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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/13/2011: Saturn Turns Direct in Libra

Monday begins with Moon still in Scorpio, where it makes a potentially combative connection to aggressive Mars at 1:43PM EDT and then goes void until 10:38PM. Try to play nice with your toys today, and take care of essential business before the void if you can. When Moon shifts into fiery Sagittarius, the mood should lift noticeably.

Highlight of the day is Saturn, planet of ambition, structure and control moving direct as I type this on Sunday at 11:52PM EDT. Saturn has been retrograde for five months and perhaps put a hold on your personal business endeavors. Here’s what I wrote about the retrograde on January 26th — how did it turn out for you?

•    “Saturn, planet of ambition turns retrograde at 18 degrees of Libra at 1:11AM NY time until June 12th. The Sabian Symbol for 18 Libra is “two men under arrest” — suggesting, writes Blain Bovee, the Sabian Symbol Specialist I’ve often cited in this forecast, “a manifestation of irreconcilable differences”….hmmm…such as three Supreme Court Justices recusing themselves from SOTU? http://content.usatoday.com/communities/ondeadline/post/2011/01/justices-alito-scalia-thomas-to-skip-state-of-union-address/1  Bovee continues, ” there is a tendency to dig in rather than to negotiate. negotiation may seem impossible, plus the ‘other side’ is just as intractable in their beliefs.”‘

Saturn turns direct at 11 degrees of Libra. The Sabian Symbol is for this degrees is “a professor peering over his glasses”  Bovee writes, “Strangely, when optical instruments used to assist vision are set aside, only then can one see clearly eye-to-eye…The urge tends to be for major changes in how relationships function and a face-to-face, eye-to-eye, encounter may be in the offing. This does not guarantee a positive outcome, but it certainly promotes authentic and real relating.”

Well, that certainly suggests movement, in one direction or another, as well as a confrontation that perhaps has been avoided. On the plus side, we can expect projects put on hold over the past five months to gain traction. Wherever Saturn falls in your horoscope is the area of life you may find moving forward again. If you were born on the first or second day of April, July, October or January, you have likely been feeling Saturn’s challenge of serious focus for the past several weeks, to be continued until July 18th.
If you were born Oct – Dec 1981 or May- Aug 1982, you are having a Saturn return. This is a critical time in your life development; everyone goes through it around age 28/29. Pay attention to the sense of urgency you’re likely to be feeling. In what ways are you intent on establishing yourself in the material world? Are you thinking of changing careers? Getting married? Going back to school? What is the reach for ambition?

If you were born between Dec 1951- April 1952 or between Aug – Nov of 1952, you are also having a Saturn return. At this point in life, you may find yourself wanting to turn away from the material world. Having realized ambition during the past 28 years, nourishing the soul may now become more important. This can be a very good thing, even if other things have to be let go.

The United States is also going through a Saturn return, suggesting a review of priorities established at the beginning of Ronald Reagan’s first term. The third and final hit of the return happens mid-August…