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Monday 6/5/2023: Sneak Peek at the Week; Venus Enters Leo — Big Time! Pluto Re-Enters Capricorn

Allllrighty then!

It’s Monday, which means it’s a writing day. Moon is in Capricorn, so lets get to it. Highlights this week are:

  • Venus enters Leo on Monday for a lonnnnng stay.
  • Venus opposes Pluto on Monday.
  • Mercury sextiles Neptune on Friday.
  • Pluto — currently retrograde — leaves Aquarius and re-enters Capricorn on Sunday.
  • Mercury trines Pluto on Sunday.
  • Mercury enters Gemini on Sunday.
  • Venus squares Jupiter on Sunday.

It goes like this:

  • MONDAY: Moon enters Capricorn at 3:30 AM ET, ready to Make Things Happen. Pull up your big girl panties and take care of business. The proactive drive may be pushed to extremes of emotion as Venus leaves Cancer and enters Leo at 9:46 AM ET, then opposes Pluto at at 12:04 PM ET. In the language of astrology, Venus refers to who, what and how we need to love. When in Leo, Venus loves to play, to shine and be adored. Drama queens are on stage through the summer, as Venus won’t leave Leo until October 9th. That’s because on July 22nd, Venus goes retrograde until September 3rd. The retrograde will give us an opportunity to evaluate all that we love  — including matters of money, aesthetics and social expression — and toss whatever doesn’t love us back or simply isn’t fun. The Venus opposition to Pluto may have be experienced as a ruthless/empowered expression of values, especially today. Anyone with planets at the end of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn…or at the beginning of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are more affected than most. Watch the headlines; see who’s making news. FWIW, we anticipate market volatility whenever Uranus and Pluto are demanding attention, especially when connected with Venus. Markets are on a roll today. Meanwhile, the proactive drive is well-supported by the Capricorn Moon’s trine to Jupiter at 10:43 AM ET and its sextile to Saturn at 3:11 PM ET. Get. It. Done.
  • TUESDAY: More support for your plans for world domination are suggested by the Capricorn Moon and its trines to Uranus and Mercury at 1:10 PM ET and 5:33 PM ET, respectively. Alert the media; reach across the aisle; think outside the box; upgrade your technology. I’ll be switching internet service providers today. You? Implementing a bit of a dream is supported in the evening, as Moon sextiles Neptune at 12:39 AM ET on…
  • WEDNESDAY…and goes void for the next four hours. Chill! Moon enters Aquarius at 4:41 AM ET, driving the next two days with a need to intellectualize with a network of friends and other supportive alliances. The need for innovation may involve planting seeds for a power play that may not be in accord with the other side, given that Moon meets up with Pluto at 4:47 AM ET, and then opposes Venus at 7:38 AM ET. Around 12:34 PM ET, boundaries may be pushed — for better or worse — as Jupiter squares the Moon.  A need for action or assertion likely arises around 10:10 PM ET, as Moon opposes Mars in Leo. Working out a compromise may be challenging, as the Aquarius Moon and Leo Mars are notoriously stubborn.
  • THURSDAY: An easier flow to the morning, as the Moon trines the Gemini Sun at 9:29 AM ET. Go with the flow, and note the potential for an upset to the status quo around 2:37 PM ET, as Moon squares rebel Uranus. A difference of opinion or discomfort with the messaging strategy may require adjustment in the evening, as Moon squares Mercury at 12:23 AM ET on…
  • FRIDAY….and then goes void for the next six hours. If you’re working during the void, roll with the twists or flakes that may disrupt your routine. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill of perceived crisis. Once Pluto backs into Capricorn, these natural breaks in the action will mostly be so brief as to be of no consequence. In fact, the next big, long break won’t happen until June 22nd, when the Moon will be void for over 17 hours. That day is likely to be a bust. But hey, it’s June, and thus should be busting out all over. Right? Meanwhile, Moon enters Pisces at 6:14 AM ET, driving the weekend with a need to identify ideals and work with impressions. Visionary thoughts and communication are supported by a sextile between Mercury and Neptune, exact at 5:14 PM ET. You get to sort out which visionary thoughts are genuinely inspired, and which are just plain bonkers. A sextile to Jupiter at 3:01 PM ET boosts confidence; a conjunction between the Moon and Saturn at 6:15 PM ET may be the reality check that is needed in order to pierce the veil of illusion. It may also be someone’s need to impose authoritarian controls just because they can. It suggests a potentially heavy item in the Friday night news dump.
  • SATURDAY: The Third Quarter Moon at 3:31 PM ET may be energizing and/or provocative. The Gemini Sun is happy to split the difference, if only the Pisces Moon wasn’t so focused on how it affects the greater whole. A workable compromise is supported by a sextile between Moon and Uranus, exact at 5:20 PM ET.
  • SUNDAY: Note your dreams upon waking. Moon meets up with Neptune at 5:09 AM ET. The big news today happens at 5:45 AM ET, when Pluto re-enters Capricorn. Here’s a reminder of Pluto’s progress in 2023 and 2024:

We’ve gone just over two months with Pluto in Aquarius, the pattern that brought us the French Revolution and the Bill of Rights.”Power to the People” is what astrologers have been anticipating for years, though not likely without a fight. Pluto turns retrograde on May 1st, and re-enters Capricorn on June 11th. In Capricorn we will likely see extremes among the Powers That Be as they battle to remain In Control. Pluto turns direct on October 11thon Pluto in the horoscope of the United States, and square the Sun and Moon in the horoscope of Kamala Harris. Pluto reenters Aquarius on January 22, 2024, where we will see an advancement of initiatives that are happening right this minute. Pluto will go retrograde again on May 2, 2024…and re-enter Capricorn for its last hurrah on September 3, 2024 — with candidates up for election in November already selected. Pluto turns direct on October 12th and reenters Aquarius on November 20th — President Biden’s birthday — where it will remain until 2044.

