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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 2/5/2014: Steady & Surreal?

The intense drive of Monday and Tuesday likely calms down, courtesy of the Moon’s ingress into steady, earthy Taurus at 4:46AM ET. Now is the time to consider how to give form to the bold initiatives suggested by yesterday’s (relatively New) Moon in fiery Aries. Organize, and likely re-organize, given that Mercury is at its station, about to turn retrograde tomorrow at 4:43PM ET. DID YOU BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS YET? This include iPhones and other “smart” gizmos. The only stories I want to hear of people upset because their address books were vaporized are from people who do not read this forecast ;)

This slower lunar pace may allow for a productive use of the dreamy/spacey mental atmosphere suggested by an oh-so-close connection between Mercury and nebulous Neptune. I compare this to yesterday, where in my Aries Moon-driven, rushing-about haste, I experienced a number of weird communication and thinking snafus, e.g., not being able to find phone numbers that were clearly included in emails, Skype on the fritz (impacting a consultation with an exceptionally cheerful and adaptable client  — it all worked out fine); emails sent into apparent black holes, etc. Remember the focus of this New Moon cycle is this: TURNING IN/tuning in…to your intuition, so you can connect with Source and remember why you are here. If you do not think you know how to pay attention to your intuitive sense, there are plenty of books, DVDs and meditation workshops to guide you.


Last year, I remember thinking about the movie version of The Life of Pi and how it perfectly reflected  Neptune themes of spirituality, fantasy and being lost (at sea!). How interesting, given mental Mercury’s connection with Neptune, to read this week about Jose Salvador Avarenga, who claims to have spent the last 13 months adrift in the Pacific. Life imitates art; art imitates life.

Drugs are also a Neptune thing, gosh there are a lot of headlines on the home page about that. Ross William Ulbricht  —  the “mastermind” behind Silk Road, a website that apparently facilitated millions of dollars in illegal drug selling and money laundering — has been indicted. Mr. Ulbricht is 29, and having his first Saturn return. This happens to everyone around 28/29; it’s a powerful transit suggesting a sense of urgency about establishing oneself as a responsible adult…those I suspect there’s much more going on in Mr. Ulbricht’s horoscope. Also of note; four people have been arrested and 350 bags of heroin were discovered in connection with actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s heroin-induced demise. Finally, CVS, the largest drug store chain in the U.S., announced it would stop selling cigarettes by October. Wow.

Lying is another Neptune keyword, and I was doing some research on that when I stumbled across the cosmic joke posted in yesterday’s forecast. Here’s another surreal (Neptune) giggle from the  lengthy bit I found  on the connection between lying…and laughing:

A dog goes into a telegraph office, takes a blank form and writes: ‘Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof.’

The clerk examines the paper and politely tells the dog: ‘There are only nine words here. You could send another “Woof” for the same price.’

The dog looks confused and replies, ‘But that would make no sense at all.’

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