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Sunday 1/2/2022: Sneak Peek at the Week; New Moon in Capricorn

Happy New Year !

Planetary patterns driving the day are as follows:

  • SATURDAY: the Sagittarius Moon squared Neptune at 3:15 AM ET –facilitating hopes and dreams. Moon will be void for 14 hours — really– take the day off to rest and chill. Check out Beth Owl’s Daughter’s blog before the year ends, as she always posts Really Useful Do’s and Don’ts to get your personal New Year off to a good start. During the Moon void — explained in detail here for those who are not familiar with this bit of astro-jargon — the Sun will trine Uranus, facilitating matters involving aviation, technology, unconventional leaders, and astrology.

A pause, while I share how things unfolded in my own personal world — in sync with planetary patterns and thus not wholly unexpected.  Avid Readers may recall that transiting Mars has just activated the December 4th solar eclipse at 12 Sagittarius. We expected a released of bottlenecked aggression/assertion, including a specific expectation (noted in an earlier forecast) that tension involving the U.S. and Russia (over the latter’s military activity on the Ukraine border) would make news. And in fact, it did — in the form of a phone call requested by Vladimir Putin with President Biden. Both leaders reportedly lobbed warnings at each other, and no tension appears to have been resolved. However, astrology is still amazing.

Meanwhile, in my little town there was an incident involving two men, an argument and a firearm, which led to one of the men being injured and the incident made the local newspaper. This incident was unusual, but certainly reflects the anticipated aggression. Even closer to home, on Thursday night, just as the 29 Scorpio Moon hooked up with the destructive South Node, Windows 10 crashed and locked me out of my computer. Hours of time with Windows tech support could not fix the corrupted OS. Fortunately, all files were recovered — thanks to the most excellent staff at MicroCenter, which is where I was for most of yesterday. I will be spending the next few days getting back up to speed on my new HP Omen with its 17″ screen and keyboard that is backlit with rainbow-colored lights. It came with Windows 11, which does not behave the way Windows 10 did — especially with respect to printers (caveat emptor). Buying a computer on a day with the Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun trine technogeek Uranus was clearly the Thing To Do.  And yes, I do have a planet close to 12 Sagittarius that was activated in recent days by transiting Mars! How do these events compare to what went down in your world?

  • SATURDAY: Note that we are now at the end of the lunar cycle — in the dark of the Moon. Because the Moon is also void, we may feel more than the typical “dead Moon” listlessness or restlessness, as we sense a new lunar cycle is just about to begin. Moon enters Capricorn at 6:02 PM ET, ready to act on New Year’s resolutions with optimism, reflecting the sextile between the Moon and Jupiter at 7:12 PM ET. Meanwhile, our minds may be working overtime on getting all of the details of all of our ambitions in order, reflecting Mercury at the verrrrrrrry last degree of Capricorn. But don’t worry — Mercury will be back in Capricorn again on January 25th — plenty of time to review and revise your quest for world domination. Note that Mercury goes retrograde on January 14th. Now is the time to back up your computers and other essential databases!!!
  • SUNDAY: Mercury enters Aquarius — sign of the rocket scientist —  at 2:09 AM ET. Moon trines Uranus at 11:19 AM ET — a good time to connect with friends and new technology. The New Moon in Capricorn is at 1:33 PM ET — and it looks like this:


