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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/6/2010 & the New Moon in Sagittarius

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius, which was exact yesterday at 12:36PM NY time. The meeting of Sun and Moon happened in my 12th house, suggesting I might have been more inclined to retreat from the world in contemplation. That’s my excuse for this delayed forecast. What’s yours?  Frankly, with all planets moving forward in the sky as of 8:51 PM NY time yesterday, there are no excuses for not moving forward, at least for the next three days, when Mercury goes retrograde.  Until then, go!

Sagittarius is the Archer, aiming his bow toward the sky. Ruled by expansive, usually optimistic Jupiter, Sagittarius is all about  “big picture” ideas, especially ones we share collectively: our philosophy, our religion, our laws, as well as ideas shared in publishing and broadcasting.  Sag is also interested in higher education and travel that broadens our horizons, as opposed to elementary school and local travel that gets us from here to the grocery store (that’s the domain of Gemini, the opposite sign to Sag).

Last month I wrote we would likely see themes of laying down lines of communication that could take us in to the unknown, out of our comfort zone. Examples of how this manifested in the headlines included the new TSA alleged security procedures and the latest batch of Wikileaks revelations. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon at 14 degrees of Sagittarius is “the Pyramids and the Sphinx: an enigma, a hidden mystery that is inscrutable, defying close examination; a riddle, the answer to which cannot be spoken.”  Hmmm. Mystery…and yet I also note in the New Moon chart a close connection between Mercury (mind, travel, communication) and ruthless Pluto, which suggests an intense focus on the investigation of mystery and bringing hidden agendas to light. OK…so how do we apply this to our lives over the next 30 days?

This is an opportunity to broaden horizons, individually and collectively.  Where is that happening in your life? Here are some possible strategies for navigating new territory: seek to understand this area of expansion with a wisdom that goes beyond words. How do you know what you know? Use words carefully, incisively, sparingly — with a specific target in mind. Consider whether words are even necessary, especially given that Mercury will be retrograde from the 10th to the 29th, when words can easily spin out of control or be misunderstood. Consider how maintaining an aura of mystery might strengthen your position. Notice any tension between mystery and brutal honesty. What is really at stake?

With gratitude to Blain Bovee and his book “The Sabian Symbols and Astrological Analysis,” which helped me articulate a forecast for this inscrutable  New Moon; Julian Assange seems to be its poster boy; if I can find his horoscope, I’ll write about it anon