at 9:12 PM on 12/11. Here’s the chart for the Full Moon, set in Washington DC. We set the event in Washington because it is the capital of the U.S.:

Immediately we see that the Sun-Moon opposition at 19 Sagittarius-Gemini is almost exactly on P45’s 20 Sag South Node, 21 Sag Moon and 22 Gemini Sun. The Full Moon is also in contact with the 22 Gemini Midheaven of the Full Moon chart, and square the 23 Virgo Ascendant. A Gemini Moon needs to chatter intensely in an effort to be appreciated for being the smartest kid in the room. How are you seeing that potential in your own personal world today?

The Moon has been void since 12:12 AM, potentially running away with the whole day, generating crises which turn out to be much ado about nothing. That’s what we have until 6:23 PM ET, when the Moon gets focused on matters of emotional security and comfort and enters Cancer. But as you can see, this Full Moon — which suggests release or illumination in matters of “what I think” vs. “what the collective thinks” — is strongly connected with the horoscope of P45. Thus it is no surprise that he set a new record on his Twitter feed — 108 at last count — which shattered the previous record of 105 tweets set over the weekend. If you have a planet or angle around 19-22 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, how are you experiencing the activation of the Full Moon?

The most delightful tweet of P45’s torrent is an insult to Greta Thunberg, who was just named Time magazine’s Person of the Year. If you subscribe to Mountain Astrologer, you would have read about Greta’s horoscope in the Dec/Jan issue, in which the potential for significant pixie-dusted fame in early December was noted (the article was written in early September). What’s delightful about P45’s jealous tweet is how in sync it is with planetary patterns. Not only is the Moon void,  but Mars (anger, action, courage) is in harmony with Neptune (fantasy, escape, film). Venus (women, social expression, money, art) is conjunct Pluto, suggesting empowerment and/or emotional extremes in Venusian concerns. So it is no surprise that P45’s response to another tweet congratulating Ms. Thunberg was this:

“So ridiculous. Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!”

That’s excellent — if weirdly-projected advice for this particular all-day Moon void. Roll with any twists and flakes that may disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line. Focus on routine concerns. Remember that a crisis which crop up is usually much ado about nothing. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, skip out early. Get thee to the cinema and chill, chill, chill. That’s exactly what Ms. Thunberg said she was doing in response to the “crisis” of being personally attacked by the President of the United States, as you can see from the updated bio on her Twitter page.

The Sabian Symbols for today’s Full Moon in Gemini are in sync with overall patterns for the week, especially a rare harmony between cosmic sugar daddy Jupiter and the sudden flash of  genius suggested by Uranus (exact on Sunday). For the Moon at 20 Gemini: “a cafeteria.” So many options to choose from, efficiently presented. It’s hard to decide what to have! For the Sun at 20 Sagittarius: “men cutting through ice.” Sabian Symbol sage Blain Bovee notes that cutting blocks of ice was a way of preparing for the future once upon a time. We didn’t have freezers to keep things cold, so ice had to be cut and stored for use in the summer. Hmm.

Bovee invites us to apply these symbols with a mind for “service genius that skillfully handles matters of hot and cold; creating an atmosphere that encourages future communal gatherings,” perhaps even by “breaking the ice” in an awkward social situation, thus improving the flow. So let’s watch and see how these themes are reflected in the headlines — and in your own personal world, if your unique horoscope is being activated.

And now the news….after I post this recap of the daily forecast for today through Sunday. Skip through it if you just want to get to the news.

