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Tuesday 11/8/2022: Sneak Peek at the Week, Part 2

It’s Monday night — and in seven hours, I’ll be up and running to a local polling site. There,  I’ll spend the next 17 hours serving as a poll worker — paid with your tax dollars. Please tell me you’ve already voted — or that you will this Election Day.

The general feel of the start of  this week is what I wrote in the last forecast:

Sun, Mercury and Venus are jammed together in Scorpio. Mercury and Venus are so close to the Sun that you can hardly see them at all. Mercury refers to how we need to think and communicate; Venus refers to who, what and how we need to love — including money. Thus, what people value and how they think about them can’t be seen with the naked eye…and not only that, Scorpio is a mute sign — so how would they even tell you. Therefore, pay no attention to those pesky pollsters or media outlets who think they know what people are thinking. No one knows with absolute certainty.

All this week, this Scorpio trio is going to receive — one-by-one — a jolt of disruptive energy from rebel Uranus, followed by a challenging squeeze or effort at regaining control, courtesy of a square from Saturn.

Not only that, but on Tuesday, the Moon gets its turn at receiving a jolt, followed by an effort to regain control.

Not only THAT, but it’s a Full Moon and a total lunar eclipse.

Not only THAT!!!, but Mars in double-talking Gemini is moving backwards, towards a clash with wiggy Neptune, scrambling words and channels of communication.

Who knows what to believe?

You do — deep down inside — so do pay attention to that inner knowing.

Here’s the day-by-day play-by-play:

  • TUESDAY: Moon in Taurus continues its quest to keep calm and carry on, even as it is about to be eclipsed. They call this Full Moon — exact at 6:02 AM ET — a Blood Moon, oh joy, oh joy. Just before the Full Moon/exact eclipse, Moon opposes Mercury, suggesting an illuminating piece of someone’s deep, dark secret…come to light around 7:47 AM ET, as Moon meets up with disruptive Uranus. Efforts to regain control — or cut losses — kick in around 11:19 AM ET, as Moon squares Saturn.  At 11:42 AM ET, Sun meets up with Mercury in Scorpio. That’s deep — and being exactly conjunct the Sun, Mercury is said to be “cazimi” — in the heart of the Sun. Whatever this Messenger God has to tell us is being channeled straight from the Source. Pay close attention. Next stop for Mercury is an opposition to Uranus, exact at 9:40 PM ET. Could be brilliant. Could be a shock. Maybe a bit of both. Meanwhile, Moon opposes Venus at 2:50 PM ET (a clash of something involving values, money and women) and then sextiles Neptune at 6:54 PM ET. One can only hope…and dream.
  • WEDNESDAY: Moon trines Pluto at 1:38 AM ET, tapping into power and resources. Oh, but another shock is in store — as the Sun now opposes Uranus at 3:26 AM ET. OMG — what is going on with those election returns? Perhaps they aren’t going as expected. Moon’s sojourn through Taurus ends on a cooperative connection to Jupiter — at the verrrry end of Pisces — the end of the world, brimming over with soulful empathy. Chill during the 96 minute Moon void. At 8:38 AM ET, Moon shifts gears into Gemini — buzz buzz buzz — seeking to be the smartest, cleverest, most entertaining person in the room.
  • THURSDAY: Now it’s Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) about to be challenged by Saturn (reality, structure, control), which it does at 2:51 AM ET. A smack down for someone who was feeling pretty bright two days ago.
  • THURSDAY: Here’s an example of an event that mirrored Venus, as it opposed Uranus on Saturday and squared Saturn on Monday. If you’re following what’s happening on Twitter, you know all hell has broken loose as Emperor Elon appears to be intentionally splintering what was a solid platform for accurate academic thinking and reportage. The diversification of information is apt for Mars, as it travels through Gemini — and Mars will be in Gemini until mid-March. Anyhoo, comedienne Kathy Griffin made a clever joke at Elon’s expense (Venus/woman opposing Uranus/disruption), and the next day her account was permanently suspended (Venus/woman square Saturn/control). See how that works? Disruption…followed by control. That’s the flow we can expect with Mercury and the Sun this week. Oh, but wait – there’s more. Kathy Griffin shifted into genius disruptor Mercury opposing Uranus mode — and came up with an innovative way to continue cracking jokes — with a little help from the dead (Venus/Saturn). To be continued for sure.
  • THURSDAY: There is a softer sensitive melody developing in the background, as Venus trines Neptune at 7:21 AM ET. Note your dreams. The Gemini Moon flows easily with Saturn 9:21 PM ET, making an effort at analyzing structured, sensible data. But it gets heavy as the evening progresses and Saturn squares the Sun at 3:03 AM ET on…
  • FRIDAY: …suggesting sobering news about leaders of state and business; cuts, losses and mortality.  The morning may be kaleidoscopically wiggy, as the Gemini Moon squares Neptune at 5:02 AM ET and then puts up a fight — by meeting up with Mars at 8:34 AM ET. The workday ends on an expansive note, as Moon squares Jupiter at 5:28 PM ET — and then goes void for two hours. Moon enters Cancer at 7:22 PM ET, now focused on matters of home, family and homeland security — especially as it pertains to nourishment. Take care of yourself — body, mind and soul.
  • SATURDAY: sweet music and idyllic escapes — especially of the mind — may be yours as Mercury trines Neptune at 1:35 PM ET. Could be a day for fabulous spin or just a fabulist, as heavy Saturn and shocking Uranus are fading in the rear view mirror. What drives the action over the next several days are the Sun, Mercury and Venus as they now dance with visionary Neptune, resourceful Pluto and cosmic sugar daddy Jupiter. Will someone win that billion dollar PowerBall jackpot before their dance is done?
  • SUNDAY: the Powers That Be may show their feminine side, as Venus sextiles Pluto at 4:40 AM ET. The Cancer Moon is well-supported all day — flirting with unconventional alliances around 5 AM ET, as she sextiles Uranus. At 2:22 PM ET Moon trines the Scorpio Sun..and then Neptune and Mercury around 5 PM and 9 PM, respectively. Such an easy flow…compared to the jangles and jabs at the start of the week. It occurs to me to wonder if it’s for real. Which makes sense, with Mars square Neptune humming in the background.

I urge you to read Beth Owl’s Tarot Card of the Week for further marching orders. The High Priestess is paying us a visit, and as Beth says, “she means business.”

Time does not permit me to do a deep dive on the lunar eclipse chart, though it’s the last one we’ll see in this part of the world until 2025. The Sabian Symbol for the eclipsed Moon reminds me of the High Priestess, according to Sabian Symbologist Saijin. Taurus 16 corresponds to “an old man vainly trying to reveal the Mysteries.”    James Burgess has a helpful take, too.    The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is “a girl’s face breaking into a smile.” We could all use a break and a smile right about now. Here’s Blain Bovee’s take on that.  And speaking of smiles and the Sun, did you see the latest photo from NASA?

I leave you with John Oliver’s latest episode of Last Week Tonight. It’s about  Election Subversion. If you take time to watch it, I hope it motivates you to get to the polls —  in several hours — if you haven’t already done so.

And did you see this story about President Biden’s recent trip to San Diego, where he “stopped mid-speech to recognize a teen’s sign about his stutter.” That was an apt reflection of the unconventional, disruptive potential of Venus (social expression) as it opposed Uranus.

Right-o. Off to catch a few hours of sleep before my stint at the polls. I love making people feel good about exercising their right to vote. VOTE!

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Thank you for reading this forecast — and sharing it with friends.

...and then you’ll be sorry. VOTE!!!