  • All eyes are on the truckload of planets — including the New Moon — in the 9th house: collective belief systems, courts, publishing, foreign affairs. That’s our focus for January.
  • This is a Supermoon — meaning the Moon is close to Earth and thus looms larger in the sky than usual. Astrologer Richard Nolle coined this term — and an article about it was published in The Atlantic.
  • Mercury is at 0 Aquarius, activating last year’s Great Mutation of Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. Mercury is right on the Midheaven, supporting the broadcasting potential of all of those planets in the 9th house. Have you heard the news? Well, you will this month. Some of it — with Mercury going retrograde in mid-January-– may be wrong. Some of it will dig up major dirt, as past events are REvisited. Some of it will reflect the Venus retrograde need to REview matters of money and worth, especially with respect to the Capricorn Powers That Be.
  • Mercury at 0 Aquarius exactly squares President Biden’s Moon at 0 Taurus. Whatever news is broadcast around the world will energize — for better or worse — his need to build and maintain material comfort and security.
  • The North Node has just left Gemini for Taurus. Now is the time for us to all calm down, to quote astrologer Steven Forrest’s take on the growth potential of the North Node. With the South Node now in Scorpio, we are challenged to release certain attachments to the “dark side” (again, quoting Forrest) in matters related to Scorpio: physical intimacy, death, Svengalis, joint resources, etc. As we are challenged to release this “fascination,” we’re likely to see a truckload of headlines on these subjects over the next couple of years.
  • The North Node in Taurus activates President Biden’s Sun-Venus and his North Node at 29 Leo, which just happens to be the former guy‘s Ascendant; by the end of February, the Nodes will be putting the squeeze on TFG’s aggression/action, reflecting the Nodes squares his Mars at 26 Leo.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a fire worshipper,” which last appeared in this Forecast on the Full Moon of July 2012 — imagine that. Blain Bovee notes that fire is “the active phase of combustion of passion and spirit,” along with some other things here.  I think of flames of desire…which is another expression of willpower, which means the ability to transform what one envisions/desires into manifestation — right? Back in 2012, I went off on a tangent about this Symbol — and since the Moon is void as I type, another tangent feels apt:

Well, OK. What do you desire? Can you articulate it clearly and precisely? I raise this question because it has been brought to my attention via more than one source in recent weeks, and with every source saying the same thing, I will share it with you. Somewhere, years ago — I read in Eckhardt Tolle’s book, The Power of Now…or maybe it was Conversations With God…or maybe it was Illusions, by Richard Bach (all great books about how the world is quick to respond to our words and thoughts,which is how we create our reality on this Big Blue Marble)…and what I read was this: the Universe — or whatever it is that turns our thoughts into reality has an odd way of agreeing with whatever you think or say. If you are thinking, “I am no good; I am not qualified to get that job”, the Universe will find ways to agree with you. If you are thinking horrible thoughts about someone, that person will be more likely to act horribly to you. But if someone has a reputation for acting horribly and you begin thinking of them as “lovely and talented,” for example, you will be more likely to have a positive experience with them.

Eliminating negatives such as “don’t” and “can’t” are also key in manifesting desire.  Thinking, “oh, geez, I don’t want to be late,” when you are trapped in a stalled subway train on your way to an important meeting is less effective than thinking, “somehow I’ll get there on time”.  In fact, consider eliminating the word “want” from your list of wants, as in “I want to be earning more money” or “I want to attract my soulmate”. Why? Because the Universe is likely to agree with your statement…and leave you wanting! This is why affirmations are stated as an “active positive”, as in, “I am attracting my soulmate” or “I am generating more income.” so that the response may be a huge statement of YES, YOU ARE!

This New Moon suggests an opportunity to attend to the fire/visions/desires we may worship. Bovee notes that “worship” means to pay homage; it also suggests devotion. If we aren’t tending to our passions carefully, they may die out or run wild, and in the latter event, we may get burned.  Careful attention — devotional, perhaps — can produce magical results, especially when the beliefs of a collective are behind them.

  • You are more personally affected by this New Moon if you have a planet or angle around 13 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries. Off the top of my head, the United States and George W. Bush are examples.

