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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/7/2013: Mind the Void

Moon is void of course in enterprising Capricorn as of 7:44AM ET, not to enter Aquarius until 2:17PM ET. Be flexible in your efforts to make things happen, as it can be challenging to move forward in a straight line. During voids, there is a higher probability of twists, flakes and other maddening delays. Don’t panic!

Creative brainstorming can take you to wondrous places. Tune in to the indulgent bubble of optimism now in effect, courtesy of loving Venus harmonizing with expansive Jupiter. This can encourage cooperation among those who are often at odds. Witness the latest between NYT columnists Gail Collins and DavidBrooks in their version of the SNL  classic parody “Point/Counterpoint”  (amazing how things have not changed in 30 years, hmmm?) This week, even they seem to concede they don’t have much to argue about. For now.

In other news, signs of life in an alien universe — and check this out, habitable planets are closer than you might think. Far out!

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