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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 5/4/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon Fallout

Good Morning!

Over the weekend I trust you felt only the positive potential of the expansive contact between the Taurus Sun and Jupiter in Leo, exact this AM at 5:02 ET. Y’know, sunny, optimistic, playful and pleasurable.  Combined with the serious focus of Sunday’s efficient Mercury-Saturn opposition, and you might have woken up yesterday with a brilliant plan for streamlining the U.S. tax code. I know I did, along with more than a few ideas for expanding this website. Very exciting stuff.

In the news so far, my favorite headline expressing the potential of this morning’s planetary patterns is this: “Justices’ Opinions Grow in Size (Jupiter Square Sun), Accessibility & Testiness (Mercury opposed by Saturn)”. The first line of that article? “The Supreme Court seems to be in a foul mood”. Well what would you expect in the fallout of a Full Moon in oftentimes intense Scorpio?

Put the Scorpio Moon to good use. It’s strategically-minded. Use that potential, along with the lift of the Sun-Jupiter connection, to carry you through the business day. Actions involving consolidation of resources and power, for better or for worse, are favored, given an easy flow between the Sun and Pluto. Be advised, however, that the Moon goes void on a stubborn face-off with Mars at 9:49PM ET — raising the potential for clashes of will. Chill tonight; the Moon enters high-flying Sagittarius Tuesday at 7:13AM ET.

Other than a 17-minute Moon void on Thursday (blink and you’ll miss it), there are no cosmic chill periods that might delay your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Venus enters Cancer on Thursday night, suggesting women, nurturing and social expression will be prominent. Barack Obama has Venus at 1 Cancer, so we may hear some news on those subjects related to him. Thursday is also when we’ll be feeling the dreamy vision and/or bewilderment of a challenge between Mercury and nebulous Neptune, exact on Saturday at 12:09PM ET. Usually we go from dreams to reality. This week, it’s the other way around.

FYI, Mercury turns direct on May 18th. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW.

And now, the news.

What a disruption of the status quo in Baltimore on Friday, as the six police officers who arrested Freddie Gray on April 12th now face charges related to that homicide. Now that Uranus and Pluto are more than halfway through their respective signs (and in the aftermath of their 33-month long square), we will likely see more efforts to curtail abuses of power. I did think the event chart for Mr. Gray’s arrest — 8:38AM — was a compelling suggestion of foul play when I looked at it several weeks ago.

Now Baltimore’s state attorney — Marilyn Mosby — is being called a hero. We don’t have a birth time for Ms. Mosby, though her date of birth is listed as January 22, 1980. She’s an idealistic, humanitarian Aquarius with Moon in me-me-me Aries. An Aries Moon typically does not wait to take the lead on an inspiring crusade (often for the underdog). Three planets in Virgo (Mars, Jupiter & Saturn) add to a need to do what’s right.

Right now Ms.  Mosby is enjoying a pleasant alignment between the Sun and Venus (no wonder she’s so popular). Another pattern between Mars and Pluto suggests she will have quite a battle on her hands next year. Coincidence or conspiracy?

You know who else has Moon in Aries (other than Brian Williams, Dominique Strauss-Kahn & Bill O’Reilly)? Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Vermont, who announced over the weekend that he is running for president — as a Democrat. He wasted no time making a statement which is a perfect reflection of  current planetary patterns:

“We need a political revolution in this country involving millions of people who are prepared to stand up and say enough is enough, and I want to lead that.”

Sen. Sanders’ revolutionary drive is not likely to abate over the next 18 months; quite the contrary. I wish we had an exact birth time. He’s a Virgo with two highly effective planets —  Venus in Libra and Mars in Aries, both of which will be supercharged by rebel Uranus through 2016. It’s probable that his Aries Moon is being supercharged now, too. What’s certain is that his natal conjunction between Uranus and Saturn is currently being triggered by Saturn, suggesting a potential ambitious reach on his innate need for alignment between the “old guard” and the “avant garde”. Solar arcs among Sun, Mercury (communication) and Saturn also reflect Senator Sanders’ timing.

Update: the last time we checked in on Bill Cosby’s horoscope, we anticipated a change of status/shock to the system at the end of May/June, when transiting Uranus will challenge his 19 degree Cancer Sun and 20 degree Aries Ascendant. It was thus interesting to note that three more women came forward with allegations of being drugged and sexually assaulted. What’s different about this latest batch is that one of the incidents allegedly took place in New Jersey, which has no statute of limitations on sexual assault. Let’s see how the summer progresses…

Last, but not least, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced the birth of their daughter on Saturday at 8:34AM in London. The new princess has a Cancer Ascendant, along with her Taurus Sun and Moon in Libra, in case you needed to know. She was just named Charlotte — same as Chelsea Clinton’s daughter. “Charlotte” means, according to different sources, “manly” or “freeman”.

You now know everything you need to know to take on the world today — except, perhaps —  what’s going on in your own unique horoscope. I can help with that. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.