As for the rest of the week…

  • MONDAYMoon sextiles Neptune and meets up with Venus in the wee hours, making for a pleasant evening the night before. An apt diversion would be Get Back,  Peter Jackson’s fascinating documentary about The Beatles. If eight hours of footage is too much for you, here are clips of the highlights. Venus is retrograde now, as you know, which can be a challenging time for relationships, especially those on the verge of a break-up (which The Beatles were). But watching them turn sparks of inspiration into fully-fleshed musical genius reflects the creative potential of this month’s New Moon.
  • MONDAY: At 11:20 AM ET, Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto, suggesting a power play or emotional catharsis. Chill during the ensuing six and a half hour void. Refrain from making impulse purchases and roll with whatever twists and flakes present themselves. Moon enters Aquarius at 5:43 PM ET, seeking to be appreciated for its unique social significance. Get the word out in the early evening, as Moon meets up with Mercury (how we need to think and communicate).
  • TUESDAY: A jolt or other upset to scheduled plans may arise around 11:24 AM ET, as Moon squares Uranus. That’s followed by a pushback from the designated authorities — in the form of some advance to regain control, as Moon next meets up with Saturn at 1:43 PM ET. This is an extremely important pattern to be aware of in 2022. Now that Saturn and Uranus have completed their three exact squares, they are moving away from each other, and Saturn is further down the road, compared to Uranus. Any planet coming into contact with them will be jolted by Uranus first, then feel the necessary controls imposed by Saturn. This is a reversal of the sequence we’ve been experiencing since June 17, 2021, when we saw rebellious pushbacks AFTER imposed controls. Clear? Moon harmonizes with Mars at 7:44 PM ET, upon which the Moon goes void for nearly an entire day! What will Mars do with its assertive energy?  Perhaps create an enchanted evening, inspired by a rare harmony between Venus and Neptune, exact on…
  • WEDNESDAY: …at 11:03 AM ET. Chill during the rest of the Moon void; take time to wander — and  perhaps meditate on manifesting your burning passions/New Year’s resolutions. Remember that crises which crop up during Moon voids are much ado about nothing.  Once the Moon does re-engage, it does so in Pisces at 7:16 PM ET, seeking to (further) identify and work with ideals and impressions.
  • THURSDAY: the only aspect exact today is a sextile between the Pisces Moon and rebel Uranus. Innovation in communication and cooperation is favored.
  • FRIDAY: A square between the Moon and Mars at 1:54 AM ET suggests a provocative spark that is supported by a sextile between the Sun and Moon an hour before. Daybreak is sweetened by a sextile between the Moon and Venus at 5:41 AM ET, made more inspiring or bewildering by a meet-up with Neptune at 7:39 AM ET. Note your dreams, then go with the Pisces Moon’s intuitive flow through the rest of the day. Moon’s sextile with Pluto at 5:23 PM ET adds emotional depth. Chill again for the next seven hours — the Moon is once again void.
  • SATURDAY: Should be a noticeable shift in the energy of the day as Moon charges into Aries at 12:25 AM ET. The pattern dominating the weekend echo Tuesday’s harmony between Venus and Neptune. Art, music, healing, spirits & lovely escapes would be pleasant applications of the idealization of the feminine suggested by the annual conjunction of Venus and the Sun, exact at 7:47 PM ET. As the conjunction is in Capricorn, we are likely to see a practical expression in business and corporate matters to0.
  • SUNDAY: More Moon in Aries — with details to come in a later forecast.

And now, the news.

We’re looking at headlines since December 24th — the last Saturn-Uranus square. An event with so much astrological buzz darn well better have coincided with big headlines in its aftermath, right?

  • At 7:20 AM on Christmas Day, the James Webb telescope was successfully launched from a site in Kourou, French Guiana, thanks to a collaborative effort between NASA, the Canadian Space Agency and the European Space Agency. The collaborative effort reflects Saturn in Aquarius, and the revolutionary potential of  the data we’re going to get when this telescope gets to its destination a million miles away from Earth reflects the square from Uranus.

An almost-exact triple conjunction among Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn suggested a banner time for investigative reporters and others digging up news from underground.


Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces suggested hopeful news regarding Covid. Avid Readers will recall that Jupiter is very much at home in Pisces, one of the signs it rules (in traditional astrology). When Jupiter was in Aquarius, it was under the eye of Saturn — which is the traditional ruler of Aquarius. In other words, Jupiter’s natural need for expansion was subject to the authoritarian controls of Saturn. Now, Jupiter in Pisces is its own boss. In any case, we are seeing some hopeful news about Omicron. While it continues to spread, it appears to be “milder” — because it doesn’t do so much harm to the lungs, according to this report.  Other reports suggest a peak in the current surge around mid-January — just past the January 11th square between Mars (action; attack) and Neptune (infection; viruses). So…we’ll see.

It’s worth noting that the keyword for Pisces is I BELIEVE. Jupiter in Pisces will expand on that statement, and as it moves closer and closer to its meet-up with Neptune in April, we may anticipate expansion of beliefs that is boundless, sublime or surreal. How will this potential impact airwaves and other channels of information transmission? What will we choose to believe, regardless of what is transmitted?

In other news, an assortment of fiery headlines — in sync with Mars in fiery Sagittarius activating the December 4th eclipse:


I’m sorry to say that the obituaries in recent days include several whose lives on Earth influenced more than one generation:


In honor of the current Venus retrograde, Pope Francis offered sage advice on Boxing Day: the three words that are key to a successful marriage.

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Thank you for reading this forecast.