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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/24/2015: Mars in Cancer; Hot Horoscopes

If you feel like you’re being kicked out of bed, you’re picking up on the energetic boost suggested by the First Quarter Moon, exact at 7:02AM ET. Said Moon is in people-pleasing Libra, seeking popularity, balance and fairness in relationship. What challenges may come to light re: the agenda you set last week on the New Moon? You’ve got the whole day free and clear to work it out.

Two and a half hours later, action hero Mars pulls focus by leaving Gemini for Cancer. Look for prominent action related to home and homeland security — or general Mars matters such as iron and steel. Here’s a story that popped up an hour or so ago — about an axe thrown by a Fox & Friends host that missed its target and hit a West Point drummer instead. Will this be tomorrow morning’s hot topic?

Mars will be in Cancer until August 6th. You are more personally affected by transiting Mars entering Cancer if you are someone like — say — Barack Obama, who has his Venus at 1 degree of Cancer. Immediately we expect his social expression to be more active and prominent. And — oh lookie — here is an article from the NYT about how he’s been wearing his heart on his sleeve more than his usual cool, airy (Moon in Gemini; Aquarius rising) mode of expression allows. Blame it on transiting Mars activating his naturally caring, sensitive social expression (yes, really), brought to a sensitive, deeply spiritual blossoming suggested by a prominent transit of Neptune. Really, no surprises here…but I suppose journalists do need something to write about.

Meryl Streep is another person affected by Mars at the Aries Point. She has Sun and Uranus conjunct at the Aries Point in Cancer (happy belated birthday, Ms. Streep). Yesterday she made headlines by urging Congress to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.  You may recall the last time her horoscope was discussed in this forecast it was expected that she would experience a change of direction in her career that would also be prominent. And now she is getting quite serious about this women’s equality thing — RAH.

In other news, the Trans-Pacific Partnership was fast-tracked by the Senate yesterday. Score another victory for Barack Obama’s horoscope, which clearly suggests he’s at the top of his game. No lack of ambition and gravitas for him through early fall, as Saturn completes its series of transits to his Midheaven and his Moon.

Maybe someone else can think of a good reason why this deal should go through, but I am skeptical for reasons cited here, and in this video here. If you can think of a good reason, feel free to share.


That flag. That Confederate flag. Suddenly most everyone is in agreement — as if it just hit them for the first time in a quantum leap of consciousness.  Soon it will be off the state license plates in Virginia; Walmart and Sears won’t be selling flag-emblazoned items anymore; heck, maybe Mississippi may change its state flag.

In South Carolina,  Governor Nikki Haley urged state legislators to consider taking it down from state grounds. Calling it an “emotional” decision, she said:

“It came down to one simple thing,” Ms. Haley said in a phone interview Tuesday. “I couldn’t look my son or daughter in the face and justify that flag flying anymore.”

Just like that. A quantum leap facilitated in the aftermath of the Uranus-Pluto square and the brutal force of transiting Pluto square Saturn in the US horoscope.  Wake up and smell the coffee. Change or die. Stuff like that.

Fun fact: Sabian Symbols work in pairs. I did not tell you about the opposing Symbol of last week’s New Moon at 25 Gemini but here it is: “a flag bearer”. Interesting, eh? Wish I had time to write more…

What’s going on in your horoscope? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Thank you for reading this forecast.