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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 12/1/2011: What’s the Big Deal?

Hope you noted your dreams this AM, on the heels of a hook-up between Moon (void of course) and nebulous Neptune, which could have taken you on a fantastic – -or confusing —  ride. The Moon void suggests a slow start or twist to the morning routine, especially on the East Coast. I got on the wrong subway train — how about you? Fortunately, I realized the error before getting too far off track…and at the end of my journey I was delightfully surprised by happy-faced workers at Wendy’s giving away free coffee and coupons for artisanal breakfast sandwiches.  Yes, artisanal. At Wendy’s. Definitely not a routine commute.

At 9:45AM ET Moon entered soulful Pisces, yearning to merge with the intangible and go with the flow. You can plumb the depths of emotion today; the Pisces Moon is working with an intense, sometimes wretchedly overwrought or excessive emotional release, suggested by the hook-up between “take no prisoners” Pluto and Venus, planet of money, love, art, beauty and women. If you look hard in the mirror, you just might see the light. Which leads into my next pithy statement, “If you want to know where you’re at, look at who — or whom — you’re with”. Point is, a little introspection and honesty can deliver big results, if you’re brave enough to go there. Note that there is a difference between brutal honesty and just being a brute. With the surge of energy in the air today and tomorrow, try to temper your quest with some kindness — to yourself and others.

It occurred to me yesterday that this Venus-Pluto conjunction at 6 degrees of Capricorn is significant in the horoscope of the United States. Why? Because Jupiter, the cosmic sugardaddy, sits at 5-6 degrees of Cancer in the US chart — and it’s in the second house of the chart, which relates to worth, value, assets and money. Does the United States seek its reward by acquiring more and more and MORE? Well, according to the US horoscope, it certainly does…in fact, it needs to do so, in order to feel secure.

Pluto-Jupiter connections refer to resources, often with a feeling of regeneration. Venus-Jupiter connections refer to sugar, good cheer and indulgence, sometimes excessive. Remember how over the weekend shoppers gave retailers a record-breaking spending spree? Not only was Venus in a lovely aspect with Jupiter in the horoscope of the day, but Pluto AND Venus were both in aspect to Jupiter in the chart of the United States. So it makes perfect sense that Americans would be feeling expansive and indulgent…as evidenced by the weekend shopping mania….AND….yesterday’s 482 point gain on the Dow! Coincidence or conspiracy? Anyone have any questions?

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve gets some credit for yesterday’s surge in the markets — and this is also reflected in the horoscope…of the Federal Reserve! If you haven’t been following the news, yesterday the stress in the continuing European financial boondoggle (scheduled to hit a critical mass next summer), was temporarily eased when the European Central Bank, backed by the Federal Reserve, bought up a bunch of bad debt — or so it was explained by Fed nemesis Ron Paul (R-TX)  in this provocative and feisty exchange: http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000059877 …and the markets rallied through the day. Huzzah! The horoscope of the Fed — it was born on December 23, 1913 — features the Sun at — ZERO degrees of Capricorn — opposed by Pluto (resources, empowerment, underground, corruption, regeneration, subversion) at ZERO degrees of Cancer. Regular readers of this forecast know that ZERO degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are especially powerful points (as reflected in real life as the first day of each of the four seasons), that command attention.  Regular readers also know that rebel Uranus has been been making a lot of noise at ZERO Aries off and on throughout the year — and it’s back at ZERO Aries right now. Translation: the Fed is in the spotlight all year long. Got that?  But wait…there’s MORE…

Yesterday, Congressman Dennis Kucinich released this video explaining how the Fed reportedly created a staggering sum of money in 2008, using the regenerative power of Pluto, which was then at ZERO Capricorn (making a potent connection to the Fed’s natal Sun). Watch this video  http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=385×639040 and you may begin to understand how issues of resources in the US are being reflected in the planetary patterns then…and now.