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Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 4/4-5/2015: Full Moon in Libra & Lunar Eclipse

Wake up early and you’ll be able to catch the third of the four consecutive total lunar eclipses happening between last April and this September. Did you know that this series is called a “tetrad”? You learn something everyday. Here’s a nifty video I found on website of The Washington Post which explains it all for you.

Yea verily, I am digging WaPo lately because of its stories outside the usual box. For a couple of years now, it has been hosting live chats with a well-known astrologer — yes, an astrologer — in a serious newspaper like The Washington Post. How cool is that? Totally, though if you ever see me participate in such a forum and I tell a querent that her “love stars will be twinkling perfectly by December,” take the glass of Scotch out of my hand.

Astrology is a complex language, to be expressed with eloquence and gravitas. Sheesh. And don’t ask me for tips on how to seduce a Gemini (as if all Geminis are exactly alike), or what Sun Sign you should date if you’re an Aries. I’d much rather use my years of serious study to help you have a better relationship with yourself. Then we can talk about attracting a significant other. Geez.

Saturday’s eclipse is exact at 8:05AM ET, as the Libra Moon is opposed by the Aries Sun. Aries-Libra suggests a push-pull between me vs. we in relationship, with the Libra Moon pulling for the latter and the Aries Sun pushing back. Uranus and Pluto are in close contact with the Sun and Moon, suggesting exceptional intensity, revelations, upsets and transformations accompanying whatever is illuminated and released.

If you were born halfway through Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, or if you have a planet or angle at around 15 degrees of those signs, this eclipse may recall whatever you experienced in the aftermath of the one that happened on October 8th. That eclipse happened at 15 degrees of Aries-Libra; this one happens at 14 degrees. FYI: the horoscope of the United has Saturn at 14 Libra; its Sun is at 13 Cancer.

The Sabian Symbols for this eclipse are — for the Sun: “an Indian weaving a blanket,” and for the Moon: “circular paths.” Right. Let’s see how Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee can help us make sense of these images.

OK. I just read three paragraphs of Bovee’s marvelous prose, and the bottom line is this: we are all connected and we have all been here before. Life is cyclical. Every action taken impacts everyone else. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

Bovee suggests we apply these symbols with a eye for “the genius of connecting a single thread to the whole of life….an appreciation of weaving the differing dimension of existence into a whole; a deep understanding that human failure is ultimately an illusion.” That last one was deep. Cue Joni Mitchell with The Circle Game now, please.

That being said, the immediate fallout from this eclipse — as in upsets and power plays — may be apparent before noon, as the Moon makes contact with Uranus and Pluto and then immediately goes void until 3:04PM ET on SUNDAY. This suggests a long period of time to chill, absorb and go with the circular flow. Avoid the malls and do not make a mountain of a molehill of crisis…for surely it will turn out to be much ado about nothing.

Sunday’s highlight is a challenge between the Aries Sun and Pluto at 11:05AM ET; on Monday we’ll have a meet-up between the Sun and rebel Uranus at 10:08AM ET. This electric buzz suggests a higher potential for news from underground (including seismic activity), rebellions, breakthroughs in technology or the cosmos, nuclear news and other power plays. Here’s the news from last year’s meet-up; here‘s a 45-second video that captures the eccentric-yet-potent genius of inventive Uranus combined with the very independent Aries Sun, amplified further by covert Pluto.

If you are a writer or thinking type, take advantage of the easy flow between mental Mercury and publishing house Jupiter, exact on Monday at 9:26AM ET. It will be in effect all weekend. In fact, innovation and persuasion are favored through the week. No sleeping in on Monday, by the way. The Moon will be in Scorpio as of 3:04PM ET SUNDAY, seeking power and control; depth and substance — and all day Monday and Tuesday.

And now, the news.

Did someone say “news from underground?” This item reports how “big oil” is pressuring scientists to not link fracking to all the seismic activity in Oklahoma, which now has more earthquakes than any other state in the U.S. Meanwhile, one innovative item about power and resources was the White House announcing its intention to train 75,000 workers in the fast-growing solar energy sector by 2020. 75,000 workers compared to the 35 permanent jobs that would have been created if the Keystone XL pipeline had been greenlit? That doesn’t sound so bad.

For “nuclear news and power plays,” consider “An Iran Nuclear Deal Built on Coffee, All-Nighters and Compromise”. As for elements of “compromise,” look for that Libra concept to be a subject of discussion through the weekend.

With Uranus prominent in planetary patterns, we’d expect more than a few headlines of liberation. In Alabama, a man who spent 30 years on death row has been set free. Interesting that the former inmate, Anthony Ray Hinton, is 58 years old — and thus going through his second Saturn return. A Saturn return often coincides with an opportunity for a new lease on life. Everyone goes through a Saturn return around ages 29, 58 and 84. Consult your local astrologer for details.

There will be many family gatherings on this holiday weekend — all different kinds of families. In closing, here is a thoughtful and lovely video the good folks at Honey Maid released one year ago today, after it received a ton of backlash from other folks who found some of the families depicted in Honey Maid ads offensive.

And here is Honey Maid’s latest two cents — in response to Indiana’s “religious freedom” bill that dominated headlines this week. We are all connected. We have all been here before.

To find out what state your horoscope is in, when and why things happen when they do — and how you can use awareness of planetary cycles to live your life better, consider scheduling a personal astro-logical consultation. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, rest assured that astrology believes in you.

To be continued….