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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/16/2013: A Day of Dynamic Action

Moon goes void at 4:32AM ET, not to enter the next sign Aries, until 11:07AMET. What twist, flake or other unexpected detour will spice up your usual morning routine? Go with the flow and don’t stress out….even if you overslept and are late for a meeting. It is not the big crisis you think it is. Seriously!

After the void, the day really gets into gear. That’s the time to initiate the contacts required to get your New Moon agenda off the ground. Aries energy is pioneering, impulsive and often in a hurry. Aries people fall down stairs because it’s faster than walking, but who cares so long as they get there first? Just be advised that Aries is not known for its patience or its emotional maturity, especially on a day with an exact hook-up between Venus (social expression) and ruthless Pluto. Add a rebellious hook-up between the feisty Aries Moon and rebel Uranus to the mix, and you’re looking at the potential for shocks, upsets, revelations and/or guttersniping. Remember this, especially around 8:30PM ET, lest ye go off like a rocket. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. And don’t use a sledgehammer when a flyswatter will suffice.

Other than those caveats, today and tonight could be a lot of fun on the social front. If the opportunity presents itself, why not mingle?