  • SUNDAY: More big news is facilitated by a trine between Mercury — now at the verrrrrry end of material comfort-seeking Taurus) and Pluto. Mercury-Pluto connection usually reflect an uptick in “news from underground,” which is great if you’re an investigative reporter. Today’s big story may relate to the status quo. At 6:26 AM ET, Mercury finally leaves Taurus and enters Gemini, one of its home signs. Mercury leaves Gemini on June 26th, so make the most of this opportunity for thought and communication that’s informative and entertaining. The pace picks up as we discover we can walk and chew gum at the same time. Moon zooms into Aries at 9:20 AM ET, driving the day with a need to get things started –not now, but RIGHT NOW. And whatever it is may be so grand and every so indulgent and/or generous, reflecting the “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” sentiment of a square between Venus and Jupiter, exact at 11:39 AM ET. If you have planets around 5 degrees of just about any sign, you could have indulged in a few lottery tickets in recent days, just to try your luck. Supportive patterns among Moon and Mercury (at 9:43 AM ET) and Venus (at 7:40 PM ET) can help your crusade, especially if you’re fighting for the underdog. The good vibes carry over into early next week.

And now, the news.

If you enjoy listening to intelligent chat about the astonishing synchronicity of planetary patterns and the news, you must check out Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast with co-host Whitney McKnight. Last Friday’s episode was unique, as we recorded it in a conference room at the public library in Evanston, Illinois! Yes, the stars were aligned to enable us to meet in person for the very first time, since we first connected in 2018!  And because our patron subscribers asked for it, in this episode we talk about our respective paths to becoming consulting astrologers. You’ll find plenty of life hacks learned from our combined decades of experience, much joy and laughter.

In other news, Substack — which hosts Off the Charts — is an awesome platform, if you’ve never checked it out. I love how it allows writers to develop deeper connections with Avid Readers and Avid Listeners, and it is my intention to merge this forecast — a labor of love for 14 years — with all that Substack has to offer in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.


As anticipated in this forecast and in Off the Charts, the debt ceiling was raised, and the world economy did not crash. President Biden praised House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for working things out, and why wouldn’t he. Even though McCarthy’s Saturn squares Biden’s 3 Sagittarius Ascendant (suggesting that McCarthy is designed to potentially block Biden’s personal projection), McCarthy’s righteously opinionated Sagittarius Moon is right on Biden’s Ascendant. In contrast to Saturn, this Moon-ASC is often an easy personal connection, and so long as Biden is shrewd enough to show respect for McCarthy’s opinions, it’s possible to prevail. And yes, of course, we consider that Biden’s horoscope is designed to provoke McCarthy’s righteousness, with Biden’s Uranus opposing McCarthy’s Moon. In a contest between Uranus and Saturn, Uranus will ultimately win.

Astrology is an amazing tool for understanding why you and a significant other are drawn to each other, and what you can do to improve your relationship. You can use  astrology to better understand your partner, child, parent, boss, sibling, etc., etc.

UPDATE: on Mike Pence. Told ya a couple of weeks ago that he would be making headlines right about now. Last week he announced that he would be announcing his presidential bid on June 7th. That happens to be his 64th birthday, and also when transiting Jupiter (expansion; confidence) opposes his Neptune (his need for vision/delusion), and Mercury opposes his Jupiter.  Of course he’s thinking big, but as it turns out, another pattern dominating this entire month suggests a stalemate. No soup for you, Mr. Pence. Mars and Saturn have other plans.

In other news…

Patterns driving the headlines in recent days include today’s Venus-Pluto opposition (extremes of emotion in matters of values, women, art, money); yesterday’s Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Taurus (surprising revelations in matters of documents, aviation, technology — especially with respect to material comfort and security); and Pluto hanging out at 0 Aquarius, where it is amplifying the seed potential of the 2020 Great Mutation of Jupiter-Saturn at 0 Aquarius — a.k.a., the beginning of a new Air-a. Whoever controls data and communication networks controls the world. Technology — especially AI — is an evolutionary game changer.

UPDATE: as of 2:45 PM ET, it is expected that TFG will be indicted on Thursday. Anyone remember what I wrote about the Mercury-Uranus conjunction last week?

SUNDAY: the buzz in the air today and yesterday reflects the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus — surprise, surprise — exact at 3:49 PM ET. It would be interesting to go back to things that seemed as if they were going to be resolved just as Mercury turned retrograde last April. Perhaps the wait is now over. Given the Sabian Symbol for this conjunction — “A finger pointing in an open book” — it feels as if the resolution, however shocking it may appear, is intuitively obvious. And so it is written. As it were. And perhaps this will bring a sense of completion to the wounded warrior who appears in Beth Owlsdaughter’s (she’s back!!!) Tarot Card of the Week.

Astrology is amazing.

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations and written reports. Yes, I can answer horary questions, explained in the list of services. Horary astrology is downright magical, if you ask me. Yes, I would love to speak to your group about astrology!! Let’s talk about it. No, I will not allow you to record my 90-minute PowerPoint presentation and offer it for sale to members of your group in perpetuity throughout the Universe, as you will understand once you read Simone Stolzoff’s op-ed (linked above). Yes, I am going to start offering classes — reply to this email and I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for sharing it with your friends.  I appreciate your passion for all things astro-logical!

One of the many lions in Lviv (Lvov), Ukraine. Lviv is sometimes called the City of Lions.