  • THURSDAY — Moon goes void at 1:12 AM for the whole business day on the East Coast. Moon doesn’t enter Cancer until 6:23 PM ET, shifting our focus to home, family and homeland security concerns. Remember that crises that crop up during voids are usually much ado about nothing. Still, I can appreciate the wigginess and emotional intensity of whatever “crisis” might crop up today, given planetary patterns than are exact on….
  • FRIDAY — ….when Mars harmonizes with Neptune at 6:56 AM ET, and Venus meets up with Pluto at 10:13 AM ET. Mars-Neptune patterns suggest charisma, fanaticism, sex scandals, snake oil, the energy of assertion aligned with the energy of the ideal and/or surreal. Also included: cars, guns, men, oceans, drugs, oil, liars, healers, peaceniks. Venus-Pluto patterns suggest emotional overkill, power plays and catharsis in matters of money, women, power, resources, art, values, social expression. Volatility in the markets? Witchy-bitchy women? I wouldn’t be surprised. In the evening, a mini-grand trine forms among the Cancer Moon, Scorpio Mars and Pisces Neptune. This is suggests an aura of emotional self-sufficiency/fulfillment, compared to…
  • SATURDAY — when the morning has more of an edge. The sensitivity and security needs of the Cancer Moon are opposed by Saturn and Pluto in status-seeking Capricorn at 4:23 AM and 8:47 AM ET. At 10:57 PM ET, the Moon is opposed by Venus (conflict of values?), and then goes void for the next 12 hours. No yard sale impulse purchases or holiday shopping, if you please. Wait until….
  • SUNDAY...when you’ll be feeling the fun partying vibe of the Moon in Leo. The Leo Moon facilitates impulses to purchase gifts that celebrate the recipient — and generously so. Jupiter, planet of expansion, harmonizes with Uranus, planet of innovation and astrology –– exact at 2 PM ET. A gift certificate for a consultation with an astrologer would be just the thing, don’t you think? Or something travel or education-related. Or maybe a pony. Jupiter refers to horses, doncha’ know. Just note the possible jolt that may hit the headlines around 4 AM ET, when the Moon squares rebel Uranus.

And now…truly…the news.

UPDATE:  As anticipated, upsets continue in Israel. No governing coalition has been formed, and there will be a third general election — probably in March. Guess what’s happening then? Ready? The third in a series of squares to Israel’s Leo Moon from transiting Uranus. The second one was on November 3rd — check the archives to see how that was reflected in Israel’s experience. Israel is scheduled to do some serious transformation and restructuring of its core foundation in January and February, as Pluto (transformation) and Saturn (structure; cuts) hit the angles of the horoscope. Is

Meanwhile in the UK, the polls are soon to close in today’s election. With the Moon void, we see the potential for upsets favoring the underdog.  There is also the potential that all of this effort may come to naught, not unlike what has happened twice in  Israel. Hmmm. Glancing at  The Guardian‘s live blog for the election, I’m seeing a number of twists and flakes involving the actual voting process. The challenge during a Moon void is to FOCUS, people — FOCUS!

In other news…

Reflecting the potential for severe cuts (Saturn) involving food (Venus): the P45 administration plans to take away food stamps from 700,000 people. But hey — that same heavy Venus-Saturn conjunction (along with this weeks big trines involving far-out Mars-Neptune and Jupiter-Uranus) can also be seen in this $738 billion defense bill authorizing paid family leave (support for nurturing/family!) in exchange for the creation of Space Force (boundary-pushing sci-fi military tech toys).

Markets hit record highs today; the Fed isn’t changing interest rates; P45 says U.S. – China deal may be close; and NAFTA v. 2.0 was passed earlier this week by Congress. Market volatility is an obvious potential, as noted in Monday’s forecast.


Impeachment charges were announced on Tuesday during the Taurus Moon void — exact time was 9:10 AM ET. Nothing of consequence? Just a routine procedure? Traditional astrologers argue that a Taurus Moon is in such a strong position that it can be effective when void. What’s interesting is that the Moon was conjunct P45’s Midheaven (career status) and square to his Leo Mars- Ascendant. The late degree Taurus Moon also activated Mars in the horoscopes of Nancy Pelosi and Moscow Mitch. There is talk of a vote on the impeachment being held in the House today, and if I ran the zoo, I’d wait until the Moon entered Cancer at 6:23 PM ET.

I see this week’s  Mars-Neptune trine and the Jupiter-Uranus trine reflected in the record-breaking contracts with certain lucky athletes, including the Yankees’ new pitcher, Gerrit Cole. The 29-year old superstar was born on September 8, 1990 in Newport Beach. We see this potential windfall in his current Saturn return and transiting Jupiter squaring his Virgo Sun. Of special note: a measurement between Uranus and Jupiter by transit and by solar arc (another way astrologer measure time). That can feel like a genie in a bottle. If you ever have one of those double-whammy patterns, make sure Santa knows what’s on your wish list.

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Thank you for reading this forecast.


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